Buff Watch


v1.12 wasn't updated somehow. Please download v1.12.2 now

Buff Watch is an addon displaying essential missing buffs and debuffs in raids.

You can move the bar and scale with your mouse wheel. Right click flips the bar vertical and horizontal. Slash commands /bw on, off, toggle, track, debug

Author of Rift Meter

Sliced Icons

Statbuffs Vitality of Stone -Archon
Fanfare of Power -Bard
Offensive Statbuffs
Endurance Shared Vigor -Archon
Fanfare of Vigor -Bard
Resistances/Armor Arcane Aegis -Archon
Anthem of Glory -Bard
cast/attackspeed Burning Purpose - Archon
Call of the Forest - Beastmaster
Magic Damage Crumbling Resistance - Archon
Coda of Distress - Bard
Magic Damage
Physical Damage Ashen Defense - Archon
Coda of Cowardice - Bard
Physical Damage
Crit Chance Lethal Poison - Assa
Mark of Extermination - Champion
Crit Chance
armor debuff Piercing Shot - Ranger
Ravaging Strike (Reaping Touch) - Reaver
Armor Debuff Static


Set tracking unit to your target:
/bw track player.target
Or focus:
/bw track focus
Target target:
/bw track player.target.target

Tracked Abilities

  • 15% Movement Speed
    • Anthem of Competence (Bard)
    • Bond of Alacrity (Beastmaster)
    • Spark Shower (Archon)
  • 5% Resourcecost Reduce
    • Living Energy (Chloromancer)
    • Anthem of Fervor (Bard)
  • Offensive Statbuffs
    • Vitality of Stone (Archon)
    • Fanfare of Power (Bard)
    • Bond of Power (Beastmaster)
    • Flaring Intellect (Intellect, Pyromancer)/ Wisdom of the Ages (Wisdom, Purifier)/Focus of Body (Strength, Paragon)/Combat Preparation(Dexterity, Bladedancer)
  • Endurance
    • Shared Vigor (Archon)
    • Fanfare of Vigor (Bard)
    • Heroic Resolve(Sentinel)
    • Neddra’s Might (Warlock)
  • Resistances/Armor
    • Arcane Aegis (Archon)
    • Anthem of Glory (Bard)
    • Bond of Shelter (Beastmaster)
  • 7% Increased Castspeed/Attackspeed
    • Burning Purpose (Archon)
    • Call of the Forest (Beastmaster)
  • 5% increased Stats
    • Resonance (Bard)
  • 7% Increased Magical Damage Taken
    • Crumbling Resistance (Archon)
    • Coda of Distress (AoE, Bard)
    • Spiritual Deficiency (Inquisitor)
  • 5% Increased Physical Damage Taken
    • Ashen Defense (Archon)
    • Coda of Cowardice (AoE, Bard)
  • 5% Critical Hit Chance
    • Lethal Poison (Assassin)
    • Mark of Extermination (AoE, Champion)
  • Armor Debuff Static
    • Piercing Shot (Ranger)
    • Splinter Bomb (AoE-8, Saboteur)
    • Mark of Inevitability (AoE-8, Champion)
    • Lightning Fury (AoE-5, Marksman)
    • Reaping Touch (Reaver) aka Ravaging Strike
  • 5% Increased Magical Damage Taken 2
    • Clinging Spirit (AoE-4, Inquisitor)
    • Sigil of Spirits (AoE-10, Cabbalist)
    • Embers Bomb (AoE-8, Saboteur)
    • Tenebrious Distortion (Defiler)
  • 16% chance for 5% Maxhp of mage‘s HP
    • Radiant Spores (Chloromancer)
  • Physical Damage on Damage Taken
    • Coda of Jeopardy (Bard)
    • Illuminate (Archon)
    • Spotter’s Call (Beastmaster)
    • Thorns of Ire (Druid)

Thanks to

Yodaluki <Game Over>
Azune <Game Over>
Sculti <Game Over>


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
v1.13 R 2.5 2,156 11/02/2014
v1.12.2 R 2.0 1,536 16/01/2013
v1.1.2 R 1.9 307 25/10/2012
Buff Watch 5.0 Updating 5.0 Updating Updating
Buff Watch 4.0 Updating 4.0 Updating Updating
Buff Watch 3.7 Updating 3.7 Updating Updating
Buff Watch 3.6 Updating 3.6 Updating Updating
Buff Watch 3.5 Updating 3.5 Updating Updating
Buff Watch 3.4 Updating 3.4 Updating Updating
Buff Watch 3.0 Updating 3.0 Updating Updating
Buff Watch
Buff Watch
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