Fastbridge Trainer | Build your way really fast

This is a Beta Plugin! I hope you find some Errors, so I can fix it for the Release Version!
The Fastbridge Trainer allows players to learn quickly and easily, how to fastbridge.
You can have different types of arenas and blocks!
You can configure everything in the config files.
You can change the default messages to your own messages.
  • Customizable messages
  • You can use Color Codes
  • UUID Support
  • Reward Players which bring new players
  • You can use it on your Bungeecord Network (The plugin needs a server on its own)
  • NEW! Supports spigot and bukkit 1.8 - 1.12
  • Several maps (Map Selector)
  • Several Blocks (Block Selector)
  • Pastes a schematics for more players (many players can play on only on server with different maps!)
  • In the Scoreboard, you see time you need
  • Multiple World Support (Lobby World and Arena World)
  • Automatic block reset
  • Disable unused Functions
  • Checks if updates are available
  • NEW! 100% customisable
  • NEW! Download Maps
  • TODO Statistics saved in MySQL and SQLite
  1. Download the Plugin
  2. Drag the Plugin into your Plugin folder
  3. Start your server
  4. Join the server and setup your lobby (Use the command /fastbridge setlobby)
  5. Add a schematic to your map folder (There are a few maps)
  6. Configure the mapConfig.xml
  7. Restart the server
  8. The Plugin works now!
You need the Plugin Worldedit (for the Schematic Map System):
Optionally, you can use Multiverse or a another World management plugin for Multiple World Support
/fastbridge help > Shows you all Commands of the Plugin
/fastbridge info > Shows Information about the Plugin
/fastbridge setlobby > Sets the Lobby Spawn
/fastbridge play > Opens the Map Selector UI
/fastbridge setlobby
low: 80
    X: 89
    World: world
    Y: 77
    Z: -2
    Yaw: 0.0
    Pitch: 0.0
  TitleBlock: '&eSelect Block'
  Finished: '&aYou have finished the Game!'
  StayOnYourIsland: '&c Please stay on your Insland!'
  SelectMap: '&aSelect your Map!'
  Player: '&cPlayer: &a'
  Seconds: '&eSeconds: '
  CustomMessageLine1: '&e>>>>> &bInformation'
  CustomMessageLine2: '&cRate the Plugin with 5 stars!'
  CustomMessageLine3: '&e>> &fTS: &'
  CustomMessageLine4: ''
  LobbySpawn: '&aYou set up the lobby spawn.'
  NoPermissions: '&cYou can not do this!'
  Prefix: '&f[&eFastbridge&f]'
ArenaMap: world
  Name: FirstMap
    ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
    type: DIRT
  Schematic: fastbridge
  SchematicSize: 50
  Name: TestMap2
    ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
    type: STONE
  Schematic: fastbridge2
  SchematicSize: 50 
You get support on SpigotMC: 
This Plugin use bStats for getting server statistics, please do not disable this feature in the Config.
You have a Video Tutorial?
Then send me the link, and i will add it!
Termes of Use:
  • You are not allowed to distribute/sell this plugin.
  • You are not allowed to decompile this plugin.
  • You are not allowed to modify the plugin in any way.
  • You only get support on this forum.
  • If you download the Plugin, you agree the Terms of Use
  • We can change the terms at any time, without notifying you! 
If you like the resource and you want to support me,then use the PayPal email address below.
Thank you very much!
Give me a coffee.
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Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Fastbridge.jar R 1.12 +5 1,533 22/07/2017
Version 0.3: New Map + Prefix + Scoreboard Update B 1.12 +6 235 19/06/2017
Fastbridge Trainer | Build your way really fast
Fastbridge Trainer | Build your way really fast
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