Tesla Model 3 Electric cars: $35,000, 215 miles range; acc. 0-60 MPH 6 seconds. $1,000 refundable to reserve. Model 3 combines real world range, performance, safety and spaciousness into a premium sedan

There are some things that I think people should be aware of if they considering the cars. This post will show you the differences between a Model S and a Model 3 Electric car

Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model S


The first is pricing is going to come in at $35,000 before tax incentives and Elon mentioned that the average selling price will be closer to $42,000 because of options that people would choose. So if you want stuff like the match Pete option that glass roof that they’re showing off instead of a plain metal roof, it’s gonna cost extra  

Door handles

I also noticed that in Model 3 the door handles don’t automatically slide out like the ones on the Model S. So one of the democraft had those handles but that’s unlikely to go to production. The actual handles you need to press them to mechanically pop weaver out. And on the inside it’s a button to open the door.

Auto pilot hardware

Another thing the hardware for auto pilot is standards, of all the senses and suffers included and safety features like automatic braking to avoid objects, those are standard but convenience features like self parking or automatically lane changing all of those are extra. They try to make it seem like auto pilot came standard on the Model 3 but it doesn’t.


The other thing is sized. This is not a big car. It’s around 20% smaller than the Model S. And when you compare photos and do some rust yelling. I think it’ll be around 15 inches shorter and if you enjoy lower and narrower than the Model S. Similar in size to a mazda 3. Actually which is a pretty small car. Because of having shifted things around in the cabin and the way the roof panel works, it’s quite room in there.


The trunk opens as the regular trunk. The front trunk is a little smaller, not as small as this one but it’s definitely smaller than the current Model S.

And there’s also no plus 2 sitting in the back, so the Model S wasn’t a massive car anything, but the Model 3 is definitely more standard size/


The third thing is charger. Just as reminder you need to have a power socket nearby to make this car feasible. Elon mentioned that by the end of next year they’ll double the number of superchargers and then quadruple the number of destinations charger which is cool.

So super chargers are those stations that let you charge up really quickly so charging a Model S battery to half takes about 20 minutes. Now currently there’re free to use. So if you drive a Model S, if you see one of super charging station, you just plug it up and you’re good to go. But for the Model 3, they’ll have supercharger capability built in the weather and it’s free to fill up is something that they’ll figure out over time.


Tesla cars have crazy massive torque and also handle really well because they don’t have a super heavy engine in front of the car. With a Model 3 base configuration of use to 66 seconds or less. It’s not as fast as the Model S but it’s faster than most luxury cars on the road right now. So it’s faster than Audi A4, the Lexus LX300, the Mercedes C300, the BMW 328.

The base model is a rear-wheel-drive, it’ll have a range of 250 EV miles it also comes in an all-wheel drive dual motor option for less than $5,000. That’s cheaper than the Model S of a drive option.


If you’ve been in a Model S, you’ve seen that massive 17 inches screen that fits in the center consoles. On the Model 3, it’s a small screen at 15 inches, but it’s in a more prominent horizontal position so this positioning is final. It’s gonna be a landscape screen. With the Model S screen there are controls are little tough to reach on the center console and you have to lean forward to hit in. On the Model 3, this screen is closer to the driver so it’s a little bit easier to see and access.

There’s also no instrument panels, so the second screen on the Model S with speedometer and stuff is gone in the information displayed on that 15 inches screen.

You end up with a super clean and minimal dash without that humble. It’s a little untraditional, I think that some people find a weird but Elon mentioned that there still treating the steering controls. If I still tweaking a bunch of stuff like the door handles shape, the font nose cone, even everything’s kind of in the works. But I really like the car. I love with the car represents.

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We’re watching Tesla. I’m Carleton English Real Money Fill or Kill team.

Tesla is partnering with Panasonic to supply batteries for its upcoming Model 3. The car, which will be delivered in late 2017, has been called Tesla's 'most affordable car yet' and it has a $35,000 sticker price. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday evening that the company is working exclusively with Panasonic for Model 3 cells and that reports claiming otherwise are incorrect. Other reports had suggested that Tesla might be sourcing batteries from Samsung. Separately, an analyst team with Pacific Crest Securities said that they are 'more positive' on Tesla in the near term after visiting the company's Fremont, California factory.

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With the Model S and the Model X, we still have one problem that we had to address. And this was how to take a road trip. You can always charge your car at home in your garage. You can charge it at work, but we knew that we need a way to make electric mobility, have same kind of freedom that gasoline vehicles enjoy. People have the romantic ideal that you’re gonna hop in your car and you gonna drive across the country at moments - maybe grab your bag on your way out. Not very many people actually do this but the ability to do it is very important and maybe it’s not all the way across country but maybe it’s a few hundred miles.

And historically EV never could do this. If you want to go outside the vehicle’s range, you had to plan overnight stop which just wasn’t practical. So we invented something we call supercharging which is a very fast D.C charger to the vehicle.

 Tesla Supercharger

Tesla SuperCharger – the world’s fastest charging Station for Electric car

We connect directly into the battery pack of the vehicle and we can charge up to 235 KW. It’s the fastest charging station and the fastest charging mechanism on the planet by far. It’s almost three-times faster than the next fastest charger and this is let us basically recover hundreds of miles of driving range in tens of minutes. Here we stop for 20 or 30 minutes and the drive again on the freeway for 3 or 4 hours. So suddenly a road trip became possible with an electric vehicle. You could drive between San Francisco and LA. You know, we could drive literally across country. Several years ago we started building a network of stations to do this. We didn’t want to rely on someone else to build these stations. We couldn’t find a government that wanted to do it a state, body doing it with a patchwork of solutions. And we decided that this was strategic that this is something that Tesla had to do ourselves. I think they’re the best analogy is a cell phone. If you had a cell phone that didn’t have a network, it wouldn’t be very useful. Maybe the network broadcast from your house but then as soon as you left your house or as soon as you left your city – the home city, the phone stopped working.

So we kind of looked at it that way. We didn’t look at it in the gas station while we looked at the cell phone model and having a coverage map. It was compelling incomplete was really important. So today if we look at the map of where superchargers are, we can drive coast-to-coast nonstop using nothing but the supercharging network.

 Tesla Supercharger station in US today (2014)

Tesla Supercharger station in US today (2014)

So this is a pretty big game-changer. Suddenly you could do everything you wanted to do with electric car that you couldn’t do it never do it before. We’ve also kept building this network in Europe and in Asia. We now have Chargers strong throughout China and Japan. And in Europe it’s actually more density is here in the US. In fact in Europe we sell more vehicles today even though we do in North America. This has been incredibly strong market with the price of petroleum as high as it is relative to prices we enjoy here in the US.

 Tesla Supercharger station outside US

Tesla Supercharger station outside US (China and Europe)

And overall we’re building out that network for opening a new supercharged station every 24 hours right now and we’re building out that network. Here not just for the Model S and the Model X, but for future vehicles this is something that we see is the EV ecosystem. In an investment we have to make sure to keep growing the product portfolio.

 Tesla 3 step plans

Tesla was not founded to make expensive cars or to make luxury or high performance cars. This is a misconception that comes up all the time and it’s perhaps understandable based on the cars that we’ve built today. But it’s not our mission. Our mission is to make cars that everyone can afford. It’s to change the electric mobility equations so that essentially every vehicle could have the opportunity to be electric. And we’ve always had a three-step plan to do this.

-       The first up was starting with the Roadster – a relatively expensive car because technology was expensive and we could have limited market with expensive new technology just like cell phones, were kind of in the size of a suitcase when they first starting.

-       And then the step 2 is to make a medium volume car at a lower price point. This was Model S and Model X. We built tens of thousands of Model S and X per year. Almost tenfold we could do with Roadster.

-       Step 3 is actually with the Model 3. This vehicle is what we’re developing today. Most of the people inside of Tesla no longer working on the Model S and X, put their expert harder work designing and inventing all the technologies to go into the Model 3. And this car is aiming at a $35,000 price, plan with more than 200 miles of real-world range. So it’s a completely new platform, different technology base and aimed at building hundreds of thousands per year instead of tens of thousands per year.

All these 3 model (S, X, 3) need special batteries to power. So in order to suppy a huge amount of batteries demand, Tesla need a ultimate solution. Let's take a look at the Tesla's batteries factory

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Bay area-based Tesla is in the midst of building what’s expected to be the world’s largest manufacturer of lithium ion batteries. Tesla so-called GigaFactory is rising up from the Nevada desert near Reno and is being touted as a potential game-changer in the efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

The Mega plant is not only manufacturing batteries for Tesla’s electric cars but it’s also producing a new generation of batteries for the home.

KQED science reporter Lauren Sommer recently got a rare look inside the factory and she joins us now.

MC: Hi Lauren, How big is this GigaFactory is?

Lauren: It’s really hard to wrap your brain around. When I went to visit it’s just a small piece of there but is that 800,000 square feet, already which is the size of maybe a larger shopping mall. When it done, it’ll be 5.8 million square feet, about 100 football fields and this one building, one massive building where one wall is three-quarters of a mile. But scale what they’re going for. The whole idea is to ramp up production batteries to ramp up production of cars

Gigafactory will be approximately as large as 100 football fields when competed

MC: and why is it so important for them to have their own production.

Lauren: Yeah, so battery have been expensive for the most part. I mean it’s a big part of the sticker price for one of their cars. $10,000 or more for these battery packs that power them. So they’re betting that with a massive factory and this is going to double the capacity to make lithium-ion batteries in the world with their own factory they can drive down of these batteries 30% or more. Which they say is going to help to drive down the cost of cars to make them more affordable for average people.

MC: And I have heard that once this is completed this will be bigger than all of the current lithium ion battery plants combined in the world.

Lauren: Yes, it gives you a sense of just the bet that they’re making right that. They are going all in on this future where they’re expecting average people to want electric cars, to drive electric cars. And this factory is kind of the embodiment of that gamble.

MC: So you got such a rare access inside the factory. What did you see?

Lauren: Yes, they’re moving in as soon as each room is done. So part of the factory you can already see the production line, humming, batteries rolling off the line and then the rest of it is just the most massive construction site. You know trucks, people, tons of noise, just room after room after room. And it’s a lot of equipment. As you might imagine, it’s almost like a bakery except they are taking the raw ingredients for batteries. They bake them in these big events. They mix them. It’s just massive amounts of equipment.

Construction continues on the Gigafactory exterior

Construction continues on the Gigafactory exterior

MC: And they are often very secretive as you know where their many areas that were off limits?

Lauren: We got to walk around, you know a lot of it no pictures in some places. Because this is proprietary equipment in many cases that they are working with Panasonic to develop this GigaFactory.

There also a little bit secretive as a company right, I mean they want to kind of cultivate this ethos as being a very exclusive. Kind of exciting company to get their cars.

MC: The Factory is introducing electric car batteries just yet, but it has started making another kind of battery that allow surplus solar energy to be stored at home. Tell us about that.

Lauren: Yes, this is going to be really fascinating to see how people deal with this product. It is a battery for your house - Powerwall. It’s something you would put on the wall of your garage and if you have solar panels that extra solar energy you make during the day, we get stored in the battery so you can use your solar energy at night and people like this idea! The idea that your house could run off your solar energy well into the evening and you wouldn’t have to buy electric from your utility.

Tesla’s Powerwall production line.

Tesla’s Powerwall production line.

MC: for home owner want to buy, it is at about $3,000 for one of these things?

Lauren: It’s not cheap and here in California, there is kind of another wrinkle which is if you have solar energy in your house, you could sell the extra back to grid. So if you don’t use all of it, they will pay you full retail price for that electricity and that makes it kind of maybe not the best financial choice for store your own electricity because you’re getting a great price for the electricity from your utility. Now, there’s going to be early adopters and just like the idea of storing their electricity at their own battery at their house but financially you don’t really recruit that $3,000 very fast.

Production is underway for Tesla’s home battery, the Powerwall

Production is underway for Tesla’s home battery, the Powerwall

Tesla CTO JB Straubel in front of Powerpacks, refrigerator-size batteries for factories or electric utilities

Tesla CTO JB Straubel in front of Powerpacks, refrigerator-size batteries for factories or electric utilities

MC: And then taking a look into the future, last month unveiled its new electric car – The Model 3, nearly 400,000 people have already put $1,000 down payment to reserve this car. Or something that hasn’t even gone into production yet. Why is there so much hype around this car.

Lauren: I think there is a couple reasons you know. One this is their first mass-market car. It has a range of more than 200 miles which is good compared to the other cars that are out there, people like that and then part of it is maybe the ethos of Tesla.  They’ve kind of cultivated this luxury brand their cars now, you know $75,000 before some of the tax incentives. So to have a car but $28,000 after you get the federal tax credit, I mean that’s a big draw for people that maybe even waiting to get into the electric car market and maybe this was the real opportunity to do it.

MC: I just have to ask you this will quickly kind of related also on the issue of green energy. This week the San Francisco – Board of Supervisors approved a bill requiring solar panels on new buildings. What are the details and when does it take effect.

Lauren: So this is for building that are 10 stories or less. of it doesn’t skyscrapers what talking about. But starting next year if you build one of those new buildings and you have to put solar on it and it’s a big sign from the city that they’re very serious about clean energy and they want new buildings to play a part in that.

Source: KQED Newsroom

You can check out some other pictures about Tesla GigaFactory bellow.

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In this post will gather a lot of sources together so that you don’t have to scroll through the internet to find out everything about the Model 3. You have a lot of it here. So we’ll start with Elon Musk telling us about the specifications of this electric car

Elon: give the base Model 3 will do 0-60 MPH (0-100 KM/H) in less than 6 seconds. And of course there will be version of the Model 3 that go much faster. And I terms of  range, the range will be at least in the UK rating of 250 miles (346 KM). I want to emphasize these are minimum numbers. We hope to exceed them. All Model 3 will come standard with autopilot hardware, a little bit of autopilot safety features will be present in every car to order. Safety features will always be there”.

One of the things that’s been heavily debated since the reveal of Model 3 is the new futuristic and minimalistic design. It actually dropped the typical desperate in front of the steering wheel and actually going to just one screen in the middle.

Some people like it, some people don’t. But Tesla has plan for everything and it looks pretty good, actually redesign the whole UI. But let’s hear what they have to say about it. The display which is sort of a centerpiece of the user interface.

So why are Tesla doing this, why they dropping the typical dashboard/HUD in front of the steering wheel and just going from one center screen?

As always, Elon Musk is hyping of telling us it would make sense after part 2 and we recently just learned that Tesla hired Milan Kovac, the former principal engineer over at Skully System. In case you are unfamiliar with Scully, it’s the company behind a futuristic motorcycle helmet with a built-in heads up display.

And people are speculating that Tesla is going to implement this technology into the front windshield of the Model 3.

Elon Musk talks about the future steering controls of the Model 3 and saying it will look like spaceship is king of hyping things up. But what they’re going for here is a car that is fully autonomous because they’ll be able to control the car. But I think it’ll be able to assist you hand cope you’ll while you are driving. And they’ve made a lot of recent hiring which indicates that trying to develop the system. So that when Model 3 is ready for the masses, they have an autopilot software which is way better than Model S.

One of the videos that surfaced after theModel 3 reveal was the trunk. And as you can see, it’s not that big which of course internet picks up on and website starts to write about it comparing it to really ugly cars. – as you can see, there is article with title: “Elon Musk says Tesla will fix what critics call the Model 3’s Biggest design fail”

Of course Tesla has to react to this, so Elon Musk actually revealed that they’re working on making a bigger which is great news. He made a lot of responses concerning this to a lot of people which you can see here. So they’re working on it.

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I’m standing in Northern Nevada right now. I’m about 20 miles east of Reno right off the Truckee River. Behind me is Tesla’s GigaFactory 1. This is an eight-hundred-thousand-quare-foot building. It’s massive. It’s only 14% of what ultimately the GigaFactory 1 will become. That is measurement of 5.8 million square feet making it one of the largest buildings in the world. It will have one of the largest ends up any building in the world. Inside right now they are making Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Power Packs, ultimately they’ll be making Tesla battery everything.

We’re here with an exclusive opportunity with the Tesla Model 3. I have a full team of photographers, video producers, social media guys, so the primary mission today issued the only Model 3. But we have an additional special opportunity to shoot the full line of vehicles including the Model X SUV and refreshed Model S.

To begin with, right-up front you have this knows which has caused a little bit of controversy. But I like a couple things about it. It’s ergonomically correct and functional. So the air is going to move properly around the front of the car and also it’s honest so what you see here is really a lack of grill. There’s no fake grill are openings or anything like that up there that don’t do anything.

It’s honest. There’s nothing forward to do an electric car. So it’s blanked off and that’s a nice feature in my opinion. Compared to the Model S there’s more activity, we see extra creases and rather sharp ones along here. The window begins quite early up here so the hood is rather short and the greenhouse begins quite far forward. The main point is it’s very smooth. There is a structural beam across the roof here and here. And from here to there, that’s how it is. The glasses the entire distance. So the experience sitting in the back seats is really remarkable, is very open to the air. Because of the battery the receipt is elevated in bed and that creates a higher roofline unless you do something about it and what they’ve done here in addition to that experience of the class is it makes her very thin headliner. So that allows the occupants heads to be higher up in the car or the roof little bit lower. That creates this nice sloping roofline silhouette in a car. That is shorter at the same time. This is a third taken on a Tesla handle. It works like this. Go like that and then pull like this.

What you have here is a more traditional trunk opening so it opens this way. But the hinges are up here and here. So that’s the parting line right there for the trunk. So lips up so rather than a little short term that goes like this. It actually lifts up more out of the way. So that’s a good feature of it.

So what you have here with this car is really a distillation of what Tesla has learned from the Model S and the Model X. These elements of the best of both of those cars put together here in distilled into a smaller lower-cost, more affordable but just as intriguing a package.

You know, Tesla has around 400,000 pre-orders which means 400,000 people put $1000 dollars down to get this view of it when it comes to market. And because it’s supposed to come in under $35,000 we think a lot of the people, maybe with new families, they want to take advantage of an EV. So we said “hey, let’s get a child seat and see if it fits and it seems to fit fine. We have Henry in there and he’s enjoying himself, playing with my phone”.

Today we’re here shooting the first ever media photos of Model 3. We also have the revised knows of a Model S and we have a Model X,.

He happened to come across a current example of the Model S that the same color is this new 2017 version. But obviously there’s differences and the differences are the redesign that have taken place. Most noticeable is the snow base, you now have that matches its sibling the Model X and the Model 3 over there. Also headlights LED as a different design that can also turn with the road a bit. I do like this detail of Tesla and this kind of free standing. Outside a little bit glitzy you are looking.

Otherwise, there is a bioweapons defense filtration system in the car that has borrowed or adopted from the Model X were about some detail changes to the styling on the rear and also now 48m charging system that’s available instead of the previous 40 maximum.

So it’s nice opportunity of these 2 cars together and just look at them face-to-face.

There is a whole bunch of Model 3 but the entire Tesla lineup for the Model S with its new nose and the Model X SUV.

Source: Motor Trend Channel

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In this post we have a lot of news to go through this week. It’s busy week and we have a lot of stories just Tesla alone. So I think we will start there and get that out of the way.

The biggest news out of that was that Elon Musk in particular said that the initial production day for the Model 3 which had been 7/2017 is impossible and he doesn’t think they can possibly meet that. But he did have some pretty audacious demands. He says that they’re hoping to build 500,000 cars per year starting in 2018. By the way of comparison they build 50,000 cars last year – Just a tenfold increase in just over 3 year and when they got a really huge factory, there was gonna probably true.

But send it out to miss you too can ramp up that quickly? The reason he says that the meeting the deadline is impossible is because they’re simplifying the Model 3. It’s construction is going to be a little bit simpler. It should fly off the line faster than the Model S and Model X. But part of that is likely that they have to do a lot of retooling. Because Model S and Model X electric car are very similar. Building those 2 cars there’s a lot of serious. But if they’re going to be making it a lot simpler, they are probably a god chance that a lot of that time leading up to it is going to be getting tooled up and figuring out how to build this thing.

 Production deadline for Model 3 is impossible?

Production deadline for Model 3 is impossible?

And of course they’re going to Giga Factory and running as well. That’s already well under way they did give us some pictures of any two long ago which when completed will be the biggest single building in the world. In terms of square footage is pretty impressive. But that’ll be producing more batteries than any country in the world. When it’s up to speed, so there’s a lot of moving pieces that need to come together before they can produce as many cars. But they’ve obviously got a lot of course to build. There somewhere in the pre-order of 400,000 for the Model 3. Both my wife and my mother-in-law also pre order to model 3. It’s gonna be 2-3 to my family and anybody that you know pre-order one?

No one talked to me about it, but I’m pretty sure that a couple of people friends have the priority credit away. Keeping it on the DL. Well, I certainly going to be exciting why should we go forward in taking a look inside the Tesla factory. So stay tuned for that, it will give you more details, may have some things I line up there. Let’s move on to the next Tesla term, which is also on the Model 3. Elon Musk confirm that it will have a Ludicrous mode on Twitter this week and his response was “of course the Model 3 will have the mode.

On the model S and Model X, Ludicrous mode business make some changes to the electronic circuity in the car, allows it to suck more power out the batteries more quickly and take the car 0-60 quicker on both cars. But it’s a $10,000 option on those cars. And I think that might be a little bit too much for the model. Are you think they will discount a little bit of the cheaper car.

I’m not a hundred percent sure. I mean it depends on how much those components cost really and it really just depends on how I think part of it is that things like Ludicrous mode can’t really be great for the battery and maybe you put it behind a pay high enough, people will get it for then 5-10 years down the line you have a whole bunch of Model 3 complaining about the battery life on their car is less. So you give that option to people who probably have enough money to buy in there will probably be moved on to another car in 5 years whereas those people who plan on keeping them on Model 3 for the long haul. Maybe the battery with a little more respect.

That’s really good point and also Tesla electric vehicles basically dealing with a lot of maintenance and warranty related issues so that certainly wants you try to keep those a minimum as a condition of putting a high price on something like this. That may be able to more damaging to be a pretty good but hopefully keep the warranty claims down. But one of the many questions about the Model 3. We go forward, download. But again, it’s a $10,000 option on the SGX.

We also got a new details this week on the Model S – a little bit of an upgrade. It’s now available with a 75 KWH battery pack over the base 70 KWH.

 Tesla bring 75 kWh battery to Model S

Tesla bring 75 kWh battery to Model S

This will give you up to about 250 miles of estimated range from about 240 miles on 70 KWH. But the really interesting thing is that all Model S that have a 70 are actually offering with our shipping should see our packs and it’s a software unlock to go from 70 to 75 in 2012 to little bit disingenuous or is it just …

That’s definitely things little more disingenuous. I mean, again battery pack a day never really fully discharger or fully charged up, just that you can maintain a part of the life. You never really getting the full 100% of the battery’s charge capacity. But it give a little bit different disingenuous. Did not really let people know that they’ve had more battery than.

I can see both sides of the equation because Tesla was already doing it with autopilot. Which every model S and X they sell these days has the ability to run on auto pilot, that has all the sensors it needs to be able to do that. But that’s a $3,000 unlock and basically flipping a switch to turn it. So that’s not the end of the world. I can see that and I can see how it would be some cost savings and reductions simplicity for Tesla to take a minimum in every car. But it’s interesting to me though and I’, waiting to see what the backlash is like that people are driving around in the car, but they’re not able to tap into.

It was like that double-edge sword of the sort of everything about a Tesla software upgradeable. It seems like we’re as you start getting into a world where your car has my car.

They just seem all weird especially you can imagine a situation where you are sitting on the side of the road and you’re out of charge. But Alex is gonna kill one hour sitting in their or you can pay me $3,000 and you’ll get to the concert on time.

And final Tesla story this week – Tesla posted a demonstration of their tested Bioweapon Defense Mode – HEPA filter. If you unfamiliar with this. It’s basically a set of filters that are available in the Model S and Model X. They demonstrated that by putting it inside of a bubble put in a car. Instead of a bubble in filling, it was 2.5 micrometer particles of something and within a few minutes, the car filtered all the melody into the cabinet was clean after that. In fact after that, it begin to clean up the rest of the bubble itself. And I don’t know how good of it is, it’s so hard to visualize a 2.5 micrometer particle.

Tesla realse Bioweapon defense mode HEPA

Tesla anounced its tested Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA filter

We don’t really know what sort of particle it is. But I think the interesting thing here is that it is a weapon mood is definitely a method of marketing. But the thing that’s interesting sort of pointing out is that in areas where there’s a lot of pollution in the air (like Beijing China) this is sort of good stuff. If we can clean this amount of air and you are not going to have any problem driving around. In markets like China where the air is known for polluted. It’s like how in pickup trucks commercial. They sold the space shuttle so you definitely can tell your boss. This is the same thing for sort of pollution in market particularly.

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Tesla Model 3 electric car

Model 3 is an affordable electric car for the masses that can outperform your standard petrol car at the same price. For many decades this has just been a pipe dream because the technology was not yet good enough or cheap enough to make it reality. There were also some other reasons but we’re not going to go into that right now.

Anyway, at a friendly event in California Tesla has just unveiled their Model 3 – which could be the very beginning of the mainstream electric cars.

So what’s all the fuss about? is this car actually any good and what is the wider picture here for Tesla. In this video we’ll take a look and find it out - now we will see the answer for question What is Tesla Model 3?

Firstly, let’s take a look at some aspects of the Model 3. To start off the Model 3 will be an incredibly safe car. It has five-star safety rating to various reasons. But one of the major ones is that this is a normal car is an extremely large sign at the front instead of a giant steal engine hurtling towards you in the event of an accident. The Model 3 could accelerate 0 – 60 MPH (about 100 km/h) in less than 6 seconds and that’s the slowest model.  This versions will go much faster than that. You’re gonna get 250 miles (346 km) per charge and a Tesla Model 3 will come with the supercharging as standard.

Elon Musk – the CEO of Tesla states that there’s now 3600 charges worldwide, but at the end of the year they will be doubling the number of charges.

The car can comfortably fit 5 adults and has plenty of space for extra storage things as there’s no engine under the bonnet.

All Model 3 will come standard with autopilot – a self-driving feature that can steal, brake and event park or drive to you when you are not in the car.

>> You can see how Tesla Autopilot work here


The Tesla Model 3 is set to start at $35,000. Tesla states that even with no extras you are not going to be find a better car $35,000. So seeing a little bit about some of the features of the car. But what about the wider picture? What does this mean to Tesla?

Well, the Model 3 is the next step in the company’s evolution from high-end luxury electric carmaker to a manufacturer of an affordable product from mainstream car owner.

The move is very bold and present a major risk for Tesla. To create a car that it make sell so cheaply, Tesla need to make some big, risky decisions. The company is building a massive multi-billion dollar factory in Nevada thought mass-produced batteries to help make them and the cars that they power cheaper. Musk has said that Tesla couldn’t make the Model 3 without the battery factory. The company wants to channel enough batteries at the facility to make 500,000 electric cars annually. The aim of the Giga factory is to reduce the cost of batteries by 30% using  various techniques such as large-scale manufacturing to leverage the economy of scale and innovative supply chain for sourcing and new chemistry techniques.

Asian giants like Panasonic have been investing heavily in increasing supply. So really, the Model 3 is a bit of a make or break moment for Tesla. If the aspects that the company has bet on do indeed go the right way, we can be seeing a massive shift in the auto industry in the coming decade..

Tesla Giga Factory in Nevada plans to make 500,000 batteries a year for electric car

>> Inside Tesla's GigaFactory

Expectations are already high so high that about 300,000 cars have already been order. But why exactly is this?

For some fun, let’s quantify this. If you think about things little deeper, we’ll quickly begin to see why so many people bought the car.

The value equation otherwise known as consumers perceived value is the ratio of benefits to cost. So quickly the benefits here are as follows.


Never having to feel petrol again, superior safety, handling and acceleration intrinsically due to advantages of an electric design and also an arguably good looking car.

And the costs $35,000 and perhaps to inconvenience of charging but that’s set to go away with the increase of supercharges. Some people out there would probably also missed the raw sound of petrol combustion engine, but the thing is a completely silent car might actually be a positive point for some people. So really just quantifiable speaking, the car is literally a great value.

So there it is 

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Tesla had unveiled its new electric car – Model 3. There are about 300,000 people made reservations for this new car.

This could be ridiculous for a car that we don’t really know all that much about. Not it’s really easy to reserve, all you have to do is give Tesla $1,000 fully refundable deposit back at any time you get your money back. So I definitely expect that number to drop some when it’s time to actually fork over the money for the car.

Almost 300,000 people maying $1,000 for a car they don’t really know much about is still very very impressive. This is also part 1 of this electric car. And part 2 gonna take place much closer to production. Elon said it’s going to take it to the next level whatever the heck that means. I’m assuming that just shows what kind of options in the car and maybe some more than inside a pilot features that don’t exist at the moment.

 Unveil part 1 - waiting for part 2

Unveil part 1 - waiting for part 2

We also probably get a look at the final exterior design and the final interior design as well as the real steering system as is on Twitter Elon Musk said that the steering system that we saw at the first unveiling is not the real steering system, which is interesting.

But after part 2 of the reveal, they expect reservations to shoot up even higher. Now I’m pretty happy with my current car so I was planning on waiting until the Model 3 was released before considering. I was really expecting it to look that great because cheaper electric cars typically look like some horrible attempt at a futuristic design.

So sort of expecting the Model 3 not look nearly as nice as the Model S and I think Tesla did a really good job here with the design.

The combination of its looks and features are convinced me to get it right now and reserve my spot now. I don’t end up.

Now let take a look at price.

The base Model 3 is going to be $35,000 before the federal tax credit. That’s important because a lot of car companies including Tesla advertiser base price after tax credit, so it’s a little confusing trying to figure out how much you’re actually going to pay for the car the end of the day. The Model 3 qualifies for the $7,500 federal tax credit. That $7,500 only applies to the first 200,000 cars delivered. (Tax credit phase-out begin after the 200,000 Tesla is delivered (includes Roadster, Model S, Model X or Model 3).

It’ll stay $7,500 to the next quarter after that financial quarter gets had another quarter and then it gets have to get into down 25% and then it’s gone forever after that point. So soon, they’re actually 276,000 people getting this car, the tax credits can last very long on it. It’s that about boring tax stuff

$35,000 for the base Model 3, what does that include?

 Tesla Model 3 price

That includes a battery that will get you at least 215 miles, it includes a single motor in the back so its rear wheel drive from 0 – 60 MPH in little bit under 6 seconds and includes autopilot hardware and autopilot safety features – that’s the key safety features. I’ll talk more about that in a second. It includes supercharging capable – again note the word choice. Really cool rear glass window that they’ve been shown on the unveil event.

Now let take a look at autopilot system. Tesla said that it includes auto pilot safety features, not the convenience features, so safety features includes something like emergency braking someone slams on the front of car and you can able to stop in time; probably lane keep in cruise control so if you start to trek to the push back and probably active speed management with cruise control so that means your phone car 

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Today we'll talk about Tesla first Quarter 2016 financial earning call and as usual we got some very interesting information from this morning’s call to find out if they were going to talk about the production plans for Model 3. And we have nothing but good news to announce. So to recap get a little bit of a blistering and go over the Tesla is expecting to increase their production ramp vehicles by 2018 instead of 2022 half a million cars. They were planning on doing that by 2020, but now it’s been increased to 2018. That includes Model S, Model X and Model 3. But the best majority of it will be Model 3.

Second tidbits of information, the Model 3 engineering prototype that we’re driven around at the reveal event, we’re running production drivetrains. I mean the battery pack and motors were finalized that was the real deal so we get more information about later on.

The other thing that they’re also said is that The model 3 final engineering will be finished in approximately 6-8 weeks from now, so everything is finalized the car as much as humanly possible.

Really suited to lean designs that means all the machinery to make the Model 3 and so it has to be finished in June 2016. So that leaves them 8 – 9 months to build out factory to get ready for production. They also said they have an internal production validation cars in April of 2017 round about if thing goes right. That is not start a real production. These are production prototype so you know testing the two of the machinery zone to validate the cars coming off the production line for real ramped up production. They also said they have a 1/7/2017 internal deadline for supplier parts that are finished and industrial production deadlines might be impossible but they have to hold their feet to the fire. Somebody has to be responsible for this so they have an internal deadline 1/7 to make sure that everything is finalized to start production.

I think really what it means is that they want to start production of these vehicles as soon as humanly possible so that they can start deliveries in volume by the end of 2017. They said if they’re able to hold all of these deadlines get everything all the places stuff, the Tesla will be capable of making a hundred thousand to 200,000 cars told by the second half of 2017. These are massive massive increases in production company. Hope they can pull it off.

Few other things too and I’ve said it before. Model 3 Electric car was a vehicle designed from the ground up to be relatively easy to manufacture. It’s not like the Model S electric vehicles were designed to work as opposed to being easily producers. Also this vehicle’s design right from the start to be easily made. So if they really get everything in place and they can pull this off. I think it’ll be good news for everybody be able to get vehicles intime. Again, we salute no when the EV federal tax credit situation limit of 200,000 cars comes into play. But I think Tesla was really trying to get that production ramped up as fast as possible. So that when they start delivering cars, they can get many out there offers many people be able to get that EV checks tax credit. Ready for everybody so far as well as good news so we’ll keep following this news and see what happens but very excited about this, I was hoping to talk with us today and certainly did so. 

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