5 Things I Want to See in Pokémon GO


well i'm finally level 5 which means the time has come to choose a Pokemon go

team and after thinking long and hard I've decided I'm gonna go with my instincts please remember this is my decision and I believe by following my instincts I'm making the best choice for me my instincts a team Bella this video is sponsored by me know ups if you didn't know there's not one amino up specifically for pokemon go where you can communicate with pokemon girl fans

from all around the world you can share the replicon that you've caught so far talk about why our team is the best and why the other two teams suck i'm getting a meeting on the app kids i'm pretty much anything to do with pokemon go post a blog or a pole or even a gif its Pokemon go related you'll definitely find people to interact with you can find out on the play store by tapping in pokemon go amino click either the android or the Apple link in the

description if you want to follow me on the app is named like my polka mean account is the exact same as my youtube name I've had a good experience with the app so far i'm sure you will if your pokémon girlfriend as well now onto the video so yeah pokemon go what's there left to say that hasn't already been said it's the biggest game

of the year so far currently the most popular app by far is apparently more popular then and is being cold by just about every YouTube channel like ever seriously great is in the pokemon go video I dozen a couple poker videos advising about 80 congo videos molly is basically a Pokemon go channel now people who I bet didn't even play

the main series games are making Pokemon go videos so what kind of pokémon channel would this be if I didn't make at least one video on pokemon go so that's exactly what I'm gonna do so despite Congo's absurd popularity as we all know the game is far from perfect in fact in a lot of ways it's almost as if the game was released unfinished their server issues we can track pokemon properly or even features missing from the trailer that we will promise and in

a lot of cases the game feels kind of empty so because of this I've decided to make a list of five things that I would like to see added in pokemon go sometime in the near future now the game in the states in I could literally go on not about stuff that i want but i only wanted to keep this list of five so i'm not going to be talking about stuff that we already know that we're going to be getting like trading

and battling others unless it's something specific to that feature so here are five things that I'd like to see in pokemon go hope you enjoyed number one team exclusives tell me what's the difference between joining team Bella optimistic well apart from some color nothing literally nothing like the absolute biggest difference is the gyms i'll be on your side that says what's the most

complex reason why someone pick their pokemon go team oh I i chose my team because i'm looking to find wisdom in pokemon and have a common analysis of in every situation cough don't pick their team for some psychological bullshit they pick the team based on color or which legendary birthday like the most well at least that's what I did anyway although i'm sure there are people who

pick their team for some other reasons for example they want to be on the same team as their friends or they wanted to be on the most popular team what I feel would be great is if there were some sort of exclusive perk depending on what team you joined i'm not talking about getting the legendary bird depending on what team you join i'm talking about things you can only do depending on what team you're on

for example according to the team captains instinct focuses more on hatching eggs mystic focuses more on evolution and follow focus is more making a Pokemon stronger why not give each team some sort of ability for that for example team instinct and hatch x faster to mystic and evolved pokémon quicker and violet are able to make pokemon stronger or something along those lines

my point is adding something unique to each team I feel will spice up the game a lot more i will give people much better reason we're picking the pokemon go team other than I like the color blue or I like the fire chicken number two to be able to exchange unwanted pokemon items and eggs for better awards a good point that arises brought up in his Pokemon video is making a candy system where depending on your pecans evolution stage will depend on how much can be

there worth of course Atlantic can play around with this for example the role of the pokemon the mall can you can exchange for them something along those lines anything other than just one candy pokemon the fact that the CP three thousand-plus dragonite is worth the same amount of candy as a CP 10 PG just doesn't feel right also idea that needs to happen selecting multiple pokemon to transfer seriously

the fact that if i want to transfer all these Pokemon I have to do it one at a time which is our right ball ache well at the very least you can transfer Pokemon for something unlike items what happens quite frequently to me when playing is because I don't fight against James often my back always becomes full and end up having to Ben what seems like hundreds of potions and revives can't we exchange these with a link

yeah I know we can exchange them for candy but something else other than nothing will be nice finally let's talk about acts we can get rid of pokemon we can get rid of items but we can't get rid of X ok an antic here's the thing i don't give a flying fuck about any of the book one that i can get from r2k egg except maybe pics you I haven't got one yet

apart from that everything else is pretty much trash who the hell's gonna get excited when the 2k egg is hatching I would much rather have space for 5 in 10k explore other than having to waste spot for a2k egg so being able to exchange an item for something and then egg to Beyonce vak vaca discovered of X number three more pokemon variety right listen antic I don't want Jennifer to come around and all I can find a fuck be

diff and Starly now I understand that some pokemon are going to be more common than others but come on there are about 145 pokemon available right now and I'm limited to what seems like a handful and it's not just that the book when I always seem to find is the original bird the original rodent original box the fish that takes ages to evolve zubat and fuck drowsy like seriously what I live drowsy are

everywhere and trip by the most common pokemon in pokemon go right now I can pretty much predict what's going to be common when the future generations are available on top of that they're going to be the most common book when you find eggs as well so romantic please it's okay to make some popcorn rarer than others just please can you make the future generations of poke one have a bit more

variety like now I i don't think i want to see a drowsy ever again number for more music this suggestion is from my friend Kangas cloud and when I really think about it yeah it's something I definitely want I mean think about it are we really going to have the same battle music when fighting a legendary pokemon if we did it'd be pretty underwhelming in my opinion

yeah is there going to be new music added for trading new music for battling a friend why I think will be awesome is if new music was added for each generation of Pokemon the added say possibly a brand-new walk and battle theme of course some people might complain oh I don't like this new theme i want the old theme back

well they could easily have an option to change the music you're listening to Plus it'd be nice to have something else other than the same theme over and over again I mean yes this is a nice thing but imagine if the sun moon we had the same music playing for every route and the same battle music for every battle it will get all pretty quickly and the first thing I'm going to talk about what

I want to see in pokemon go is a master ball that isn't going to fail one of my fears about the master ball is throwing it and either missing and losing it forever or throwing it just before the pokemon tax and losing it for other like the same the enemy there's a good chance i'm only ever gonna have one of these if not extremely few i do not want to throw my master will just to have it be knocked away

like it was nothing the point of a master ball is that it will never fail on a wild Pokemon so I'd appreciate it if you kept it that way now I guess some people could make a case with throwing the masterball interview mr. Pokemon then is your fault but what if your finger accidentally slips all the pokemon so far away is extremely hard to hit obviously if I'm ever lucky enough to have a master ball

is wasting on a normal pokemon i'm going to save that thing for you to war and a ghetto actually wasn't too in the game yet hopefully the master wants throne catches the pokemon no matter what and hopefully we can easily lose it whether it be boring and missing the poke one or the pokemon attacking because that would just seemed really unfair and those are just five of the many things that i like to see in pokemon got some point obviously could go on but it didn't want

to make a list of stuff that's already been confirmed like legendary battles and trading and other things like actually allowing us to track the pokemon again which is apparently being worked on along with some other things I didn't talk about but anyway I still hope you enjoyed my first pokémon go video please like we did and subscribe for more pic on videos in the future and until next time thank you so much for


5 Things I Want to See in Pokémon GO
5 Things I Want to See in Pokémon GO
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