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People spent lot of time in their life to sleep. And Pillows play an important roles in these sleep. Most of people think of comfortable when they think of pillows. There is no doubt that comfort is a big part of the quality of a good pillow. However, there is another very important issue to consider when looking for the right pillow for your bed—the support quality. This is especially true for side sleepers. People who prefer to sleep on their sides need a lot of extra support for their neck, so that the position they sleep in does not cause undue strain on their backs, shoulders and head.

When you sleep on your side, there is a greater distance between the mattress and your head than there is for people who sleep on their backs or stomach. This distance needs to be filled to keep the head straight, so the spine remains in line. When your head is lowered towards the mattress, it causes the neck to bend, putting pressure on the nerves, and strains muscles and tendons. That’s why sleeping in the wrong position can leave you feeling tired in the morning, or worse, give you headaches or back pain, muscle weakness, tingling in the arms or legs, and even can cause issues such as sciatica.

Pillow Positions for Side Sleepers

Along with under the neck and head for support, there are several strategic pillow placements that can help side sleepers get a better night’s rest.

Hip Supporting Knee Pillow

Placing a pillow between the knees keeps the hips in proper alignment. Just like the neck, improper alignment of the hips forces the spine out of position and can cause nerve and muscle pain. Like the pillow used for neck and head support, the knee pillow must be giving enough to be luxuriously comfortable, and yet strong enough not to crush beneath the pressure of sleeping so that it becomes useless.

Back and Stomach Supporting Pillows

As soothing as sleeping on your side can be, it is also a position that causes general tension simply from having to hold a position that is less stable than back or stomach sleeping. Putting a support pillow behind your back, or in front of your stomach (and in the best case, both places) will provide complete support that keeps your body in position without straining muscles. The back and stomach support pillows need to be very firm so they do not flatten and lose their support under the strain of your full body pressure.

The stomach supporting pillow is even more important for pregnant women who find the pressure on their stomach’s to be painful in most sleeping positions. Picking the right pillow for all of the supporting positions is easier than you might think. All side sleeper position pillows have the same things in common: they are firm and won’t collapse, and they are comfortably soft.

There is one extra consideration when looking at buying body pillows for side sleepers. When looking for a side sleeper pillow that will support your back or stomach, consider buying the largest size available. Many of the great side sleeper pillows come in two or more of the common pillow sizes: standard, queen or king. King-sized pillows make better body pillows, but even a standard-sized pillow will work fine when you need it to.

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