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Detective Conan Chapter 975 [Raw & English Version]

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  • [C'mon! Go! Go!]
  • K: Gooo!!!
  • [And the winner is The Darkest Nightmare!!’]
  • TN: sfdgtfjhj lol
  • K: Aiya, I lost again!!!
  • R: Geez.
  • R: How much have you bet on it?!
  • K: A 1000 yen on 5 and second half of 4 race…
  • R: And you lost at everything!
  • R: Then you won’t have any pocket money for this month, otoo-san!
  • K: Oi-oi! I was saving it for next week GI race!?
  • K: Damn. Today I have bad luck with everything.
  • C: Everything?
  • K: In the end I dropped my wallet into the puddle.
  • K: And of course the betting ticket had become soaking wet!
  • K: Well, that’s a losing ticket anyway, so…
  • [So, let’s review the results of today’s race…]
  • C: Hey…
  • C: This 7th race’s Pirates’ Spirit… Isn’t it true?
  • K: Hm?
  • C: Here!
  • [And the one who reached the 7th race end first us Pirates’ Spirit!]
  • K: Really?! That was a hundredfold betting ticket for 10 000 yen!!
  • R: And how much it is?
  • C: Err… You won 10 000 yen, so…
  • [Then it’s 100 0000 yen?!]
  • K: Yay!!  That’s what was expected from me <3
  • R: But you usually buy betting tickets for 1000 yen, how did you got 10 000 one?
  • C: Maybe Kogoro-ojisan got someone else’s betting ticket when he dropped the wallet and put it inside his…
  • K: I just misread the digits!!
  • K: Besides, even if it was so, there’s no name of a winner on this ticket…
  • K: That’s bad for the one who dropped it!
  • [Ran and Conan are judging him silently]
  • K: ‘kay! We have sushi for supper!! 
  • K: Let’s go to the nearby [Beika Iroha Zushi]!!
  • K: Looks like there’re no customers…
  • I: We’re reserved, dear customer…
  • K: Well then… A draft beer for me and 3 [extra specials]
  • K: A, remove wasabi from one, that’s for a child!
  • I: One drft beer, three extra specials! 1 without wasabi!
  • R: E-extra special is… Otoo-san!
  • I: But… [unreadable]
  • I: I’m Wakita Kanenori, a cook…
  • I: Spending whole life working on one place is not my thing…
  • I: I drifted an’ drifted and came here, a wandering cook, so to say!
  • TN: Nagare ita is literally a drifting plank. BUT itamae is a cook, that uses the same kanji. I’m guessing that’s a wordplay. 
  • I: I really wanted to stay at kitchen, but it’s dangerous to handle a knife having just one eye…
  • I: That’s why I was told to work at the reception before my left eye will heal…
  • H: By the way, Rum’s one eye is artificial…
  • C: Hey… What happened with that eye?
  • I: Horrible stuff occured!
  • I: Wanna see?
  • [No-no-no…]
C: And still… they have to pull the wasabi from sushi…
  • [Right…] 
  • H: Nigiri [high priced] and chawanmushi… and cola…
  • [Harashima Tsunetaka, customer]
  • M: Nigiri [economically priced], oolong tea… Do you have shioyaki with less sanma today?
  • [Munechika Tameshige, customer]
  • A: Geez! What’s with this rain…
  • [Ashino Natsume, customer]
  • [Hijirisawa Suzuyo, customer?]
  • I: H… Hey, dear customer?!
  • I: How much was taken?
  • H: The money was not taken from the wallet…
  • K: Then it’s fine…
  • H: But the ticket disappeared!!
  • H: It was 100 0000 yen betting ticket!
  • [Eh?]

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