Candy Crush Saga - cheat - How to get extra / unlimited lives very simple

Visit for the list with ALL available Candy Crush Howto's and a weekly New Game & More! You can also Follow me on Instagram, Facebook.. Visit! Candy Crush Saga - Simple Cheats PLEASE READ THE NOTE! HERE! Please subscribe & visit the Facebook Page for more How to's, Tickets/friends & more! NOTENOTE:! Please Rechange your time back to normal, BEFORE you use any of the lives..:) Otherwise you have to wait for hours after than.. If you have to wait for hours, please see my vid about 'time travel problem'.. It's fixed in a minute:) also good to know: If you change the time near 00:00(midnight) .. Don't forget to change the date(day).. Otherwise you will change it backwards.. example: 20january 23:00 change to 20 january 01:30 WRONG instead of 20january 23:00 change to 21 january 01:30 GOOD Because if you change Time and Date manually.. The Day will not switch automatically around 00:00... Cheat - Unlimited lives Hack, hack Extra lives How to get extra / unlimited lives Info: Very easy and fast Easy cheat How to get extra lives

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