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Real Mermaid Found at Karachi Beach - For those of you who grew up following the conventional wisdom of ‘you believe only when you see’, these images could be startling! In today’s day and age when computer imagery and special effects are employed to make any visual jazzy, and exciting, if you believe only because you see, and then spread the information, you could possibly lead to more confusion and chaos.

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1. Carrier in Israel in 2009
One of the most famous mermaid sightings was in Kiryat yam in Israel 2009. The natives claim to have seen the underwater creatures. And yes they were many in numbers to come near the coast blue-collar Israeli town. So much buzz created around the mermaids found that the mayor of the town anounced a prize of $1,000,000 to anyone who could prove that the mermaids really existed.

2. Hispaniola in Caribbean Islands in 1493
Mermaids was claimed to be present on earth in as early as 1493 and these claims were made by none other than greatest Voyager Christopher Columbus. He is said to have been seen three female forms that rose high out of the sea. But on the contrary of them being no such beauty as always perceived to be

3. Marina Bbeach in Chennai in 2005.
An Other debatable existence of the mermaids came into light after the reports surfaced about the dead body of mermaid being seen on the marina beach after tsunami hit the coastal state. This carcass of dead mermaid is said to be preserved in the egg. More museum under tight security. Mermaids are called as cattle canny in Tamil and imaginary creature with half body of human and lower half of that of a fish.

4. Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle) Dam in Zimbabwe in 2012
There were several pictures of dead mermaid found at Lake Butyric on the internet. Work on two reservoirs near Gakuen meet Zimbabwe stopped when workers refuse town continue stating that mermaids had hounded them away from the sites. It is believed that NJ using you as the mermaids are called in this part of the world around the humans in spite.

5. Kei Islands in Indonesia during World War II
During the time of the World War II, several Japanese soldiers claimed to have spotted numerous mermaids on the shores of K Islands in Indonesia. They were described to be with human face and limbs with spikes on head and longfin as they were swimming underwater. The locals at K Islands described the mermaids as I can and have claimed of several such sightings in the area.

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