Lockslap have resumed his work on the original Chat Tweaks addon!

I will from this day and forward, not be updating this addon anymore, you should all go download the original addon once again!

- Klix, 11-05-2019






This addon requires ElvUI to function.


 Bug reports and Feature Requests are to be handled in my Discord  :)


This is a continuation of the popular ElvUI_ChatTweaks   

All credits belong to Lockslap which have created this addon, i am just maintainer for now.

I will add alot of more features in the upcomming future.

Available Modules

All features can be disabled via the config.

  • Achievement Filter
    • Filter achievement earned messages from guildies or nearby players.
  • Addon Messages
    • Prints the hidden addon messages to a specified chat frame.
    • This is a part of the Debug extension.
  • AFK/DND Filter
    • Filter AFK/DND auto response messages.
    • Compatible with WIM.
  • Alt Names
    • Assign alts to characters for keeping everyone and their various characters in order. Uses LibAlts-1.0.
  • Auction Message Filtering
    • Automatically filter the various messages from using the Auction House.
  • Auto Congratulate
    • Automatically congratulate someone (or group of people) when they complete an achievement.
    • Can monitor people in your guild, raid, party, or anyone nearby.
    • Customizable messages with wildcards for adding specific information.
    • Included is a throttle to control spam/annoyances.
  • Auto Ding
    • Congratulate someone when they say ding.
    • Customizable messages with wildcards for adding specific information.
    • Included is a throttle to control spam/annoyances.
  • Auto Profession Link
    • Automatically link one of you professions when requested in chat.
  • Auto Set Role
    • Automatically sets your role when various events occur.
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Auto Welcome
    • Automatically welcome someone when they join your guild.
    • Included is a throttle to control spam/annoyances.
  • Battle.net Invite Spam
    • Uses the Spam Filter module's triggers to determine if BNet invites sent to you were spam.
    • Does NOT interfere with the workings of oQueue.
    • This is a part of the Spam extension.
  • Calculator
    • A simple command-line calculator.
    • Syntax: /calc <expression>
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Channel Colors
    • Channel colors are remembered by their name, rather than ID.
    • Shorten channel names to make chat frames more compact.
  • Channel Invite Spam
    • Blocks spamming of custom channel invites.
    • Ignores the sender as well.
    • This is a part of the Spam extension.
  • Channel Sounds
    • Ability to play a sound, customizable via LibSharedMedia-3.0, when a message is received in any channel.
    • Channels can each have their own sound.
  • Channel Spam
    • Send timed messages to General or Trade chat.
    • Useful for selling something or building a group.
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Chat Tabs
    • Set certain channels to flash their chat tabs when a message is received and that tab is not the active frame.
  • Clear Chat Commands
    • Adds chat commands to clear the chat frames.
  • Color Rolls
    • Color various types of rolls.
    • Designed for use while playing the roll game.
  • Companions
    • Adds /pets/mounts, and /zonelist commands, for displaying various information about your Pets and Zones.
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
    • Syntax
      • /zonelist - Print a list of the pets capturable in your current zone.
      • /pets [args]
        • help or ? - Print help.
        • no argument - Number of total, unique, and duplicate pets.
        • unowned - Number of pets you do not own.
        • unique - Number of unique pets.
        • duplicates - Number of duplicate pets.
      • /mounts - Print the number of mounts you have.
  • Crap Cleaner
    • Filters those annoying trends in chat (anal, dirge, etc.).
    • This is a part of the Spam extension.
  • Custom Chat Filters
    • This module only filters numbered channels like Trade or General, the Custom Named Chat Filtersmodule supports the other named channels.
    • Use pattern matching to filter any text of your choice.
  • Custom Named Chat Filters
    • This module should be used for Guild, Officer, Raid, etc. channels.
    • Use pattern matching to filter any text of your choice.
  • Custom Emotes
    • Add custom emotes to have some fun!
  • Damage Meters
    • Can compress Damage Meter reports into a clickable link that will show the report in a tooltip.
    • You have the option to just suppress them instead.
    • Works for Recount, Skada, and TinyDPS.
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Datatext
    • Adds an ElvUI compatible datatext.
  • Developer Tools
    • Adds various tools to help with debugging and development.
    • This is a part of the Debug extension.
  • Editbox Alt Key Arrows
    • Toggle the requirement of the Alt key to be pressed to use arrow keys to navigate an editbox.
  • Emote Filter
    • Disabled by default.
    • Allows you to separately filter standard and/or custom emotes.
  • Fake Achievement
    • Adds /fake <id or link> <date in MM/DD/YY format> command, to generate fake achievement links.
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Fun Filters
    • A module to allow you to apply some fun filters to chat messages.
    • Leetspeak, reverse, etc.
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Gold Calculator
    • A simple command-line calculator designed specifically for calculating gold amounts.
    • Syntax: /gcalc <expression>
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Guild Invite Alternative Command
    • Shortened /ginvite to /ginv.
    • More for lazy folks like myself.
  • Guild Kick Command
    • Adds /gkick command, because that's the way it should be.
  • Guild Spam
    • Filter guild recruitment message in chat.
    • Also filter guild recruitment whispers.
    • Block guild invites. Toggles Blizzard's built in setting.
    • This is a part of the Spam extension.
  • Group Say Command
    • Allows you to speak with your group (party, raid, battleground) with one simple command.
    • Adds /gs
  • Identify Chat Frames
    • Adds /chatframes and /cf commands to help you identify chat frames.
  • In Command
    • Adds /in command to delay the execution of a command.
    • Syntax: /in <delay> <command>
  • Invite Links
    • Using trigger words ("invite" and "inv", by default) to create a link that when clicked will invite the person.
    • Also adds ability to Alt+Click someone's name to invite them.
  • Keybinds
    • Per user request, a Keybinds module was added to provide keybinds for chat shortcuts.
  • Loot Icons
    • Add item icon to loot messages.
  • Magic 8-Ball
    • Similar to the classic toy, this will answer your (or anyone's) burning questions.
    • Looks for a trigger in chat following by a question.
    • Default Trigger: !8ball
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Materials Farming
    • An addon to track the quantities of materials you're currently farming.
  • Minimap Button
    • Adds a minimap button.
  • Multiple Invite Command
    • Written by Björn Benjamin Hiller
    • Allows you to invite multiple people with a single command.
    • Names can be abbreviated using the options for frequently invited characters.
    • Syntax: /minv [name1], [name2], ...
  • Pet Battles
    • Change the color of the pet battle info messages.
    • Change the chat frame the messages are sent to.
    • This is a part of the Extra extension.
  • Player Names
    • Adds customization when displaying player names.
    • Such as coloring, level, etc.
  • Popup Messages
    • Per user request, this will popup a message when one of ElvUI's keywords are found in various channels.
  • Ready Check Command
    • Shortens the /readycheck command to /rc
    • Syntax: /rc
  • Release Command
    • Adds /releasecommand to release your spirit if the popup message disappears.
    • Syntax: /release
  • Repeat Command
    • Adds /rpt command to repeat a command X times.
    • Syntax: /rpt <times> <command>
  • Reputation
    • Whenever any reputation changes occur the module will announce the amount of reputation required to obtain the next standing (revered, exalted, etc.).
  • Reroute Auction Messages
    • Reroute auction house messages to the chat frame of your choice.
    • Request by guildmate, Tooter.
  • Role Poll Command
    • Adds a command to quickly initiate a role poll in a raid.
    • Syntax: /role
  • Scroll Reminder
    • Adds a button to the chat frame when you scroll up, that when clicked will return you to the bottom.
  • Spam Filter
    • Filters spam based on various patterns.
    • Useful for suppressing gold spam, can also report the offender for spam.
  • Tell Target
    • Adds command /tt to send a tell to your current target.
  • Text Justification
    • Change the justification of the text in a chat frame.
  • Timestamps
    • Adds customizable timestamps.
  • Whisper Filter
    • Rewritten in version 4.2 for better functionality.
    • Filters whispers from characters who do not meet a certain level requirement.
  • XP Left to Level
    • Tells you under the XP message how much you need to level, along with other information (which you can disable).

Chat Command

  • /ct or /ct config Open Config Window
  • /ct help or /ct ? Show Available Commands
  • /ct config Open Configuration
  • /ct modules Show Module Status

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
v1.16 R 8.1.5 1,591 17/03/2019
v1.15 R 8.1.0 1,652 14/12/2018
ElvUI_CTC.zip R 8.0.1 906 09/11/2018
ElvUI CTC 7.3.0 Updating 7.3.0 Updating Updating
ElvUI CTC 7.3.2 Updating 7.3.2 Updating Updating
ElvUI CTC 7.3.5 Updating 7.3.5 Updating Updating
ElvUI CTC 8.2.0 Updating 8.2.0 Updating Updating
ElvUI CTC 8.2.5 Updating 8.2.5 Updating Updating
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