Detective Conan Chap 978

Detective Conan Chapter 978 [Raw & English Version]

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Conan 978

  • [If the master dictates to try to catch it no matter what…]
  • [Then drive the tiger out of that folding screen!]
  • [Then I, the Ikyuu]
  • [Will show how greatly I will tie it up!!]
  • TN: Obviously a ‘Tiger on the Folding Screen’ play

(Shinichi, your drama queen is showing)


  • Yuk: Do this line once again!
  • S: T-then I, the Ikyuu…
  • Yus: Hmm… Maybe not ‘then’…
  • Yus: But 'thereafter’? It will sound more like old-times spech…
  • Yus: And not 'catch’ but 'tie up’, don’t you think?
  • S: It’s fine… That’s just a performance…
  • Yuk: No way!!
  • Yuk: Are you going to embarrass the great actress, Fujimine Yukiko?!
  • S: Ee….
  • C: I had to train almost to the death…
  • H: I see… That’s why you’re so serious at the rehearsal?
  • G: But this tiger’s pic is cool!
  • M: Yes! Looks so real and impressive!
  • [Banno Teigo - Pro Golfer]
  • B: I decided to try working hard for 3, 4 years to settle myself in America… 
  • B: I even decided in which house I’m going to live in!
  • [Iiyama Kurumi -?????]
  • …That’s why I called this early in the morning… 
  • I: Recently we didn’t meet, so… I was really nervous when I thought about break up…
  • I: Hm? You said something?
  • B: N-no, nothing…
  • B: This woman with a white hand drew it!!
  • B: After making me unconscious….
  • B: And killing Kurumi afterwards!!

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