Consumables, Shells & Equipment Informer


Hawg's Consumables, Shells & Equipment Informer. This mod may not seem like much but it will make a difference! 2 Version included. This mod will allow you to see what type of shell you have loaded or which shell you have loading and, if changing shells, which is next to be loaded.  This makes it much easier to see with a quick glance what shell your working with and it makes it easier to see the % or recharge on your used consumables. It also lets you know when Equipment is active.


Version 75 %  will help you keep track when your shells will be loaded or when your Consumables will be recharged , at 75% loaded or recharge you will start to see a full background at the %75 mark. Version Solid is a solid background from %1 to %99, Both version are made to help you to focus on the battle. 7 colors to pick from , Aqua, Blue , Green , Purple , Red , White & Yellow. Easy to install .


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                    Next Shell  to be loaded  Flashing                                                                          

                                                                                   75 %                                       



Complies with WOT Fair Play Policy

This Mod Complies to all the Fair Play Policy Rules  


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_6.2.2.1 R Update 9 24/08/2019
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_6.1.0 R Update 9 04/08/2019
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_ R Update 22 27/07/2019
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_5.1.0 R Update 35 28/04/2019
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_.4 R Update +1 37 03/02/2019
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_1 R Update 21 10/12/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_1 R Update 37 08/10/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_1 R Update 42 27/08/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_6 R Update 18 09/08/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_4 R Update 32 23/06/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_3 R Update 119 17/06/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_1 R Update 1.0.2 49 11/06/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_3 R Update 286 28/05/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_1 R Update 1.0.1 40 30/04/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_2 R Update 173 08/04/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_1.0.0 R Update 28 28/03/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_1.0 R Update 1.0 32 22/03/2018
Shell_Equimp_Consumable_Informer_4 R Update 26 01/03/2018
Consumables, Shells & Equipment Informer Update Updating Update Updating Updating
Consumables, Shells & Equipment Informer Update Updating Update Updating Updating
Consumables, Shells & Equipment Informer Update Updating Update Updating Updating
Consumables, Shells & Equipment Informer
Consumables, Shells & Equipment Informer
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