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2017 Hyundai Ioniq review

Hyundai IONIQ Review

00:00:21,270 --> 00:00:25,830
lehigh under ionic is the first car in

00:00:24,240 --> 00:00:28,230
the world to be designed from the ground

00:00:25,830 --> 00:00:30,390
up using three different electrified

00:00:28,230 --> 00:00:32,790
powertrains distinctively styled with

00:00:30,390 --> 00:00:34,560
smart technology and responsive driving

00:00:32,790 --> 00:00:41,610
experience the ionic is the next

00:00:34,560 --> 00:00:43,500
generation of eco-friendly vehicles the

00:00:41,610 --> 00:00:49,950
ionic is available in three versions

00:00:43,500 --> 00:00:51,780
hybrid plug-in and electric deciding on

00:00:49,950 --> 00:00:54,030
which one to go for depends on how far

00:00:51,780 --> 00:00:56,880
you drive and often you drive and

00:00:54,030 --> 00:01:10,320
drugged driving style let's take a

00:00:56,880 --> 00:01:13,950
closer look the hybrid is powered by an

00:01:10,320 --> 00:01:17,040
efficient 104 brake horsepower 1.6 GDI

00:01:13,950 --> 00:01:19,619
petrol engine and 43 by coors power

00:01:17,040 --> 00:01:22,290
electric motor to produce an impressive

00:01:19,619 --> 00:01:26,789
fuel consumption of 72 miles per gallon

00:01:22,290 --> 00:01:28,709
no emissions of just 79 g/km and ignore

00:01:26,789 --> 00:01:31,429
the city dash of just ten point eight

00:01:28,709 --> 00:01:31,429

00:01:33,350 --> 00:01:37,970
using a dual clutch automatic gearbox

00:01:36,020 --> 00:01:40,189
the hybrids electric and petrol motors

00:01:37,970 --> 00:01:42,950
work in unison switching between the two

00:01:40,189 --> 00:01:44,720
automatically ensuring that the car is

00:01:42,950 --> 00:01:46,790
at its most efficient or the time

00:01:44,720 --> 00:01:50,380
charging its batteries on the move

00:01:46,790 --> 00:01:50,380
without the need to plug it in to charge

00:01:52,560 --> 00:01:58,619
with a starting price of 1995 it makes

00:01:56,250 --> 00:02:01,020
the perfect replacement for most family

00:01:58,619 --> 00:02:03,539
hatchbacks and high and i are expecting

00:02:01,020 --> 00:02:06,960
this to be the most popular model of the

00:02:03,539 --> 00:02:08,759
range the ionic plug-in is powered in a

00:02:06,960 --> 00:02:11,610
similar way to the hybrid version

00:02:08,758 --> 00:02:14,430
however where it differs is the nickel

00:02:11,610 --> 00:02:17,280
driven electric only allowing up to 30

00:02:14,430 --> 00:02:20,400
miles of emission-free driving making it

00:02:17,280 --> 00:02:22,260
ideal for your daily commute it's 45

00:02:20,400 --> 00:02:24,510
kilowatt electric motor is powered by a

00:02:22,260 --> 00:02:27,030
battery which recuperates energy on the

00:02:24,510 --> 00:02:30,690
move and can be recharged via the

00:02:27,030 --> 00:02:32,730
supplied charging cable co2 emissions on

00:02:30,690 --> 00:02:34,650
this model are even lower coming in at

00:02:32,730 --> 00:02:37,080
an impressive 32 grams per kilometer

00:02:34,650 --> 00:02:41,069
something that company car owners will

00:02:37,080 --> 00:02:43,019
find very appealing ionic electric is

00:02:41,069 --> 00:02:47,040
one hundred percent electric with a

00:02:43,019 --> 00:02:50,069
range of 174 miles it takes his power

00:02:47,040 --> 00:02:52,230
from an 88 kilowatt electric motor with

00:02:50,069 --> 00:02:55,019
instantaneous power the second you press

00:02:52,230 --> 00:02:57,090
the throttle benefitting from having

00:02:55,019 --> 00:02:59,370
zero emissions the ionic is free from

00:02:57,090 --> 00:03:01,440
the london congestion charge and with

00:02:59,370 --> 00:03:04,260
over 1,500 public charging points

00:03:01,440 --> 00:03:07,590
nationwide finding a place to charge is

00:03:04,260 --> 00:03:09,510
never going to be a problem with each of

00:03:07,590 --> 00:03:15,860
the three variants go three trim levels

00:03:09,510 --> 00:03:19,370
premium SE and premium SE

00:03:15,860 --> 00:03:21,890
the model shown here is the premium se

00:03:19,370 --> 00:03:23,270
finished in metallic silver this model

00:03:21,890 --> 00:03:24,980
comes very well equipped with an

00:03:23,270 --> 00:03:28,520
impressive list of standard equipment

00:03:24,980 --> 00:03:32,840
such as leather upholstery bi-xenon

00:03:28,520 --> 00:03:35,240
headlights heated seats touchscreen

00:03:32,840 --> 00:03:39,170
satellite navigation smart cruise

00:03:35,240 --> 00:03:44,420
control in fezzy hi-fi apple carplay

00:03:39,170 --> 00:03:46,130
Wi-Fi and wireless phone charging from

00:03:44,420 --> 00:03:48,620
the outside hi and I have decided

00:03:46,130 --> 00:03:50,480
against adopting the quirky electric car

00:03:48,620 --> 00:03:53,750
look this key and pesters are based on

00:03:50,480 --> 00:03:56,480
instead they produce something much more

00:03:53,750 --> 00:03:58,580
appealing a stylish looking car with a

00:03:56,480 --> 00:04:01,840
coupe a style silhouette with aesthetics

00:03:58,580 --> 00:04:01,840
and efficiency in mind

00:04:02,310 --> 00:04:07,500
by doing so they produced when the most

00:04:04,560 --> 00:04:09,810
aerodynamic cars in the market designed

00:04:07,500 --> 00:04:13,920
to minimize air resistance and emissions

00:04:09,810 --> 00:04:16,200
my touches include distinctive signature

00:04:13,920 --> 00:04:19,049
blue accents physically front and rear

00:04:16,200 --> 00:04:22,590
bumpers LED daytime running lights and

00:04:19,048 --> 00:04:24,419
high-gloss black grille concealed in

00:04:22,590 --> 00:04:27,960
this grill is this smart cruise control

00:04:24,419 --> 00:04:30,120
radar sensor and active air flaps these

00:04:27,960 --> 00:04:32,250
flaps open and close automatically to

00:04:30,120 --> 00:04:34,410
reduce aerodynamic drag which regulates

00:04:32,250 --> 00:04:37,710
the cooling system enhancing

00:04:34,410 --> 00:04:40,200
aerodynamics at speed from the rear the

00:04:37,710 --> 00:04:42,600
ionic features 82 section glass tailgate

00:04:40,200 --> 00:04:45,690
with integrated rear spoiler to maximize

00:04:42,600 --> 00:04:49,830
efficiency as well as to aid visibility

00:04:45,690 --> 00:04:51,810
inside the ionic is equally as

00:04:49,830 --> 00:04:53,250
impressive with a sophisticated and

00:04:51,810 --> 00:04:54,870
contemporary interior with a high

00:04:53,250 --> 00:04:57,420
quality finish made from recycled

00:04:54,870 --> 00:05:00,000

00:04:57,420 --> 00:05:01,740
Viking features include the eye-catching

00:05:00,000 --> 00:05:05,400
digital instrument cluster and

00:05:01,740 --> 00:05:07,470
touchscreen infotainment system to match

00:05:05,400 --> 00:05:09,900
the blue accents fitted to the exterior

00:05:07,470 --> 00:05:12,330
hi and I have continued this thing to

00:05:09,900 --> 00:05:14,550
the inside with accents position demand

00:05:12,330 --> 00:05:17,610
the dashboard instrument cluster and

00:05:14,550 --> 00:05:20,730
seating blue for hybrid and plug-in

00:05:17,610 --> 00:05:25,260
copper color accents for electric models

00:05:20,730 --> 00:05:27,900
a high-tech car requires high-tech

00:05:25,260 --> 00:05:30,090
safety kit and the ionic has just that

00:05:27,900 --> 00:05:32,970
with its model fitted with seven airbags

00:05:30,090 --> 00:05:35,280
lane departure warning or Thomas

00:05:32,970 --> 00:05:38,040
breaking and radar guided smart cruise

00:05:35,280 --> 00:05:40,290
control in addition to this top of the

00:05:38,040 --> 00:05:42,390
range premium SE models feature rear

00:05:40,290 --> 00:05:45,900
cross-traffic alert and blind spot

00:05:42,390 --> 00:05:48,180
detection combined these features with

00:05:45,900 --> 00:05:50,370
the advanced high-strength steel used in

00:05:48,180 --> 00:05:53,240
its construction and you have one very

00:05:50,370 --> 00:05:53,240
safe motor vehicle

00:05:54,729 --> 00:06:02,349
the ionic hybrid is now on sale and

00:06:00,669 --> 00:06:03,669
available to test drive at our West's

00:06:02,349 --> 00:06:05,620
Garrity's high-end by showrooms in

00:06:03,669 --> 00:06:07,419
newport and cardiff we strongly

00:06:05,620 --> 00:06:09,039
recommend to come and test drive one to

00:06:07,419 --> 00:06:11,919
see it for yourself just how good this

00:06:09,039 --> 00:06:13,629
car really is and if you like a detail

00:06:11,919 --> 00:06:15,430
breakdown of the optional features of

00:06:13,629 --> 00:06:17,620
the ionic range we recommend contacting

00:06:15,430 --> 00:06:19,719
one of our ionic specialists in branch

00:06:17,620 --> 00:06:22,059
or visiting the West's garages high end

00:06:19,719 --> 00:06:24,069
by website and if you'd like to see more

00:06:22,059 --> 00:06:25,749
of our West's garages car reviews please

00:06:24,069 --> 00:06:28,559
subscribe to our West's garages of

00:06:25,749 --> 00:06:28,559
YouTube channel


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There are some things that I think people should be aware of if they considering the cars. This post will show you the differences between a Model S and a Model 3 Electric car

Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model S


The first is pricing is going to come in at $35,000 before tax incentives and Elon mentioned that the average selling price will be closer to $42,000 because of options that people would choose. So if you want stuff like the match Pete option that glass roof that they’re showing off instead of a plain metal roof, it’s gonna cost extra  

Door handles

I also noticed that in Model 3 the door handles don’t automatically slide out like the ones on the Model S. So one of the democraft had those handles but that’s unlikely to go to production. The actual handles you need to press them to mechanically pop weaver out. And on the inside it’s a button to open the door.

Auto pilot hardware

Another thing the hardware for auto pilot is standards, of all the senses and suffers included and safety features like automatic braking to avoid objects, those are standard but convenience features like self parking or automatically lane changing all of those are extra. They try to make it seem like auto pilot came standard on the Model 3 but it doesn’t.


The other thing is sized. This is not a big car. It’s around 20% smaller than the Model S. And when you compare photos and do some rust yelling. I think it’ll be around 15 inches shorter and if you enjoy lower and narrower than the Model S. Similar in size to a mazda 3. Actually which is a pretty small car. Because of having shifted things around in the cabin and the way the roof panel works, it’s quite room in there.


The trunk opens as the regular trunk. The front trunk is a little smaller, not as small as this one but it’s definitely smaller than the current Model S.

And there’s also no plus 2 sitting in the back, so the Model S wasn’t a massive car anything, but the Model 3 is definitely more standard size/


The third thing is charger. Just as reminder you need to have a power socket nearby to make this car feasible. Elon mentioned that by the end of next year they’ll double the number of superchargers and then quadruple the number of destinations charger which is cool.

So super chargers are those stations that let you charge up really quickly so charging a Model S battery to half takes about 20 minutes. Now currently there’re free to use. So if you drive a Model S, if you see one of super charging station, you just plug it up and you’re good to go. But for the Model 3, they’ll have supercharger capability built in the weather and it’s free to fill up is something that they’ll figure out over time.


Tesla cars have crazy massive torque and also handle really well because they don’t have a super heavy engine in front of the car. With a Model 3 base configuration of use to 66 seconds or less. It’s not as fast as the Model S but it’s faster than most luxury cars on the road right now. So it’s faster than Audi A4, the Lexus LX300, the Mercedes C300, the BMW 328.

The base model is a rear-wheel-drive, it’ll have a range of 250 EV miles it also comes in an all-wheel drive dual motor option for less than $5,000. That’s cheaper than the Model S of a drive option.


If you’ve been in a Model S, you’ve seen that massive 17 inches screen that fits in the center consoles. On the Model 3, it’s a small screen at 15 inches, but it’s in a more prominent horizontal position so this positioning is final. It’s gonna be a landscape screen. With the Model S screen there are controls are little tough to reach on the center console and you have to lean forward to hit in. On the Model 3, this screen is closer to the driver so it’s a little bit easier to see and access.

There’s also no instrument panels, so the second screen on the Model S with speedometer and stuff is gone in the information displayed on that 15 inches screen.

You end up with a super clean and minimal dash without that humble. It’s a little untraditional, I think that some people find a weird but Elon mentioned that there still treating the steering controls. If I still tweaking a bunch of stuff like the door handles shape, the font nose cone, even everything’s kind of in the works. But I really like the car. I love with the car represents.

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In this article I will sum up with questions that asked frequently by people who are looking for an Electric vehicle. Let take a look at these FAQs and you will find some interesting things - I hope so. If you can't find the answer for your confusing, please leave your question below. I will help you as much as I can. For people who already experience in Electric cars, you've already known about it, please leave us your comment, your point of view. All your comment are appreciated here.

Electric cars - Electric vehicles FQAs

If you are a fan of high-tech novelty, you will be familiar with electric cars that run by electricity. They seem commonly used in the future. With the modern design and easy to used (can be run automatically by themselves) they are so unreal at that time. You can believe or not, electric vehicles (EVs) are now sold in the market. Every big player in auto market such as GM, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, Nissan has its EV. This article will provide you with frequently question about Electric car and help you to determine whether an electric car could fit into your life.

Here are list of FAQ for Electric vehicles - Electric cars 101:

What Models and Types Are Available for Electric car?

Pure Electric vs. Plug-In Hybrid?

Why Should I Buy an Electric Car?

Why Shouldn’t I Buy an Electric Car?

What's the Cost to Buy?

What's the Cost to Drive?

What Are They Like to Drive?

How Far Can They Go?

How Long Does It Take to Charge One?

How Much Do They Cost to Charge?

What About Home Chargers?

Couldn't Electric Cars Cause a Power Blackout?

Can I Buy an Electric Car Near Me?

Why Electric Cars?

Doesn't the Power Just Come From Dirtier Coal Instead of Gasoline?

What Does the Future Look Like for Electric Cars?

You didn't find your question in this list, please help us complete the FQAs (Frequenct Question-Answer) list by comment your question below. We will reply as much as we can. 

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Welcome to our technical tour which is all about Grimsel – the car that has just broken the world record for fastest electric acceleration during this tour. We would like to give you a short inside about the ideas and the thoughts that went into this car also would like to highlight some of the features and the concepts make Grimsel not just a great sprinter but actually one of the most successful cars to ever compete in a so-called formula student competition. But enough chitchat, let’s have a look at the car.

Grimsel just like all of our other cars is named traditionally after a Swiss Alpine pass and the first thing I want to point out about this car is that with the exception of just a very few almost all the parts are self developed by the team itself. If we have a look at all those parts in the disassembled state. Those exceptions which are bought or sponsored or the tired the cells for the accumulator the most controllers and a few smaller electronic components such as cables, buttons, LEDs or senses.

It sounds like a lot of effort to develop all these parts and it truly is. But by designing each part for a specific purpose and occurring load, we were able to maximize the whole performance of the compete car.

Now the chassis for instance is a great example of why specific design has great opportunities for us. The chassis of Grimsel is so-called monocoque and in contrary to a normal space frame where the loads are transferred through single struts that are welded or screw together into a trust like structure. A monocoque has a single load bearing shell, it actually comes out of the mold as a single part. This has a lot of advantages for us in combining the shape and the structural purposes.

In case of Grimsel, the shell that makes up the monocoque is made out of the sandwich structure that consists of a carbon fiber reinforced plastic on the outside layer and the court the so-called core in the middle that is made out of aluminum honey come.

This concept is extremely versatile as it can be adjusted to all the different load cases individually in each area of the car.

We can do this by adjusting the height of the core or by adjusting the amount of layers and the type of carbon fiber that we use on the outside.

By doing this and optimizing monocoque like that we can build extremely light structures. Grimsel’s chassis weight only 14kg, that is light enough that a single person could lift it up and just walk away with it.

I’ve been telling you quite some details about the structural parts of the car so far and my colleague Keith will join me and he’ll tell you some more about the performance and the design of the car.

To get the loads from the chassis to the tires we need a suspension. The design of the suspension is a complex trade-off between different targets for the vehicle’s performance.

Usually we have to fix this trade-off before the race but in Grimsel’s delivering an old technique to solve this problem.

Grimsel is the first race car worldwide known to us to implement adaptive damping. This means that the damping constant can be a chance to the current driving situation. This is enabled by a magnet or illogical fluid. This in a temper, so this fluids have the characteristic that they changed the viscosity. If certain magnetic flux is applied, the magnetic flux is changed by this cables is due to current flowing through the damper.

So for example coloring situation we need a high mechanical grip so we use a soft damping and in a transition situation we want to have a fast response in car so we use hard damping setup.

Now we have chassis and tires attached to it. We need something to accelerate the whole drivetrain.

I will show it to you. Here is very innovative features. We use a four wheel drive car with will have motors. Meaning that each of the wheel hops we have a motor with 50 horsepowers and weighing 3.4 kg. The power to weight ratio of our motors is much higher than those of the other no motors, even the motors from the formula I don’t have a power-to-weight ratio as high as ours.

The motors been upto 19,200 RPM, so we need a reduction gearbox because can apply the maximum torque to about half of the maximum speed, we don’t need any gears to shift. We use of fixed transmission gearbox. This allows us to build a planetary gearbox which is very lightweight and compact. So like you can see, we build the whole gearbox inside the wheel hop.

The concept of 4 driven wheels gives us a lot of opportunities for the control systems. So example Grimsel uses real individual traction control system, meaning that each wheel has optimal group in every driven situation.

Additionally we use a torque vectoring system. This means that we the driver requested torque to each of the wheel individually in optimal manner for the given driving situation.

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This is a historic moment. We’ll share it together. This is good would, the home of Rolls-Royce. Since it was founded Rolls-Royce’s represented the pinnacle of luxury motoring and I’ve been there for over a century. I am Eleanor. I inspired the iPhone which adorns every Rolls-Royce. It makes each Rolls-Royce as unique as you are. Come with me, I want to show you a vision of the future.

It’s a new world and I will be your companion and your guide. Tomorrow’s technology provides pinnacle intelligence. The ultimate luxury is time, enjoy it in the privacy of this grand sanctuary surrounded by the tactile beauty of open grain wood, the caresses silk in the seat and cushions, the exquisite softness of the carpet. We have arrived as only a Rolls-Royce can arrive with opens the door sweeps wide and you arise with grace and poise – this is your grand arrival of red carpet of light. A distinctive imposing presence elegant and inspiring. The visionary design that so it’s floated beautiful coachbuilding, timeless craftsman ship and cutting-edge technology in perfect harmony and an ultra-spacious fully bespoke interior. This is poetic engineering.

The powerful electric drivetrain and lightweight architecture of the foundation of a truly effortless drive.

Welcome to a new world! Welcome to 103EX – the Rolls-Royce vision next 100!  

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Electric cars have been around since 1984, when the first practical electric automobile was unveiled by Thomas Parker, the man who also electrified the London Underground and overhead tramways.

By 1990, 38% of America’s automobiles were powered by electricity, compared to 22% running on oil fuel. In 1911, the New York Times celebrated the electric car as “ideal” because it was quieter, cleaner and more economical than internal combustion engines. This was decades before concerns about global warming and carbon emissions became mainstream.

Despite electric cars being around for as long as the automobile has existed, and despite our society being dependent on electricity for much longer, electric vehicles have not become the standard mode of transport and are only now emerging as a popular alternative to oil-powered vehicles.

Did electric cars fail to take hold because the technology was suspended?

In the early 20th century, public transport authorities were particularly keen on electricity as an efficient, affordable and clean fuel.

Tramways sprang up all over the United States and New York’s first taxicab company was the Electric Carriage & Wagon Company, which by 1899 had 100 electric cars running. Unfortunately, in 1907 a mysterious fire destroyed 300 of the company’s cabs, killing off the electric taxi.

The trams & cable cars survived in cities until the Second World War, when they were replaced by coaches and buses. In 1946 it was revealed that across 16 states these streetcars had actually been bought by National city Lines, a front company funded by General Motors, Firestone Tire, Philips Petroleum and Standard Oil of California, now known as the Chevron Corporation.

The United States Government convicted them of attempting to monopolize the public transit industry. However, critics like assistant attorney Bradford Snell and Edwin Quinby believed the companies were really trying to destroy electric streetcars to force America into automobile dependency. They cited the notorious events of 1940, when Pacific Electric System was bought and dismantled by the oil and motor companies, even though the streetcar company was worth $100 million.

Unfortunately, early electric vehicles didn’t require corporate conspiracies or arson to destroy them: historians argue that the limitations of technology caused them to die out from the 1920s onwards. Combustion engines were swiftly improved in this era, and more easily mass-produced than rechargeable batteries. This made them significantly cheaper than electric cars. As the government improved and expanded the vast highways of America the limited range of electric cars became undesirable, and poor sales slowly phased out the electric car.

Meanwhile, streetcars feel out of popular use as private car ownership increased and began to clog up their rail-reliant routes. However, more recent events have put the conspiratorial spotlight back onto the major motor companies and Big Oil.

In 1990 California passed the Zero=emissions vehicle mandate, which specified that car manufacturers would have to ensure at least 10% of their sales were of cars that produced zero emissions by 2003. By the 2000s, every state in the U.S. was considering issuing this mandate.

In response to this mandate, nearly 5,000 electric cars were made or, more commonly converted by General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan and Chrysler. This was far below the initial requirement of 22,000 electric vehicles. However, the industry continued to pressure the Californian Air Resources Board over the mandate, even after the state modified the mandate to meet the companies’s complaints.

In 2001, General Motors sued the state of California over the mandate. This was despite the fact that the company had already recalled and scrapped all of its battery-powered cars 2 years earlier, on the basis that there was no consumer demand for the electric cars and despite outstanding reviews and thousands of requrests for the limited stock of vehicles.

The other car companies also recalled and crushed their electric cars, on the basic of lack of demand.

In 2006, the documentary “Who killed the electric cars?” interviewed the people who manufactured and leased the electric cars in California in the 90s. They revealed that the lack of consumer demand for the cars was due to a lack of advertising – the motor companies simply didn’t bother to properly advertise the zero-emission cars, nor did they try to sell them: they were leased to customers until 1999 and then recalled, despite customers offering to buy the vehicles.

Meanwhile, the manufacturers of the batteries that powered these cars were explicitly told not to announce the fact they had built a battery that could match the speed and range of a conventional combustion engine. This coincided with the industry’s announcement to pursue hydrogen cells as an alternative fuel source – replete with $1.3 billion of funding from the Bush administration.

Hydrogen cell engineers say they are far more inefficient, expensive, and currently more dangerous than electric batteries. Even though the price of hydrogen cars has fallen from around $100,000 to $60,000, there is still no existing infrastructure for hydrogen gas stations and no easy way to set them up. The average cost of installing even a basic network of hydrogen refueling points is around half a billion dollars per country. The most optimistic estimate for the implementation of hydrogen fuel cells on the road has them becoming available around the year 2030, which happens to be the sassme year currently predicted for oil production to start declining.

This has led to accusations that car companies actively undermined and suppressed electric vehicles under pressure from the oil industry. The motor industry has, of course, denied this.

In California, the state mandate for electric cars was ended in favour of hydrogen cells. Yet there is still hope for electric vehicles.

Although electric can cost up to $10,000. More than conventional cars, the cost continues to drop year by year, and the price of fuel for a conventional car is typically 5 times higher per mile than for battery powered cars.

Successful cars like the Toyota Prius have proven there is a market for hybrid vehicles which use oil fuel to kick – start an electric motor. In 2013, the International Energy Agency confirmed world governments had committed to having 20 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020. In 2013, sales of electric cars skyrocketed by 228% in the U.S. alone.

Nevertheless, predictions are that only 1% of the vehicle stock on the planet will be powered by electricity in 2020. The world will be reliant on oil-powered cars for many years to come.

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We’re watching Tesla. I’m Carleton English Real Money Fill or Kill team.

Tesla is partnering with Panasonic to supply batteries for its upcoming Model 3. The car, which will be delivered in late 2017, has been called Tesla's 'most affordable car yet' and it has a $35,000 sticker price. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday evening that the company is working exclusively with Panasonic for Model 3 cells and that reports claiming otherwise are incorrect. Other reports had suggested that Tesla might be sourcing batteries from Samsung. Separately, an analyst team with Pacific Crest Securities said that they are 'more positive' on Tesla in the near term after visiting the company's Fremont, California factory.

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Porsche recently unveiled their new concept of Electric car - The Mission E. Let's take a look at Interior and Exterior as well as the design story of this electric car.

Exterior Design

This vehicles is answer for the questions associated with the future of electric mobility – 2017 Porsche Mission E.

That concept car is fantastic challenge for us because it’s our first electric sports car.

Your commission to do a job in this case to develop the Porsche electric car with an electric drive system. Then you start producing sketches as a team and then the sketches are shown and presentations that are made in specific intervals.

After a sketch has been selected, a 1 – 3 scale models are produced. When you defining the basic concept for the vehicle used are held by setting a proportions and then you figure out how to actually build it.

We build a basic concept combined it with electric components from the battery, so in the end, we had a demonstration model that could be driven. It was very important to us here to create typical proportion of Porsche.

We were able to design an extremely low front end because there is no engine in the trunk. We also didn’t need any huge air intakes so we were able to design everything in the front and a very clean maner.

Almost a bit like the old  Porsche models in 1950 – 1960, we then mixed the whole thing with the wonderful shapes of the 919 creating this. Combination of a race car and a carefully designed vehicle was the best part of the job. Of course was how to attractively integrate an error occurred at 12 guidera around the front wheel to the front end design we choose. Which one can see as the classic round portion knows flanked by 2 intakes under the headlight towards the

First of all, the vehicle is clearly recognizable as a Porsche, but we, designers wanted to go a step further and see how their Porsche design language especially a Porsche electric design language might be developed further.

Our intention here was also be somewhat provocative with some Porsche Vehicle. But nevertheless just one look at his proportions and the general design is all it takes to see that the vehicle is clearly a Porsche. We also addressed a couple of strategic issues that are very important to us: The four point lights in the front were important to me. The irony of light was the main issue in the rear. For us the door concept is a typical sports car design. One without a frame for the first time. Convenient entry in the rear is ensured by rear hinged doors and the fact that there’s no people make sure a perfect access in the roof.

Interior Design

The vehicle is very important for Porsche as the new icon. One of our most well-known cars is the 911 of course. And this vehicle is carry into a new age. All the things that 911 has been famous for the decades. That’s why we came very special things for the interior is well.

We tried to focus on various aspects. One of these being the fact that we wanted to achieve an entirely new type of interaction with a vehicle. We utilize gesture and eyes recognition systems here to enter commands for the car. We tried to create a new type of holographic display. You can input commands on the front passenger side and right in the console. This in fact is already a standard feature in the 918 today.

Beside that, we did something new with the seats. We got lightweight seats that are bucket seats naturally and he’s fairly sporty design. Then there’s the craftsmanship of course. The quality of the materials used to the highest standards which is just what you’d expect from a Porsche.

Some information about Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E have electric range of 500 km. You can run as far as 500 km for one battery charge.

And you can charge 80% of the battery within 15 minutes. A moveable body segment on the front left wing in front of the driver's door gives access to the charging port for the innovative “Porsche Turbo Charging” system. Via the 800-volt port, the battery can be charged to approximately 80 per cent of its capacity in around 15 minutes – a record time for electric vehicles. As an alternative, the technology platform can be connected to a conventional 400-volt charging station, or it can be replenished at home in the garage via convenient inductive charging by simply parking over a coil embedded in the floor of the garage from which the energy is transferred without cables to a coil on the car's underbody.

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Today topic is about the favorite technology company – Tesla and their latest product – Model 3 Electric car. In this post, we will learn what the Model 3 is going to be about, everything that we know and this is not be some conjectures facts from the CTO or the CEO’s mouth. So think about the Model 3 things to know, it was more affordable car, $35,000 before incentives depending on what state you live on obviously full electric with the range of 200 miles. It’s a mass-market car, match for every body.

Depending on where you live, you could have been with $10,000 taken off that price. You could get in the car for as low as $25,000.

Elon Musk must described as a competitor to the Model 3 series and more recently described as compared to the Audi A4 – so small sedan.

From the Model S and Model X, you seen the 2 of those look very different. Speaking of the Model S and the Model X, the Model 3 should be called The Model E. So that Tesla could be called Sexy company.

So, about the technology is going into the car. This week CTO JB Straubel said it’s going to be sure the next-generation technology from Tesla. Wether that means battery technology, next-generation autopilot, supporting technology. We don’t know.

Tesla has been one of the early pioneers who getting it to market of self- driving technologies. We can get the autopilot giving try or seen it. It’s ridiculously awesome. They had a tone it down so much gougous. You kind of can falling asleep in the car and taking pictures while the car driving themselves.

Obviously though the lesser price of car’s technology might not make it. If you think you don’t know, it’s supperchaging is gonna be enabled. Tesla currently has a probrietary techonology to charge their cars super fast and easy. You can re-charge your car within 20 minutes. Time probably less than it take you to run into the bathroom, did your business and come back out to the car.

Question I had those is how can Tesla – seems a small startup company from Silicon Valley do while other car manufactories haven’t been able to do yet.

General Motors (GM) has the Bolts come around to the scene which has 200 miles range would be a pretty competitive car.

The Model S is different though. The Super charging technology behind it, Tesla doing their own factory to get the cost per kilowatt of lithium-ion battery down. So that the Model 3 electric car can come to market at such a low price.

GM can afford to take a loss in the car, can build the ball at the lesse price

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Nissan LEAF 2016 Review: Technology in an Electric Car

So this is the Nissan Leaf. It’s the standard edition loan car here and with that you get a heated steering wheel agency, heated seat, heated door mirrors, surround sound system in this car with 7 speakers and Park Assist for around view monitor.

About 17 inch alloy wheels and you got LED headlight. Here is the key and we’ve got keyless entry so you don’t have to put the key in anything, you just put it down here, press the start button and the car is ready to go. So we’ve got heated steering wheel here with all these controls on the wheel itself. We got a touch interface over here.

Now connect to my phone into it, let’s check out this pro surround sound system. We do love music. I connected the car to my phone via the simple interface on here, turn the volume up and check out the sound quality – pretty solid.

For the map concern – for electric cars, you need to be able to charge your car. So the map is fully equipped with telling you all the data of charging station wherever they are. There may be at your local or at someone’s house. Tell you how the charging stations are running low on battery. So it’s being a fully electric car. I was really intrigued to find out what the range, how long we’ve gonna be before we get to charge the car.

The Nissan Leaf is 100% electric car, and they said that you are gonna get about 155 miles from 100% to 0% on the battery – realistically about 120 miles.

Now it has a feature called B mode, and if you put in on B mode, it generates electricity and charges the battery when you brake. Not quite sure how it does that but that’s fairly insane.

The main thing with electric cars is how do you charge this thing. In the front, you can open with the button on the dashboard or with the key. And this thing is says the charge will give you 8% in half an hour. However to charge from 0 to 100 in your home location or in a home environment it’s going to take about 12 hours.

The Nissan Leaf is kind of intelligent if you tell it where you’re going or you are planning a route, it will make sure that if you are going to run out of charge, it will direct you to a charging station or it’ll let you know that I’m back home with X amount of battery left in the tank. That’s really intelligent.

It’s even more intelligent if you have the air conditioning on in the car or you using any of the facilities, it will tell you how much battery is actually training to help you narrow down what is using all of your precious charge and all of your miles.

Speaking with the Leaf can travel 95 miles an hours, so let’s get this electric car for a test driving. I want you guys to listen for any engine noise. All you can hear is wind noise. It’s no engine noise at all and it’s quite peaceful.

Now I put the car into B mode. What this is doing is whenever I put my foot on the brake, it will generating a little bit power for the batteries – a little bit more eco friendly. Now I put the car back into normal mode, obviously you will get the better throttle response.

A few of thing to know as well as the technology on this car it will send you a text message on your phone to notify you that the car has some charging power which is great seat to babysit on your car. And it’s also great security perspective as well as.

It’ll also email you to let you know when it’s fully charged.

So this is Nissan Leaf – the first 100% full electric car for massive market.

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