Boomsticks Rev3


BoomsticksRev3 the better late than never edition works in 1.05 and 1.1xx

The return of the original BD Armory expansion, contains some old favorites and some new items. 36+ Turreted and fixed weapons, aimed more towards fun than realism, each weapon is ready to go with a built in supply of ammunition and when required a custom resource definition


Update This update adds 3 New turrets and two mounting plinths for the AGS turrets.

Two turrets feature AGS angular style enclosures, and uses animations to fully retract and cover the guns when not in use, giving the turrets a very low radar return.

These turrets are available in 155 and RailGun versions with fire animation and effects

For the AGS turrets I have created a pair of mounting plinths in the same angular shape. One full thickness and one half thickness allow for lateral mounting of 3 turrets without the forward turrets preventing the safe firing of the rearward turrets

Also added a more conventional (though with sci fi leanings) styled dual 110mm turret, fairly standard fair except for it's very low profile

AGs turrets

Note on updates Prior to installing any update please visit the forum thread to check for update info and instructions


  • Adds 36+ turreted and fixed weapons
  • Adds scifi weapons
  • Adds more hysterical laughter


  1. Open the enclosed GameData folder and paste the BoomsticksRev3 folder into your GameData Folder
  2. The path should be "KSP\GameData\BoomsticksRev3"
  3. Once again the path should be "KSP\GameData\BoomsticksRev3" NO other path will work correctly
  4. Make sure that you have an up to date version of BD Armory installed
  5. Enjoy





File Name Status Version Downloads Date
BoomsticksRev3 V0-93-26-6 B 1.1 487 25/06/2016 R 1.1 +2 6,264 07/05/2016
Boomsticks Rev3 1.7.5 Updating 1.7.5 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.7.4 Updating 1.7.4 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.7.3 Updating 1.7.3 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.7.2 Updating 1.7.2 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.7.1 Updating 1.7.1 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.7 Updating 1.7 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.6.1 Updating 1.6.1 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.6.0 Updating 1.6.0 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.5.1 Updating 1.5.1 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3 1.5 Updating 1.5 Updating Updating
Boomsticks Rev3
Boomsticks Rev3

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