Detective Conan Chap 977

Detective Conan Chapter 977 [Raw & English Version]

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  • W: Looks like… The Sleeping Kogoro is no big deal…
  • K: What?!
  • W: I’m a cook, you see…
  • W: I know a lot about different food…
  • W: Ojou-chan, do you know why do they put ginger in ginger-fried pork?
  • R: To make it tastier, I guess…
  • W: Not only that! Ginger has a power to disassemble protein… Because of it, meat becomes softer…
  • R: I’m sorry!!
  • H: Hm?
  • H: What’s this?! It’s not winning!! 
  • H: The one I bought had 5 000 yen for 1 and 2 finishing horses’ quinella!
  • TN: Quinella: The bettor must pick the two runners which finish first and second, but need not specify which will finish first.
  • H: It was 200 time multiplied, so it became 1 000 000 yen!!
  • C: Like usually, with the sleeping dart…
  • [Oi…. I still have to give it away?]
  • K: The owner who dropped it didn’t appear, right?
  • R: You have to!
  • [And occhan brought the ticket to the police station]
  • C: You need to turn in the lost property to the police, after all…
  • [The human honesty is the best thing after all, Kogoro-san. Next issue - the curious sensei appears again?!]
  • [Break for the author to gather information]
  • TN: Rumirumirumirumi!
  • M: A, you see, I’m going to police, so I can’t go with you….
  • [P-police, hey, what are you talking about?]
  • M: I should’ve… told her that from the very beginning… 
  • M: Well, stealing other people’s things… How to say it…
  • M: It’s like havng weight removed from mind…
  • M: To be honest, I never bought betting tickets… And I never knew that one can exchange 10 000 betting ticket for money…

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