Garrison Order Hall Report


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This addon alters how Order Hall Report button acts. With Left Click you will get your current Report but with Right Click you will get list of old garrison like systems to choose your report from.


That way when you get to BfA content and levels above 110 you can still access your Garrison and Order Hall reports without visiting them.


If there's no button run or fly around. It should appear as soon as you change location.

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Garrison Order Hall Report v 2.1.4 R 8.2.0 3,633 28/06/2019
Garrison Order Hall Report v 2.1.3 R 8.1.0 4,272 12/12/2018
GarrisonOrderHallReport R 8.0.1 3,583 29/08/2018
GarrisonOrderHallReport R 7.3.5 1,991 23/01/2018
Garrison Order Hall Report 7.3.0 Updating 7.3.0 Updating Updating
Garrison Order Hall Report 7.3.2 Updating 7.3.2 Updating Updating
Garrison Order Hall Report 8.1.5 Updating 8.1.5 Updating Updating
Garrison Order Hall Report 8.2.5 Updating 8.2.5 Updating Updating
Garrison Order Hall Report
Garrison Order Hall Report
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