Curling 3D for iPhone

Curling 3D is the best curling simulator. In reality the competitions take place on a specially prepared ice sheet having the size of approx. 5 x 45 meters. Two teams, four players each take part in the game. The players throw rocks having twenty kilograms in weight towards the center of the circle, called the house,which is marked at the both ends of the ice sheet. Two members of the team can adjust the trajectory of the sliding rock by sweeping the ice in front of it. The more rocks of one team appear to be closer to the center of the house relatively to rocks of your opponents’ team, the more points the team gets to the end of tournament.

Game features:

  • Full control over power, direction and rotation of a rock
  • Advanced abilities for the implementation of tactics of a real game of curling, known as chess on ice
  • A possibility to play one player against computer or two players against each other
  • A possibility to play a Tournament against computer
  • Use of an advanced physics engine for the realization of a rock movement
  • Easy and intuitive interface of control
  • Compliance with the generally accepted rules of curling
  • Well thought-out computer strategy of the game (artificial intellect). Three complexity levels
  • Various models of heroes
  • Choice of sex of teams
  • Choice of teams from 12 countries
  • Scoring and saving the intermediate and final results of matches
  • FaceBook & Twitter integration
  • Retina support

Curling 3D for iPhoneScreenshots

Curling 3D for iPhone
Curling 3D for iPhone
Curling 3D for iPhone
Curling 3D for iPhone

Download game Curling 3D for iPhone Free

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