What does it do?

Ever wanted to know when a certain ability will come off cooldown, but you're too caught up in a fight to notice? Doom_CooldownPulse is designed to fix that problem! It flashes the icon of the ability in the middle of your screen whenever it becomes usable again.

Great! Now.. how do I set it up?

Doom_CooldownPulse requires no initial setup; just install and you're good to go! However, the options frame (which is accessible by typing /dcp) allows very easy customization. You can change all of the following:

  • Icon size
  • Icon position (press the unlock button)
  • Fade in time
  • Fade out time
  • Max opacity (transparency)
  • Max opacity hold time
  • Animation scaling (how big/small it gets when it flashes)
  • Cooldowns to ignore
    • This is a comma separated list of spell names to ignore. Be sure that there are no spaces between spells and to write the names exactly as they show on the UI. For example 'Spell Surge,Gate' is valid whereas 'SPell Surge, Gate' is invalid because of the capital P and the space before 'Gate'

It is intended to be very easy to customize, and your changes take effect immediately. You can see how your settings will look by pressing the "Test" button, or reset them to the default settings by pressing the "Defaults" button.


Isn't this very similar to another addon, Doom_CooldownPulse for WoW?

Yes, I re-wrote this addon for Wildstar and it's my first one ever so expect some things to not work on it's initial release. Although it looks alright so far....



File Name Status Version Downloads Date R API 9 4,981 15/08/2014 R API 8 558 12/07/2014
Doom_CooldownPulse API16 Updating API16 Updating Updating
Doom_CooldownPulse API15 Updating API15 Updating Updating
Doom_CooldownPulse API14 Updating API14 Updating Updating
Doom_CooldownPulse API13 Updating API13 Updating Updating
Doom_CooldownPulse API12 Updating API12 Updating Updating
Doom_CooldownPulse API 11 Updating API 11 Updating Updating
Doom_CooldownPulse API 10 Updating API 10 Updating Updating
Doom_CooldownPulse API 7 Updating API 7 Updating Updating
Doom_CooldownPulse API 6 Updating API 6 Updating Updating

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