This plugin will be dedicated to showing emotions through simple player commands. Show your hatred on a player or show affection to another. This plugin is only in planning so suggestions for commands and functions would be great!

Emotions Pic


  • /love [player] - Loves a defined player on the server
  • /hug [player] - Hugs a defined player.
  • /hate [player] - Hates a defined player.
  • /poke [player] - Pokes a player.
  • /kiss [player] - Kisses a player.
  • /smack [player] - Smacks a player.
  • /annoy [player] - Annoys a player with a array of mob sounds.
  • /marry [player] - Marries a player.
  • /divorce [player] - Divorces a player.
  • /facepalm [player] - Slows bring palm to your face in disapproval of idiocracy.
  • /whistle [player] - Whistles at a player.
  • /yell [player] - Yells at a player with a Ghast Shriek.


  • emotions.help - Allows use of /emotions and /emotions 2
  • emotions.love - Allows use of /love
  • emotions.hug - Allows use of /hug
  • emotions.hate - Allows use of /hate
  • emotions.kiss - Allows use of /kiss
  • emotions.poke - Allows use of /poke
  • emotions.smack - Allows use of /smack
  • emotions. annoy - Allows use of /annoy
  • emotions.marry - Allows use of /marry
  • emotions.divorce - Allows use of /divorce
  • emotions.facepalm - Allows use of /facepalm
  • emotions.whistle - Allows use of /whistle
  • emotions.yell - Allows access of /yell


Relationships are a rough idea that will be added to the plugin at the right time. It will allow players to have a 'relationship' status much like Facebook. With a simple command sent to a player, and a confirmation command. Those two players can become partners on the server and with a simple breakup command, they will be separated. All players will have access to view the couples of the server.

Servers That Use This Plugin

  • Arc Kingdoms: mc.ArcKingdoms.com
  • Angel Gaming: mc.angel-gaming.com
  • Haven's Cove Tekkit: mc.HavensCove.net
If you would like your server added to this list and you use the Emotions plugin, message me or post below in the comments!

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Emotions v1.1 R CB 1.4.2-R0.2 5,408 10/11/2012
Emotions v1.0 R CB 1.3.2-R1.0 1,281 08/10/2012
Emotions v0.7 Beta B CB 1.3.2-R0.1 682 20/09/2012
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