DimensionGuard Mod

What is DimensionGuard Mod




DimensionGuard Mod is created by hilburn that is easily configurable and allows modpack creators and server admins to disable the use of items in specific dimensions.

Both white and blacklists exist, allowing for very configurable ranges, and wildcards can be used in the mod and item names to select many items at once.

This was mostly designed to facilitate themed dimensions, eg: magic only, tech only, or to prevent abuse of things like pumps in the nether.


v1.2.0 permits server side only use - which is lacking the lock icon but notifies the player if the item is blocked and also prevents use

Pre v1.1.0

Players will be notified when changing dimension (either through a portal or death) as to which of their currently carried items have been disabled or re-enabled and disabled items will be highlighted with a lock icon


Full permission is given for use in any modpack, though I do like to be notified just out of curiosity.


How to install Mod:

(1) Install the version of Minecraft Forge that corresponds with the mod

(2) Download the Mod.

(3) Drop the entire zipped file into your mods folder (Search %appdata% on your PC then go into .minecraft, then mods(create this folder if it is not there))

(4) Open Minecraft and make sure your profile is set to Forge

(5) Start Minecraft and enjoy!

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
DimensionGuard-1.7.10-1.2.2.jar beta 1.7.10 9,624 23/03/2019
DimensionGuard Mod 1.12.2 Updating 1.12.2 Mods Updating Updating
DimensionGuard Mod 1.12.1 Updating 1.12.1 Mods Updating Updating
DimensionGuard Mod 1.12 Updating 1.12 Mods Updating Updating
DimensionGuard Mod 1.11.2 Updating 1.11.2 Updating Updating
DimensionGuard Mod 1.11 Updating 1.11 Updating Updating
DimensionGuard Mod 1.10.2 Updating 1.10.2 Updating Updating
DimensionGuard Mod 1.9.4 Updating 1.9.4 Updating Updating
DimensionGuard Mod 1.8.9 Updating 1.8.9 Updating Updating

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