Get Over Here!


Get Over Here ....


Audio and video Addon that plays sounds and effects...

/goh to open menu
Menu sounds
Fight sounds
Fight image
Fatality sounds
Fatality image
minimap icon
Mortal Kombat font
Mail sounds
Merchant sounds
Transmog sounds
Player Dead sounds (insults)
Mouse Over Tooltip (Shows Target of Target)
Gender Bender (You can choose male or Feamle Sounds)
reload ui Sounds
auto Auction House DND mode
Auction House sounds
Health warning (Screen flash red)
Warning low health sounds
Heal me emote
Auto DND mode when in combat
-Death Knight Player login sounds
Pet Battle Music
Default Combat Music
Emote's Yell and Say
Class Sounds




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File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Get Over Here v8.2.003 R 8.2.0 993 08/07/2019
Get Over Here v8.1.005 R 8.1.5 453 24/06/2019
Get Over Here v8.1.000 R 8.1.0 1,928 31/12/2018
Get Over Here v8.0.020 R 8.0.1 1,349 07/11/2018
Get Over Here! 7.3.0 Updating 7.3.0 Updating Updating
Get Over Here! 7.3.2 Updating 7.3.2 Updating Updating
Get Over Here! 7.3.5 Updating 7.3.5 Updating Updating
Get Over Here! 8.2.5 Updating 8.2.5 Updating Updating
Get Over Here!
Get Over Here!

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