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Detective Conan Chapter 970 [Raw & English Version]

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Text Spoilers

30 chapters left until 1000 one! In FILE 970  [the message left by the fingers] (PIC: Sera and Conan look at [previous customer]’s both hands).

Ran, outside of ‘do not cross’ police line says it’s all because Sera said ’she’s a type that’s killed first’, and Sonoko answers ’no, I think it’s this brat in glasses called for death...’

Inside Takagi and Megure are getting information from the salesperson, [previous customer]’s subordinate, and a customer with a claim. There were 4~5 people more in store, but they returned as soon as they heard about the murder. 

Upon watching at [previous customer]’s both hands, they realize that her left hand, pointing at left dressing cabin, shows '2’ in eastern sign system and a 'gun’. Her right hand grasped tightly with her thumb smeared in a lipstick, but this doesn’t say anything.

While Megure inquires everybody in separate rooms, Sera said that Conan was a witness to what happened prior to the tragedy and joins the investigation. 

The customer with a claim said that she saw white sandal left in the dressing room to the right.  It doesn’t belong to anyone from the suspects, but their descriptions match (lit: even if they were asked to draw a picture, the shape matches). 

Salesperson said that a week ago she served [previous customer], but [previous customer] was not able to remember her, maybe, says she, because she’s easy to forget.

Then Megure asked [previous customer]’s henchwoman whether she helped her with trying clothes on, but she denied it, saying ’I’m not a servant, that’s just clothes, no necessity in that, right?

When they asked a customer with a claim when did customer with white sandals left, she answered the exact time: between 2:43-2:44 PM.
In the right dressing room, that was not used not by [previous customer] nor by her henchwoman because of the recent dog allergy faint accident, beige portable slippers are found. She answered that she wanted to go to the China, thus she has it. 

While Megure was watching at the pictures of a white sandal three suspects drew, Takagi returns from the forensics with a discovery. 

Scissors, cellophane tape’s scrap, straw and scraps…

Sera and Conan find out how the criminal found a way to the middle dressing room. With a face cover (a thing used in Japan’s fitting rooms, to prevent dirtying clothes with make up), left by Sonoko?  

The truth behind the message of left and right fingers will be revealed in the next issue! Resolving arc!

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Detective Conan Chapter 969 [Raw & English Version]

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Text Spoiler File 969: Swimsuits at the dressing room (Heart)

Conan, Ran, Sonoko and Sera are buying somewhere.

Each of the girls chooses a swimsuit and they try it on to compare: when Sera shows her swimsuit it makes Conan remember someone.

The girls look like they’ll still take a while so Conan, who feels out of the place, decides to go to a toy store to be alone.

If the girl with a shaggy head and a double tooth he met in the past was Sera then the young man with sunglasses was… Akai? Then who are the other young man and the woman who were there? He feels like he’s met them somewhere but he’s not sure of when or where.

“You don’t remember!?”

A voice that seems directed to Conan, lost in thoughts, rings out. He checks the surroundings and sees a middle-aged woman complaining to a young employee: apparently when she stepped into a changing room after another customer used it there were remains of dog hair which she breathed and that triggered her allergy and thus she fainted.

According to the woman, the customer before her is someone with bad habits and abuses of her rank as company president and turns her entourage into her slaves with money: the employees can’t stop her because she claim to know their boss/es and threaten that they’ll be fired. Conan decides he’d rather not get involved into this and leaves.

He regroups with the girls and tells them what he overhead and Sera says that if this was a mystery novel the woman would be the type that would be killed straight away: Sonoko says it’d be better to ignore it but she also suggests going to check out that “previous customer”. 

Conan tries to change topics and then Sera asks about what he thinks of her swimsuit: Ran seems to be thinking the same thing and asks Sera if she’d worn it before. Conan begins to recall that “time ago” Ran was also there…

A scream suddenly rings out from another floor, from where the clothes store is at.

The group gets to the changing rooms and finds the “previous customer” dead in the middle changing room (of 3). The left room has one of the entourages, the right room has the complaining middle-aged woman and the first discoverer is an employee. 

The victim shows strangulation marks on the neck: the left hand looks like it’s signalling something and has been put away in a bag and the right hand is gripping something: when they open it they find that marks that the victim tried to wipe lipstick with the thumb finger. What for!?

Side-note: “Both hands’ fingers seem to hold a deep meaning…!? Next number: the investigation begins!” 
BREAK NEXT WEEK (This is a double issue so it’s magazine break) 

Conan: That guy in sunglasses... he's very young, but... is he Akai-san?

Conan: If I recall correctly, at that time… Ran also…

Conan: That boy and woman… I can’t help but feel I met them somewhere. But where?


Conan: If that [unreadable] girl…. Was Sera, then… 


Shukichi: It’s scary… it’s like something is posessing you…
A:Who are you?
M: Like possessed by a Shinigami…


translations by presumenothing, Valentin and Yunnie.

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Detective Conan Chapter 968 [Raw & English Version]

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Text Spoiler

File 968: Wakasa - sensei's secret

Haibara notices someone's presence behind them and she spins around to check the rear but there's no-one...

She wonders aloud if it was her imagination but Conan replies that there actually might be someone there: it's very possible that the thieves from 10 years ago have come to look for something.

Conan redoes the deciphering table and rearranges the order of characters using the song "irowa" as basis: the decoded message reads

"Got your shares ready. Come ASAP!"

The skeleton was the thieves' boss and surely intended to give out the shares of the money they got by turning the gold into currency: he checks inside of the line drawers and finds a bundle of bank notes there. He intends not to report this ASAP but to lure the robbers and catch in a swoop.

The group comes outside: it's dusk. They then say aloud that they didn't find the quicklime, there only was a brand-new string with some text on it: they couldn't read what it said so they threw it: the DBs and Rumi leave while dumping the string there.

3 suspicious men pick it up.

Night falls.

Conan alone is on the lookout behind the warehouse... or is supposed to be but, actually, the DBs, Rumi and Shiratori are with him and they're quite a group.

The string is something Conan readied, a trap's bait which the thieves bite: Shiratori is trying to find a good moment to come out and arrest them yet when he gets a closer look he sees there's only 2 men.

One of them feared a trap and stayed outside and thus knocks Shiratori out by hitting him from behind: the 3 thieves retreive the money and try to lock Conan and the group on the basement. Conan is saving up his gadgets as trump card and pretends to obey. But when Rumi steps into the stairs to the basement...

... She pretends that she's clumsily lost her footing and beats one of the robbers next to her: she picks up a stick with beads and turns into a strong-looking fighting pose atop the shut down basement hatch.

Rumi: "Are you ready? ... Ready to... depart this world?"

She looks like she'd been the type who loves brawls and is now bringing that aspect out: she beats up the other 2 robbers as well.

Conan, noticing things were quiet up there, carefully opens the hatch and sees Rumi who's (pretending to be) panicked and she's swinging the stick around: she's (is pretending that she's) not paying attention so she hasn't noticed she's beat up the 3 thieves.

The next day... Kobayashi, who didn't get called (at the police questioning, presumably) is more annoyed at being unable to meet Shiratori than being the only one left out the affair on the premises of it being dangerous.

Side-note: "This teacher is not a commoner! A new chapter will begin in the next double issue! To be continued in SS #37-38. There'll be a break next week for the author to gather materials."

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Detective Conan Chapter 967 [Raw & English Version]

Detective Conan Chap 967, read detective Conan 967 (Text Spoiler, Raw & English version) online free at Read the latest chapter of Detective Conan in English and raw version, no need to download Detective Conan 967. Thank you for visiting our website

Cover: Mysterious cypher held by a skeleton! You shouldn’t take your eyes of the new character, Wakasa-sensei?!


  • [Nothing..]
  • C: Even if I change the thickness of the pen I’m wrapping this cypher…
  • C: Still can’t read anything.
  • C: What’s with this cypher…
  • M: Is it really… A cypher that can be read by wrapping it around a pole?
  • M: Really… A cypher created by Conan-kun can’t be understood without wrapping it around a pole… 
  • M: But you can read written characters one by one while it’s in the form of a ribbon?
  • G: Yeah…
  • A: Everything is in hiragana!
  • M: But the cypher that the skeleton from storehouse the held…
  • M: Even in the form of ribbon, had a lot of characters we had never seen…
  • C: That’s radicals!
  • [Eh?]


  • H: A part in the left and in the right parts of kanji…
  • H: For example, Kojima Genta-kun’s ‘shima’ is 'yama’+'tori’ radicals. 
  • H: So you thought that if you wrap those radicals around a pole, you can read them by combining?
  • C: Yeah.
  • C: Characters written in the right part of this cypher are 'kane’ and 'hi’ radicals. They are used a lot…
  • C: So, if we’ll wrap it around the pole, and switch left and right parts…
  • C: I think we’ll got characters that we will be able to read.
  • C: As I thought, the only readable part of all is second…
  • C: Is Edogawa’s 'e’.
  • M: What’re this 。 and 、 symbols?
  • C: I think it’s the usual dot and point?


  • C: So three parts we can got by reading it wrapped is… Something like…
  • [Genta is (wa)、]
  • [Last Night]
  • [Unaju。]
  • [Over-eaten!]*
  • *TN: I suck, I know.
  • C: Smth like that!
  • G: Ho…
  • G: How did this skeleton know this?!


  • C: That was an example…
  • M: And you’ve eaten unaju.
  • G: Ah… yeah…
  • A: If you’ll eat that much, you’ll turn into mister eel!
  • H: Hey, that first part… Maybe it’s not 'wa’ but 'ga’?
  • C: I don’t think so…
  • C: Look, third part second character. It has dakuten, so… It could be something from 'ga, 'za’, 'da’ and 'ba’ rows.
  • C: If the character before ‘ 、’ is 'ga’, then… It should have a dakuten in it’s top-right part.
  • C: It’s not like the last character from the first part can be only 'wa’. And the usage of  ’、’ in that part varies due to people’s choices…
  • C: Well, I guess there’s something else that can help us break this cypher!
  • K: Ah, Wakasa-sensei!
  • K: I’m sorry but can you pleae bring those rulers to the prep. room?
  • W: A… yes!


  • W: Ah…
  • W: Ah!!
  • W: The timetable!!!
  • K: I’ll write in again, it’s fine…
  • C: The.. Timetable?!
  • C: By the way, Ayumi-chan!
  • C: You found a timetable in a storehouse where the skeleton was…
  • A: Yes! I still have it!
  • A: Here!


  • C: I see… So that’s it!
  • H: This timetable looks weird if you’ll look closer…
  • M: Where?
  • H: Here, this row has a mark in the 7th grid from the left.
  • H: Isn’t it sunday?
  • G: We don’t study on sundays?
  • H: And the class activities on Tuesday…
  • H: If we count from the top, 7th grid again…
  • H: That means 7th lesson? There is no 7th lesson in elementary schools, right?
  • M: Then what is it?
  • C: It was in the same warehouse where the skeleton with the cypher was… Maybe…


  • C: This is a chart for solving the cypher!
  • [Eh?!]
  • C: Look at it!
  • C: If we took Wednesday (水曜日)'s radical… There’s kanji for the whole week, right?
  • A: Right!
  • C: And the left part is…
  • C: Every character from this timetable!
  • C: Language is 吾, Math is 攵, Society Studies is 会、Cooking is 里…
  • C: Art&Craft is 工、P.E. is 本, Class Activities is 舌…
  • C: Basing on this…
  • C: If we write this characters in 7x7=49 table…
  • C: From top-left, using a-i-u-e-o pattern…


  • C: We have this!
  • G: Oh!
  • A: Amazing!
  • M: We’ll be able to read everything if we wrap it around a pole!
  • C: Well… First one has 土 (Thu) and 攵, it’s…
  • A: 'Su!’
  • C: Next is 水(Wen) and 工, it’s…
  • M: 'Ma’!
  • C: Next is 火(Tue) and 工, so..
  • G: 'Ho’…
  • DB: 'Sumaho!’ 
  • H: Looks like it’s a real cypher-solving chart…
  • A: Next, next?
  • C: Er-r… 土 (Thu) and 工…


  • [Sumahomeu、]
  • [Sonearita。]
  • [Ebuemua!]..
  • G: And what’s this?
  • M: Some kind of spell?
  • C: Nope…
  • C: Maube we should change the aiueo pattern from horizontal to vertical…
  • C: 'Yutechirito, atsuasako。 Mounimua!’…
  • H: Maybe it’s not aiueo, it’s alphabet order?
  • C: Alphabet has 26 letters… They do not fit into 49 grids.
  • C: I’m interested in 'x’ that are scattered along this timetable…
  • C: What’s their meaning?
  • K: Okay, guys, let’s clean the class up and return home!
  • [Okay!]


  • M: That’s sad…
  • A: We didn’t manage to break that cypher…
  • C: Yep. 
  • H: Maybe it’s good?
  • H: A cypher that was help by a robber who died 10 years ago…
  • H: Even if we’ll break it, there’s no point.
  • M: How quick!
  • M: News about the skeleton found in the warehouse are already online!
  • M: Including the headband with written cypher…
  • G: Really?!
  • W: Er… Guys…
  • W: Other teacher asked me to get the limestone for tomorrow’s science lesson…
  • W: I saw 3 marking trolleys near the skeleton… I thought that maybe there’s some limestone left….
  • H: And?
  • W: And.. If.. it’s possible…
  • C: You’re too scared and you ask us to bring it, right-right.


  • W: I’m sorry… Dragged you again…
  • A: Wakasa-sensei is a scaredy cat!
  • M: Well, because of that skeleton…
  • C: Anyway, before it gets dark… Let’s grablimestone quickly and return!
  • C: Huh?
  • C: What… There’s a mess…
  • G: I thought that place was cleaned up recently…
  • M: Maybe it’s what left from forensics investigation work…
  • C: No… It’s not like it was investigated. More like somebody has searched for something.
  • H: Maybe after police left somebody came here?
  • W: But why?!


  • C: Oi, Mitsuhiko!
  • C: When did news start to spread online?
  • M: T-two hours ago…
  • C: Plenty of time to read the cypher and then come here to search for something…
  • H: Wait, that’s…
  • C: Yeah! That cypher was probably written by a guy who died 10 yeats ago… And it’s meaning has still some mission!
  • M: And if we won’t break it…
  • C: The basement where the corpse was! Maybe somebody who came to search for something is still there…
  • A: Eh?! 
  • C: Sensei! Can you please open the door?
  • W: B-but what if that 'someone’ will leap out of it…
  • C: It’s okay. I’ll stop him with a sleeping needle. 
  • W: S-sleeping needle?


  • C: It doesn’t look like the basement was invaded…
  • C: Maybe… He didn’t come here yet?
  • H: Maybe he noticed we came here and…
  • C: Got away quickly…
  • C: Well, if found this place in the basement… He won’t be able to escape even if he wanted to.
  • C: Because teachers and students started to return home, it became dark…
  • C: Maybe he planned to return and search for something once again.
  • H: And? What’s that 'something’?
  • C: Before we break the cypher…


  • C: Shit! If I’ll learn the meaning of those three x… I think I’ll be able to break it…
  • C: If the'waiuewo’ row has the doubling 'iue’ letters marked with x
  • C: Then the most bottom line’s grids from the third to the fifth is marked with  x…
  • C: What’s the meaning of  x…
  • M: We came for limestone, right?
  • C: A.. Yeah.
  • W: Ah… This day is the worst! I want to return home, drink sake and sleep peacefully…
  • A: Wakasa-sensei, do you drink sake?
  • W: I do.
  • W: My favourite is whisky!*
  • TN: Now if it isn’t next BO member’s code name…
  • W: If I’ll drink a lot… 
  • W: I go to sleep with a smiling face (ebisu kao)
  • C: Whisky… Ebisu…
  • C: That’s it! This cypher is not in aiueu pattern!
  • C: That means this cypher’s 3 parts are…


  • C: I see…
  • C: So that cypher…
  • C: Is connected to the crime from 10 years ago!
  • [Oi, Conan! What are you doing?]
  • [Limestone…]
  • G: Did you find it?
  • [The cypher is broken?! But there are some strange silhouettes?! Next chapter - Continuation of the solving arc!!]
Translater: serinoxtv

Text Spoiler

File 967: Impossible to decode!?

The characters that appear upon tying the string around the pen can’t be read as they are.
There are voiced consonant marks in odd positions and they seem to be a hint and yet…

The group begin to thinks they’re lacking some material: Rumi, who’d casually been charged with cleansing up, accidentally tears the wall’s schedule with the ruler she’s been given.

Conan then remembers the schedule found at the warehouse with the corpse and uses one as a cypher table: he turns the “odds” as weekdays and the “created” into subjects
and thus creates a Japanese syllabary table which he then reads aloud:

Su-ma-ho-me-u, so-ne-a-ri-ta. E-bu-e-mu-a!
Yu-te-shi-ri-to, u-tsu-a-so-ko. Mo-u”-ni-mu-a!

The day’s classes end and the DBs are about to head back with the code still unsolved: they find that the news about the corpse in the warehouse and the code are already circulating in the Internet. When they are about to leave Rumi asks them to help her find limestone once again: they enter the old warehouse again and find signs of someone having searched the place.

It’s been 2 hours since the news were emitted so there was plenty of time for anyone to ransack the place.

But it’d seem that the basement is untouched, however. Mitsuhiko hurries the group telling them to finish searching and go back: Rumi also agrees and says she’d like to go back home and have some whisky or something like that.

Whisky… Ebisu beer… The colors are the key to order the syllabary’s contents! And Conan then realizes the code is related to the case of 10 years ago…

Side-note: Has the code been decoded!? But there seems to be a dangerous figure behind this case!! Next number, the resolution!

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Detective Conan Chapter 966 [Raw & English Version]

Detective Conan Chap 966, read detective Conan 966 (Text Spoiler, Raw & English version) online free at Read the latest chapter of Detective Conan in English and raw version, no need to download Detective Conan 966. Thank you for visiting our website

File 966: Scytale Cypher

The day after after the trick box case Conan tells the DBs that Kid disguised as Agasa (and wrapped the real one in bamboo inside of a toilet stall).

Then homeroom teacher Kobayashi brings along a teacher with glasses: the new deputy homeroom teacher, 10 years older than Kobayashi: Wakasa Rumi.

When she bows she hits the forehead with the teacher’s desk and doesn’t seem too reliable.

Haibara suggests to Conan than since there have been several new transfer students the school might’ve decided to increase the staff.

At lunch time Rumi asks Conan & co. to lend her a hand: she wanted to draw the lines for the PE class in the school yard but turns out there are no more chalks and there are no spares so she wants them to look for chalks in an old warehouse that seems like the type of place where a ghost would appear.

A mere glance tells you it’s falling apart and it’s never been locked ever since Shinichi was an elementary student: back then the headmaster said at the graduation ceremony that they wouldn’t tore it apart: he used Feng Shui as an argument to not to do so.

The warehouse seems to wear down even as Conan explains this to the others. He tries to motivate the others to go in but when he graps the handle a voice calls out and tells him not to touch that: Conan and the others ignore that since they were ordered to go in yet turns out it’s dark on the inside.

The DBs use the flashlights Agasa gave them to search for the chalks: they find a worn down timetable and a door leading to the basement: someone’s opened it recently because some rust is missing from the doorknob. When the DBs lift the door they find a corpse become skeleton below the stairs.

They have Rumi report this to the police through her cellphone and in the meanwhile they inspect the corpse: Conan estimes it’s been between 5 and 10 years this person died and holds something that looks like a headband on the right hand: it’s got cocked writing that makes it hard to figure out anything from it.

Conan recalls than when he and Ran were elementary students Ran found this “magical string” and it’s probable that the text written on it was on Chinese.

The headband was linked to the doorknob so when Conan tries to untie to show it to Rumi a mysterious old man shows up and warns them:

“You musn’t touch that, you know? Because it’s the magical string that… keeps a frightening monster sealed into this storeroom…”

Shiratori and the police come to the warehouse: it’s estimated the corpse is from over 10 years ago: it doesn’t have anything that helps ID it, and it’s estimated that it surely was trying to take anything when they slipped and fell down thus diying. The police decide this isn’t a case so they retrieve the corpse and leave: the headmaster then admits the police came to the school 10 years ago.

A group of 4 robbers broke into a wealthy person’s home and robbed there as well as killing the owner: they stole gold bars estimated to be worth 200 million yen (aprox 20 million USD) and ran away. Someone back then reported seeing mysterious figures coming in and out of Teitan Elementary’s precint so the police came to investigate that.

The headmaster says that no-one knows what became of the 4 robbers: they might be living somewhere cowering in fear or maybe they are about to die.

Conan then says that the string’s writing might be a Scytale Cypher: you write a unique text in a string tied to a stick and when you undo the string you get a row of unknown letters: the police have retrieved it but Conan took a photo of it with the phone and asked Haibara to have it be printed.

They wait for Haibara to return and, when she does, they find out that when they try to wrap the string around the stick they get something undecipherable instead of what they expected: maybe the stick’s length needs to be longer or maybe there’s something to it…

Side-note: “They fail at deciphering the Scytale Encryption!? And, say… Isn’t this teacher (Rumi) suspicious!?”

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Detective Conan Chapter 965 [Raw & English Version]

Detective Conan Chap 965, read detective Conan 965 (Text Spoiler, Raw & English version) online free at Read the latest chapter of Detective Conan in English and raw version, no need to download Detective Conan 965. Thank you for visiting our website

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Text Spoiler

File 965: Diary

Conan’s figured out the trick so he gathers everyone to recreate it.

He borrows a pen and a notebook from Okiya: he torns off an empty page and tears it into small pieces: he writes a circle in (each pieces’) front and rear and makes Kogoro remember those before he stuffs those into the notebook.

It looks like you’ll be able to find them at once but they don’t appear when others check the notebook: if you take a closer look at it you see that that the edge of the page where Conan stuffed the circles is slightly torn and the papers will jump off the page when you flip it: there’s a similar trick to the exchange diary: since the widow fully opened the pages when re-reading it she avoided this trap.

So: which of the books is the right one? It’s the one the widow doesn’t need to read: the page with the potato and meat stew recipe: since her late husband’s mother told her the recipe herself there was no need to read it up on the cooking book: Kogoro begins to wrestle with the heap of books…

… There’s a sudden blackout and the sound of a music box playing “Grandfather’s clock” rings out: the emergency lights go on and they see that Kid’s card is stabbed into the trick box: Jirokichi wants to chase Kid but the widow stops him saying it’d be inelegant: she says that something far more precious and full of memories than the jewel should be left inside.

When the widow suggests checking out what’s inside Agasa suddenly says he’s got stomach ache and runs off to the toilet: turns out he was Kid: what gave him away was that Agasa never calls Conan “Conan-kun” when they are alone (he actually says “Shinichi-kun”). Conan spotted that the fingers’ bandages were in different positions too which also gave him away.

Conan also found odd that Agasa could pick a book which Ran didn’t reach even by climbing into a seat despite that Agasa and Ran are supposed to be of the same height: Conan guesses the box hasn’t actually been opened: since the box is from the 19th century the song “Grandfather’s clock” wasn’t used back then.

It’d seem that when Kid, accepting the challenge, came to the library yet he’d actually met the late husband in one ocassion time ago and saw the jewel before he shut the box: the jewel was but an add-on and the actual contents are the famed exchange diary.

So Kid is about to leave without doing anything but Okiya is keeping the toilet’s stall door locked from the outside: the picture that Kid took of Okiya before coming to the library seems to show something Okiya doesn’t want others to see.

So Kid leaves his smartphone there and makes his escape: and it’d seem he got stuck for 12 hours to avoid the police’s search for him afterwards.

Side-note: “Even Kid shuddered and got intimidated by Subaru - san… He successfully retrieved the photograph. Sunday #33 will have a new series starring the Detective Boys. Next week will have a break for the author to gather materials. To be continued in Issue #33.” 

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Detective Conan Chapter 964 [Raw & English Version]

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[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Text Spoiler

File 964: Approach

Trying to find the memo inside of over 10,000 books is hard. 

Jirokichi alreay tried, like Kogoro, to skim over all books by gathering all the staff but they didn't find it.

The widow brings up something else her late husband had mentioned: "Suppose you find the memo... You should be able to find the contents of the box, too, but..." yet it rather sounded like "you'll never find it". She never asked him "which" book it was because she thought it would be shameful to do so.

Kogoro's coughs are getting worse so Conan & Agasa go to the lobby where there are vending machines: Agasa also goes to the restroom and Conan waits for him.

Kogoro attempts to force the box open again: he ignores the "don't take it away" signpost and tries to jump back from the fence's range yet a new fence drops where he intended to land: Kogoro accidentally spits the drink inside of his mouth and wets the box: the widow quickly rushes to wipe out the liquid yet Conan seems to think something about this. 

Kogoro and the others return to the : Ran & Sonoko went to pick flowers so they aren't present: Haibara & Okiya seem to have forgotten what they were doing there and are going over mystery series novels: the widow notices that Okiya's sleeves smell of meat and potatoes stew: Okiya and she begin to talk and Okiya says he likes cooking: Ran and Sonoko come back then: she talks about how she read the cooking book her late husband had bought for her over and over again to the point she opened some holes on it: Sonoko seems eager to meet Kid so she put up some make-on. 

Conan then feels Kid's presence: the medicine Kogoro drank seems to be more effective than it'd been insofar, Okiya is scanning the surroudings while pretending to read the books, Agasa took too much time in the toilet... He also thinks he could've disguised as either Ran or Sonoko. Ran picks a chair and climbs on it to try to reach a book in a higher shelf: Conan stares at her tighs and what's beyond them...
Haibara: "Super lewd..."

That asides, Haibara says that everyone but Okiya had an opening in which Kid could've swapped with them but Conan suspects that Kid could've been impersonating Okiya ever since he showed up in the library.

The widow brings up her late husband's exchange diary: he only wrotes a few lines in the pages back when he was a student but shortly after they married she checked out the diary there were 2 pages she supposedly hadn't seen before filled with her late husband's writing: he retrieved it back on that day and she didn't see it again.

It would seem this info might be a clue.

Kid (thinking): "Oho. That guy's face... Looks like you've figured it out too... Detective. Where the paper is and what the box's contents are..."

Side-note: "The thief and the detective gloat: have all mysteries been solved!? Next number: the resolution!

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Detective Conan Chapter 963 [Raw & English Version]

Detective Conan Chap 963, read detective Conan 963 (Text Spoiler, Raw & English version) online free at Read the latest chapter of Detective Conan in English and raw version, no need to download Detective Conan 963. Thank you for visiting our website

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File 963 Text Spoilers translated by Spimer of DCTP
Major spoilers for unreleased chapter, proceed at your own risk
No break next week

First page's side-note: "Jirokichi has appeared! So that obviously means that...!?"

A widow brings Jirokichi a trick box named "Tree God" said to be a work by Samizu Kichiemon, her late husband stuffed the instructions to open it on a book he donated to Jirokichi: the box contains the world's largest moonstone (Moon Memories [Luna Memoria]).

File 963: Tree God

Conan sees Jirokichi's "challenge" on the net: Haibara tells him to get ready because she's sure he's also been called as well: turns out she and Agasa have been called in as well. 

Okiya shows up with the stew, as usual, and joins their talk but since it's not a murder case then he quickly leaves the scene yet, when he exits the Agasa house, someone takes a photo of him.

Shortly afterward, Agasa, who's coming out late since he didn't find his driving license, gets a photo taken as well.

Sonoko is waiting with Ran and Kogoro at Jirokichi's library: Conan and the others are already there. 

Kogoro has a summer cold which is aggravated and doesn't look like he'll be of much help but Sonoko, who wants to meet Kid, decided to give him plenty of candidates to disguise as and lured him in telling him she had tickets for a Yoko Okino concert. 

The police are on standy on the outside this time.

Kogoro tries to open the trick box but gets a needle stabbed on a finger and Agasa becomes the prey (of his anger?). Kogoro says they cut off the box with a saw but the widow refuses: the box is also valuable and the inside glows in a blue color like the moonlight.

Okiya: "Adularescence... The blue moon stones that display this special effect are quite valuable... What's more: if it's this big... It might indeed fit with the trick box by Samizu Kichiemon..."

Okiya has come despite he'd said he wasn't interested: he told the police he was a friend of Agasa and they didn't check him. Jirokichi says that this time he doesn't mind if plain customers who aren't Kid fans come: he's placed the box so that everyone can touch it.

There's a weight sensor below the ground of table where the trick box is placed at so if someone tried to grab and run away a cage would drop and the steel shutters of the whole mansion would close as well.

The widow says that if someone managed to unlock the box the music box her late husband placed inside would ring as well.

Instead of trying to open it at random, it'd be faster to find the book her late husband donated with the instructions or so she suggests.

Jirokichi leads the group to the room with the book... and turns out the library in this room has over 10,000 books on it! 

Jirokichi: "You can search for it here, can you?"
Conan (There's too many of them...)

Side-note: "The hints are within a lot of books... Who'll be the one that'll be able to open the "Tree God"?"

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Detective Conan Chapter 962 [Raw & English Version]

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Text Spoilers for File 962
Translation by Spimer from DCTP
Significant spoilers for 962 below, read at your own risk!

File 962: The sad "Nue" legend

Ran & Kazuha approach "giant" Heiji as he tells them to come closer despite their fear: they then find that Heiji hasn't become larger but a "trompe l'oeil" sheet drawing is hanging there to give one that impression.

It's a cheap trick that doesn't work out without the fire and the gloom: the "beast" was the dog with fur put over it and there was a mini-banner ready there: when the dog would run away with the mini-banner the real one would be placed on the path with the bite marks to give off the impression it was the same one: that was why the dog didn't bark when the "monster" appeared: the "nue" cry was a glass harp: the only one who could do this is the novelist, the culprit, who readied the dog beforehand and who was meticulous to the point of planting trees to pull the trick off.

She pretended to put out the 1st fire and the 2nd fire was by seeding water and metallic sodium: the white grains were the cinders. She stabbed the core of a ball-pen to open the cork of the carbonated drink and spread the liquid around as she planned: she used the fire to kill the 2nd victim with poisoned needles.

The dead miner was the novelist's husband: she wanted to have revenge on the 2 pals who abandoned him when the cave-in: the famed memo can be read as "tetsuno" when seen from the reverse.

The miner wanted to say he'd found a steel ornamental hairpin but since he didn't know the Kanji for it he didn't know the proper naming either so he surely wanted to use the memo and the hairpin to ask "what is this?".

The novelist then summoned the other 2 making them get the wrong idea, making them believe a "steel bottle" had been found. She wanted to bring Kogoro to put a foil to the existance of the "nue": she predicted Ran & Kazuha would get scared at seeing the writing practice memos: that would give them a reason to swap rooms with the archaeologist: when they ask her why she called the writer she denies calling him but it turns out it's her and the late miner's son.

The Mayor comments that it looks like a tale in which Minamoto no Yorimasa wanted to give credit to his mother but she turned into the "nue".

Dawn comes and Yokomizo finally realizes Conan and Ran were there.

Heiji brings Kazuha to the banks of the pond and with a background of the pond glowing like the "steel bottle" containing golden ovals: he attempts to do the one in a lifetime confession...

...But can't because the JSDF reinforcements Yokomizo called to capture the "nue" parachute into the area and surround them.

... Elsewhere, a high school girl named Oooka Momiji reads an article about the case on her smart-phone.

Momiji: "Hmmm... Quite active, isn't he? My future... husband (Haato)."

Side-note: "Has a rival that will endanger Heiji & Kazuha's love appeared...!? Next number will contain a new story! That elusive guy will apppear...!?"

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Detective Conan Chapter 961 [Raw & English Version]

Detective Conan Chap 961, read detective Conan 961 (Text Spoiler, Raw & English version) online free at Read the latest chapter of Detective Conan in English and raw version, no need to download Detective Conan 961. Thank you for visiting our website

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Text Spoilers for File 961
English Translation by Spimer
Warning: Significant Spoilers for the File Below

File 961: The fanged nue

Shizuoka Prefecture's inspector, Yokomizo, finally arrives at the village.

Heiji & Conan explain what's happened insofar in about 4 pages (of the file).

Yokomizo: "Calm down, ladies and gentlemen! You're all speaking like that monster's come back alive but... It's always been there... In the Kurogane Forest... The monster named "nue" has!"

Conan & Heiji: "HUH?"

Yokomizo says that there was talk about it having appeared 16 years ago: he asks the Mayor for confirmation and he says he's already told the guests the tale (about the cave-in). 

Yokomizo: "See! It does exist, doesn't it! It's been living hiding in the forest for 16 years!!"

Both Conan and Heiji think he's starting to look like Yamamura.

The Mayor says he's concerned if it'll rain: he felt something lile a water drop back when the fires appeared again yet no more drops have fallen ever since then so he finds it odd. He also heard a sound like a carbonated drink's plug was opened: both the novelist and the writer were drinking carbonated drinks but even if they'd spilled some of those the novelist hadn't opened her drink and the writer's drink was too far away for a spill to reach the Mayor.

In the meanwhile Conan & Heiji search the grass at their feet and find small round white-colored lumps scattered around the area: they say that these allow for the culprit to start up fires without the need for matches.

The duo go back inside the hotel and begin to think of figuring out the sealed room's trick: they think that the novelist might've stabbed the archaeologist with a cap or something like that when he popped his head through the window yet she doesn't have any stick or anything like that.

Her belongins are: 

. Writing utensils
. Notebooks
. Sewing tools
. The white wine she ordered 
. Sommelier knife
. Carbonated water

They then think that the writer might've used a blowgun but you can't hit the lower jaw from the side.

The writer's belongings:

. 3 Cola bottles of 300 ml each
. 2 bags of potato chips
. Folding knife
. Selfie stick 
. Cigarettes
. 100 yen ligther 
. A submarine model (I-400) he bought to kill the boredom and the optional addhesive

The Mayor's belongings:

. a scrub brush

Conan & Heiji realize that it's hard to decide who's the culprit based on their belongings: they meet Ran & Kazuha in the corridor

The dog scratched the wall as he barked when the "nue" cry rang out: they thought it was hungry so they gave it some food but it wouldn't eat it: Conan & Heiji recall that the dog barked when the cry rang out but it didn't when the "monster" appeared...

This mystery is... solved!

Heiji charges the girl with procuring some stuff:

. 3 shirts 
. A scrub brush 
. A mop
. A tool-box
. A cardboard box
. Spray paint 
. Oil-based pen and sewing tools borrowed from the novelist
. Addhesive and knife from the writer

They also find an old photo in the room the 2nd victim was originally at: they guess it could be the excavation team that was searching for the buried treasured? The foreigner in the center of the photo reminds them somehow of the writer.

They shove that asides and go to recreate the trick with the tools: they gotta do it while it's still night or there's no point so they do some rush work: Heiji seems to have other reasons for wanting to do it during the night as well

4AM: the sun hasn't risen yet. Everyone is gathered on the hotel entrance: the duo recreate the monster seen before.

Kazuha: "Heiji! Where are ya? Help us!"
Heiji: "I'm here, I'm here!"

Heiji's hand, gripping the corner's outer wall... is as tall as the 2nd floor's window!

Ran & Kazuha: "HUH?"

Side-note: Heiji's hand is HUGE! Next number: a giant 10 meters tall will show up!?

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