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Let's go out and get this one up to the next level and a hole for thunder i really want huh no there are few on intercept course welcome back to another episode of Pokemon go in this video I have so much to evolve it is crazy as you guys saw the other video which was the rating pokemon episode number two I was at a different location than usual that location itself is called cake down which is the self-proclaimed pokemon capital in the Netherlands and so many

weird strange pokemons bond there that we usually don't see around there and I actually kind of want to go through what we caught and then i'm going to evolve everything that I can evolve in order to showcase like some cool pokemon to you guys so that's a really crazy pokemon out there so i think i've been sorted by recent yes and starting off with slow grow a bellsprout Mary on drug teeny

globus our San true which I don't see around here at all so basically the location was like a beach and that's a lot of water pokemon down there but also a lot of electric types which you see a volvo of every other second or something like that it's basically like the piggies other titles in some areas since the Volturi over there also on a whole bunch of maximize execute some magnet owns in the water at the same time as well which is pretty

crazy there's to that person's that spawned there today I only managed to gather one of them tentacool because it's near to see obviously an 18 CP graveler which I thought was kinda cute and funny at the same time I mean it's a grappler it's like an evolved for but it's only 18 CP which is kinda funny to me

we found this select the bus which is a boss it has a thunderbolt and thunder shot and i kinda wanna party is one up in the future because i'm kind of lacking a very strong you electric-type attacker collectibles gonna fill the gap very nicely and I had a lot of electric buses from a tank commander actually guys because you have 74 electabuzz candy so i can definitely partizan up quite a bit so wish you got

me pretty far i'm pretty happy with my chops because we found a bunch of my job so we're going to be making amechan a little bit later in this episode as well finally a new pokedex entry that's gonna be really exciting but it's just want to showcase we found a couple of my chops down there which is really cool this phony time blew me away and not because it's a fire-type but it's really crazy how far fire types in their base form can be this bonita 1131 is

incredibly high and we're going to evolve this one little bit later as well i have a magic card deck look at the magic card candy I've been looking so hard for such a long time to find a good magic cards so we're going to involve two magic cards a little bit later found a bunch of growths and there's not a whole lot of credits or grounded grow like I don't know there's not a whole lot of doggies around my area here so you know I its

are having trouble funny firedog so you know i'm not sure if I want to evolve this one we found the pin so of course people went crazy over pincer so it's pretty funny Mac Marduk trio jinx a bunch of magnum items again this magic carpet particular 178 was not all the battles pretty happy that I call this one and that's pretty much about that of course i want to pop open up my lucky act because we're going

to be evolving and it will be wasted that experience go to way so that being sad I suppose you're just going to start from the top here and we're going to get this Bellsprout a little spin here and evolve this bells brought into a weeping now victory bell if you gotta weepinbell into a victory bell is one of the best pokemon in pokemon go right now that is not a legendary so you can get yourself a victory bell with solar beam is going to be so incredibly powerful definitely

recommend you invest some time and effort into that Pokemon because they can really tear Jim's apart right now you guys can see we gotta weepinbell with a acid that sludge bomb now force these attacks can always change when however we evolve this pocket money to their final stages so we need a little bit more candy before we cannot go ahead and do that so after sitting on the whole lot of poliwag candy for a while here so

figured why not just evolve poliwhirl into a poliwrath so let's go ahead and do that now poliwrath is one of the best gym defenders indicate if it isn't the best one out there because that's such a nice move sat uh I mean it's such a nice attack topping and this water alongside with fighting it's pretty hard to defend against and then poliwrath had searched a lot of different look at him being all

cool and service is being all like this being ready to attack so this one has full-blown submission which I don't really mind to be honest because of submission is a fighting-type move and bubble is a water-type move so it's kinda like you know switching things around it is not the best move set in the world it can be with a global hyper no hydro pump which is the better one of the tube i have the jury teeny which I could evolve and I will probably

do this in the future but i have a dragon there which I want to evolve into a dragon eyes so that's a different video here over here we got a voltar look at the candy once again so crazy we're gonna evolve this one for sure and see how much is always going to be this was pretty powerful should be a nice attacker and just a little bit worried about the attack that we're going to be getting with this with this electrode right here kinda like Voltorb it's kinda

funny whenever you're throwing a parking lot of oltorf to see default of going out of the bulk of all I think it's funny like a fuck about going inside of a pocket ball you should actually read pokedex entries for some of these sparkling they're pretty insane so over here we got the electrode with tackle and hyper beam I don't mind this at all i think that's kind of funny and kinda cool at the same time it has to

normal type attacks but they're not bad at all I kind of wish that electric had a like an electric attack you know what it's completely fine I'll take 1352 not that over here we got a bow bazar I just figure 1 just evolve all-star i have a Phoenix are it almost 2,000 CB right now which is a beast but i kinda wanna get a second one you know I don't have a you saw with solar beam and this one will have the ability got so don't

remember a little bit look here so here this is our one of the starter pokemon right now the second form and curious to find out it is only 321 CP didn't get much of the plumber evolution but ask fine with and power weapons and power-ups actually I think I'm not sure power weapons a good 1i have power with my last one so I'm already feeling that confident about this eyepiece are to be honest

anyway moving on to maximize I can evolve three Magnemite into a magnet on this one has a magnetic bomb which is it a great attack because it's like a four charge attack and is only doing 30 damage but it's also have electric shock so let's see what is going to be getting up on evolving this bad boy i'm actually gonna take some more water because it's going to be a little bit of a longer episode but you know I've losses are cool

I always love to evolve stuff and I never really save up for an episode like this oo figured you guys were more evolution make sure to let me know and I'll save the whole bunch of more powerful to evolve for you guys in a single episode as you guys can see magnets are actually right now still has mac the bomb which I'm not that happy with but it does have spark which is an electric-type so i suppose in that regard is going to be pretty good movie

on century so same with doduo century is one of these pokemon i never see I only got them a ver inside of acts but a guy down we found so many centuries you see 105 central candy which is completely wild to me Degas chemical attack i think big is the strongest three charged attack look at this three charges doing 70 damage to be honest Edison saying that is there some attacks out there with only 22 bars to charge up and only doing like 50 55

damage as opposed to 70 daddy dick ass so that's pretty crazy i noticed when i farm attacking a gym and there's a pokemon with dig it was searched around this amount of damage I think that dick is one of those moves that needs to be nerve over here i got sand / over here which is kinda cool 1360 I lost and slashes one of the coolest pokemon inside of again the problem is that this one has a terrible movie

field medic law doesn't do a whole lot and then build those I don't like folders i kinda wish i had an earthquake instead so yeah maybe i don't really seem all that happy but it's just the way it is what I'm gonna do right now is I'm actually gonna sort by number that's a little bit easier for me I think so we just got sand / over here we got a Psyduck which we cannot evolve yet decided i think is a little bit good as well it uh it requires me to have to 22

under starter's to power up and being that far into the level kind of thinking and it will turn out to be a good Goldberg much up over here so that's actually go ahead and evolve that's my joke over yeah actually haven't right behind there it's for my pokedex i'm going to involve this one actually get entry number 137 with my pokedex finally getting a machamp it took me the longest time and I was actually gonna leave the cake down there for them i actually

found another much up allowing me to actually get this Machamp over here please have a good attack because I just love this Pope moment champ i still remember having spoken cars and this one started back had a champion it as a special car so having a champion is pretty good comes with karate chop which isn't all that bad but a submission kind of wish they had cross chop which is a definitely really great attack but over as you guys can see almost 2,000 CP on

this machan so of course we're going to be changing the name to just Machamp just like this and boom finally got mama jam 137 only five more to go moving on here we can already did this oh we have a canter crew that we can make so let's go ahead and do that right now dr. goals are common in my area so this one isn't really all that special funny

things back here I actually do find quite a few tens of crews from time to time they spawn quite you know regularly is like dirt balloons and floating everywhere so it's kinda cool to get this one I want to know from you guys what does the pokemon that you find the most that isn't a basic pokémon but like a name evolved form of a bummer for me that's definitely tempting crew coming in with

such wave and poison jab wasn't you have a really great attack it's really fast so you gotta try the one out for yourself actually have a comment about the middle bit of fun with attacking like a gym and then poison jab that so much damage I was really like whoa boys job such a great attack so yeah if you guys can see tentacruel finally be made then I want to showcase two guys that i have a golden that is almost 2,000 CP this is a badass this

goal is so strong and whenever the tax it is so fast i just love this spoken to that and it's really powerful against a dragonite and its really strong as against the snorlax as well and as far as need to do with the amount of defense that the spoken has so I'm just going to power this one up for you guys as you guys can see because it's above 32 spoken and we're only getting half the CP we're still paying the full amount so that is the downside i guess to leveling

up to level 30 and above so the amount of CB you're getting isn't a whole lot but we can still powered up quite a bit so we're definitely going over 2,000 mark ponyta I've been waiting for this that's evolved this one into a rapid at 11 hundred and thirty-one I'm just really curious to to find out how it's going to be because 1100 is pretty crazy on a for it on the level one pokemon or face one face well as you guys can see

rapidash over here with the virus flames and let's see what this was gonna be love number 31 is going to be changing into sixteen hundred and eighty-five and it has fire blast and a bar you know what I cannot complain with this I'm actually pretty happy with this I cannot expect a little bit more at least like $2,000 disappointing to be honest I thought that Muhammad was going to be much much more but you know it's complete

it's okay next we got a magnet on let's go out and get this one up to the next level and a hole for thunder i really want but no i didn't I just transfer oh no what what am I to do with my god oh you know I'm just gonna evil dad why did I even oh I'm so used to transferring pokemon that I just end up transferring our that it's okay it's just a Magneton and I can make more like this one over here which

is called me from 11 cp2 i guess like 90 that's my gas 19 it's gonna be 1990 cp24 you did a lot better than I thought dang it while we go for magnetrons now we still got this one that man that sucks that every sucks ok shelter gonna get this shelter into a cloister man and I need to be careful here guys I need to be careful have all the things i do this is automatic pilot

and you end up doing stuff you don't want to do like for instance i saw this guy who transferred is draggin their whatever you want to evolve it into a dragonite that was obviously the most devastating thing I've ever seen I think he quit the game after that which is you know really invested so much time into the dragon they're all boys with blizzard and frost breath that is really cool guys dragonite nice actually going to like that okay we're not a volt or

here that's evolved this voltage or let's hope it's gonna be getting a little bit of a better attacked because the first one wasn't really that great and hopefully the second watch TV better so Thunder is going to be the thing ya know there's going to be the thing here i still remember that electro was the fastest pokemon in generation one in pokemon which is really wild if you had a a electro using self-destruct or explosives it actually as hyper beam

here you know what that's fine that's fine spark and hyper beam I think this was even better than the last electrode that we made so you know what I'm satisfied with this was also a little bit higher than the other four five electrons right now i'm still looking for exactly tour so I can actually make one but i'm good just going to transfer this actually cute right here cubone let's make a marowak let's go ahead and uh evolved this Cuban to

America I think Meryl rap is is a cool pokemon but it has always been a little bit you know underwhelming like it's not been that great powerful strong anything like that I just don't know about this maybe I'm a miss miss I may be missing out of an attack or something that makes this book really great this one has dick which is kinda good though dick dick will definitely do some

damage he had much slap slapping dick I think it's a nice combo to be honest here so yeah coughing I am I cannot make a wheezing here unfortunately what else do we got our guys it is time it is time that's let's first up dude do this Magikarp hear it let's let's see what we're going to be getting so after this update we know that dragon breath is no longer possibility but you want everything but twister we got twister we're screwed

let's get into this after waiting for his first magic are evolving as one into our gyarados let's see Paul man I just don't want twister because if i if I'm getting twister i'm transferring this if I got twister i will transfer this for you guys well come on let's see what we're going to be getting and this one is going to give us and twister

why do you do this to me yeah it's no longer my favorite obviously with twister cheese ok ok ok ok please don't tell me I'll be getting twister please I don't want twister anything but us addresses such a bad attack what do you put that on the gyarados want to do something else like I don't know like a different attack

that too acid jeez come on hydro pump you know i'm good with a hydro pump is the best attack come on give me something good yes nice hydro pump now this is a great gyarados over here 888 that will definitely do some damage you know what I'm happy with that I cattle complain at all i got what i

wanted the terrible magic card got the twister that got transferred got put in the blender turn into a candy and being given to Professor window but now we got the girls would actually getting hydro pump again so that's pretty great actually want to talk a little bit here i have an ammonite so I've got that we found the couple of all my nights there which is kinda cool but right now literally need two more on tonight's for

a almost are and i need one more kabuto for a kabutops so that's what you get for my pokedex then the two pokemon that are missing after that are three actually Chancey cherez are a mark I don't think I'll be getting those in the near future but there's one thing that's currently going on here there's acts that needs to be hatched and that's gonna happen i hope tomorrow i hope tomorrow guys I'm

gonna be able to hatch these I don't often go to stream it you guys be the judge I i don't think i will stream and i think i'll make this a separate video or something like that or just highlight source I don't know you guys tell me what you want me to do with these acts because that's something that does on my mind right now so not for all we got some really crazy and cool pokemon i

really liked a result that we got we got some magnet on we gotta poliwrath we gotta weepinbell many electrodes many Mac Natanz and just in general was a nice evolutions free finally got the Machamp there so you know actually called this dragon there there's why don't think it's great or anything like that so I'm just going to go out and transferred his can change your dragon i was actually a comical experience yeah that's going to be wrapping up today's

episode of Pokemon go evolutions all-around hope that you guys enjoyed this always make sure if you guys like this video to thank thumbs up that beset this is reversed for pokemon go I'm gonna be signing off i'll see you guys in the next one and I'm really close to laughing to be sure to stay tuned for that

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please of Cologne on this know like hunt

what is up guys and welcome to a brand new episode of Pokemon go hard or go home because we out here in Germany once again dragonknight yes the night we were literally renamed him denied lying it is the night dragon eyes is the main I'm for their i need about another seven routines i believe was last time yeah and I got 693 keeping last after sirens and banging and also what I'm

trying to get my top way I like to sew really do it i don't have that Bulbasaur can do you know it's not that I just named him i was her name this guy big P 1 2 3 as well we got that swag children let's let's check ourselves and we doing my name is let's go this way down and we got the river again food those wondering yeah now we're probably gonna grab face soon I didn't oh my goodness way it's supposed to taxi hopefully taxi one what the thing deeds easy can wait

it's got Wi-Fi see weight and he's actually things and they're seeing wait wait wait we could get one no wait hold up so he's actually heading home today we decided to chat with him and he's like yeah done for the day that could have been a little i could have been rivaling the train because you have like targeting with that one but check this guy out of 691 Wi-Fi as well and look at that you have wipes oh look at

that that's bringing 616 yeah that's 440 news away from the denied himself gyarados and watching towards plastics guy gets quite likely get lots of cool things going out with a few 10k ex-client HR going to the end of love episode let's walk anyway let's press these cams and going do them sealed yeah i've got five days in a little bit in case you're struggling with this

problem yeah I got one I was just got one leg lifting in any way we can get down to the water maybe meet up with the other guys are out and about see what we can do could it be the train v-tail oh no ono scene of now now no way literally just picked up another 10k leg that's my third one right now okay thanks to TVs are bad we are not moving

we got that boom pow we are fortunate right now look I love got lucky its focus but we're going so we made it for the second your teeny unfortunately for Buster training going to be the 703 can find routine we found prayer and Josh there we go two teenies bringing people together c66 what I want to be loved and these guys joined us the abject journey as well they ran all the way without we ran all the way from the chocolate factory like five minutes ago

we met one and this one I need three more teams my dragon bike anymore oh hello 123 other one back to help huh wait no it's just another after another one that we're how long how long and helpful got like nine minutes and a guy like to take a collectively stroll with the squat don't ya 3 is genuinely a gyarados and it's about five minutes away save all possible know if you're even if you're using but you're not

getting that about my parents like what we just ran is from that bridge like to look you see that bridge to hear that took us five minutes run that's a 10-minute Ron and he's gone in two minutes no haha neighbors obviously went down there how could this heartburn to a boy like here yeah

so heading back down the river to be I just missed a dratini by literally one second earlier I was reaching to tap into battle and it is born however that was a 188 magic by the way how I'm gonna do this to me he's going to try and splash back into the river there is one that's what I feel that yes 188 and I'm very close to my gyarados that's like a a slight warm warmer if we can't get the denied himself look at 180 a beautiful so we just bumped into a

julia malone the punky mobilio this is just it doesn't actually do pokemon x the edges yes it's just got it does our secret don't tell ok top-secret popemobile this is hilarious generally loves it like so much pokemon start there's more here than in London is crazy alright guys so we'll have a nice little handle if we have a candlelit dinner it was going to a state had some great cast of this is like really cool it's like

flickering it's also guessing flying Pokemon in the slide 5 k.jpg opening social life looks like I don't really got to a woman like it's gonna do but everybody call around here the only thing i want a cheese ball kicks that's the only thing I want my cash register it's the only fun I ever had like that seriously call your local picture not know night girls night out

Wow get better when you get good for you i poke at you not hate school but i have a glide over the water this is terrible I'm not food activities like to go let it go let's get going so yeah you know moment that I think hard about my accent Oh number 5 i'm gonna take you places open done this order done already all i need to multiply connected he's very nice and so on but it was we look

down here without i'm willing to give up that dragon at this guy into a dragonite hate having to go guys too teeny catches we saw dragon a sport just where we were obvious i were probably gonna make our way back that dragonite probably worked on that it's alright it's good anyway we're gonna head back to the ceiling in a few ok we're back at it again with back out at night we just got our cap we

have one minute to load your team you as it lost them is it here they're actually see him go go thank ya got this one time ok good old timer for 20 is right you got it as well 121 what do you got 45 perfect yeah we go out the cabin in the middle of the road the guy was so confused he was like why are you trying to go we're like is good he did not like this

time management priorities right yeah priorities right for the routine a year on the night boom got him ok the day gets better and better i think you my friend are good luck charm school eggs on the map right us about a 10-minute walk and he's got 11 minutes honestly good night i wanted to i'm considering a cab now i just could lock

down the sidewalk run okay oh yeah i would like a brick wall can you make it big we've got we've got local Intel and we got the street and we know roughly where it is if i go from zero to like the two in Germany I'm loving life let's go okay guys so we're probably on our way little brisk walk arm so just trying to work out where is I'm gonna text him telling him where it is we're

going to do I say even more a little more pace guys were like a quarter of the way that we have nine minutes so we're gonna keep the place go however the good news is so one this is going to walk so haters gonna hate and another thing i just got another 10k egg so next episode i could probably do four of these in a row maybe even more I get anymore let's throw that in the incubator or this is all kicking off the catching how

do you know he knows you know let's do it I got the guys on the job we are two streets out that we're taking to the road passenger haha haha we're passenger out here again is right and then left and then the distance of this road we've got five minutes yeah we'll go together at a page will make this right here huh this is what just me running down back alleys of Cologne on this more like hunt

ok guys we are gonna make it there is the big boy the big fat man miracle nearby is just starting to get something straight here you see him a year right at the point of care for me boy oh no my gps is stopping you think it's awful there oh god my UPS well mostly my series on the crossroad that he's on the coast road

come on don't be good too I write all this way between 12-6 1210 saying harder only 1200 I mean I'll take the candy for a bit of powering but oh my god what level 43 there are absent pink that one time this is really bad yeah he's really far away when I was a good one so heartbroken that one's not again and it's not like Dashon we want to know haha i need to get a proper drag for people-watching

he's really far away i'm giving this one-handed it's not easy like you may be human rights get twice have a boyfriend don't know why are you making no no I don't know your honor you gotta just a quick let's just quickly likes the movement just like getting a minute you want me like a minute left he just hear you right on me

josh is getting hard no I'm devastated I broke a sweat for that is here yes Jesse you can get him you guys made it I'm absolutely done guys my fifth 10k gonna pretty much in a row now next episode is gonna be another big 10k sash I can't believe this that is accurate guys are getting compensation i lost a small eyes just like give this man all

the concave 123456 in a row i'm gonna do them all next episode another six bomb about to drop it we try to regroup with the rest of the squad just took their phones so they have no phone so we're trying to get to them then find without their phones ok so strangely enough we're all going back this nor like location according to the map there's another one there after six minutes right now so either this

radar app is glitched pokemon is glitched or it is just add another store is born right that I'm not sure they're evil and I don't know it's not nearby i think it may be a glitch yeah because we're definitely testing definitely worth checking ok we're back and as you can see no cycle like so I don't like a glitch with may be rad place born maybe they still stay on the island out that it's all get

it all get it is what it is so we either have been a rollercoaster of a a day and the final offering is just ahead in the distance I believe the final martini should be down here will he top Maya my current top which is 694 i believe absolutely great the other guys are lagging behind bear i think the snorlax chance to call out them i was like brisk walk 14a and height not today not today so you should be literally just a hat here watching out for on there has got

him the final one will be a hundred not 590 are going to make sure I got this guy ultra balls anyway came on the go please please please for I think that's it yes alright we have made it I'm gonna get myself a dragon-type you guys to catch up so they can share in memento they go one two three candies on pokemon

straight out two of the most recent ones are you guys ready friend where are you guys ready for there are no not yet are y'all ready for this happen it is the night is it tonight you know but the Dean I 691 about to hit it twice happened to 70 have almost no sugar is happening there but it's what we sanctioned understanding 2214 he's gonna be 13 50 let me get a little dragon at 11 201 202 203 you really want to visit the dragon out your 1234 levy

dollars you want to go is God's equity sorry i don't want anymore ok 2287 big 219 222222 pretty similar to the dragon come on i think that like right in the night to you too like it's fly-in always chillin with always like to meet you with that man 00 now down and I can power him up to get away from him what I don't write about it a couple they always look at that you represent him know you're no

you're ready for him to be named you need to hear about it and I to your head igh day I think they like me commander like K&I pretty well and I teach yeah I like I right I got think about that pretty much do you have a baby the dragon knight in the night I want it moves well I'm not sure though I think that great are they want you sure yeah i mean that both the dragon movie whatever it is what it is you want to party knees and then wrap up

soon alright so that it's me a wrap for today I'm fortunately Lachlan is still mr. mine worse longer and come on man like you can't let him read everything ever even thought you were really hard it truly did I shout to Timor for joining us today after quality jumping out of a cab i'm running for that dratini and then the snorlax join us for

the journey I'm they let me have my recording and show you guys the product of today also want to look I did it to do you still stressing over all I wanted to do last episode feet XD you know six over 2k like top-six over 2k no literally the d night king of the more king of the people we got that months like Germany has been good that has really transformed engines alright and yeah

next episode what you guys to have to look forward to is look at that 60 k eggs so stay tuned for that obviously checkout lost them side of things he does eventually got mr. mime or faster loading on it and then kind if it does or doesn't but that is it I'll see you soon thanks goodbye

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how do this . components like poking my back sometimes i'm currently walking into this gym of Pokemon go game over here because today we're going to be doing the three starter final evolution gym challenge so basically we're only going to be able to use our three starters to beat the gym so I don't know if I'm going to be able to beat all of them with just my starters but i did finally get all the three final evolutions of my starter's which is really cool actually caught charges are in my apartment and then like five minutes later a snorlax popped

out and I caught him too and then I caught the Venus or in the wild and then the blast i went to a squirrel net and I have all ten i was just pierce ok oh my god there's a freaking slow growth there's a freaking slow summer alright well old he's very dick dude no way I came down here at the perfect time 771 lat dude I cannot believe that we just found this guy if i could i'm literally the worst so hopefully we can catch this guy's a freaking be 1735 I

think my celebrities like 1402 reaches confers trying to away oh my gosh 1735 confusion and ice cream I don't think those moves are that good but dang that was crazy i forgot what i was talking about so yeah anyways today we're going to be doing the three starter evolution thing gym battle challenge thing so we're actually gonna be taking out five James we're going to try and take them with just our starters so we'll see how it goes and i'm walking

to all five of the gym so that i can catch my age because we're hatching a2k great now so hopefully we can get a 10k after we had to the day alright so we made it to the first gym or under a tree right now trying to get out of the key there's actually a fountain over there I've been here a lot but we're gonna try to take out this gym with starters only so let's see what we got we got our canine beep aurion and another RT nine

so that's actually not too bad i think we can take it up although my blastoise it's going to suck against our canines because the only has freaking bite oh come on think about think about think about okay we talked about we gotta switch our video store in really quick oh my gosh okay good it's the big point to do that much damage

oh wait man he's catching up to us that's okay we're going to take them out alright sweetie the way . on and now we're moving on to the park and we gotta switch out really fast I'm just gonna go straight with my chart first all come on hold they died at the same time but that's actually gonna knock it down to level one so i think there's only one pokemon here too

oh yeah there's just arcanine ok so we took out the arcanine we beat this team with just our starters which is really cool and i'm going to leave i think i'm gonna leave my dragonite here let's go and move on to the next gym alright so we made it to the second gym and this one's level 3 but there are only two pokemon snorlax which is really weak and a 2000 arcanine for the archives to be a little bit difficult but we're gonna do our best

what's the wise might I don't think I feel my pokemon let's ok this is not good yeah I don't think I feel my pokemon gold yeah i did not you my book 10 crap those stupid okay that was stupid well lesson learned don't forget a heel of your program how do you just thinking pulling like poking my back got to use our second attacks because that's our only water move because I blastoise doesn't have a water gun that is just

great i am honestly so happy that I got a blastoise that sucks he's not dying someone who can hack this gym I'll please don't tell me the kids are out oh gosh my voice so this gym is ours so here I'm going to put my snorlax and then we'll get going to the next gym alright so this room is actually already blew so we're just going to put a

Pokemon up and move on to the next one so we will put the target of up here we kill you should take the top areas still cool i'll just get this . all right let's go ahead and move on to the next ok so we're actually getting our eight so let's see what it is Caterpie great just straight thread the fourth gym right now so let's see what's here we've got our canine to our canines in a Vaporeon so I swear they're

seriously our canines and be Portland's in every school gym some guy just walked past and it was embarrassing but ok he is 200 CP higher than me but luckily because oh my gosh while nevermind we're not doing that great i guess i gotta start dodging the flamethrowers and I didn't dodge it ok so he's almost dead charge should finish them off before okay you didn't

do too much damage or chart so that's good ok so we gotta try and dodge the flamethrowers otherwise I don't think we're going to be able to beat this gym I'm not very good at dodging if you haven't noticed oh I didn't I wasn't painted cheese ok I think we should be able to do that anyways and then our venusaur should be

able to beat the before and always not dead yet come on there we go I hate it when it glitches at the end we gotta 1980 . on versus the 1700 venusaur so we are super effective we should be able to beat them you know I honestly wish that the poison moves actually did damage over time because i don't think they do so kind of disappointing also i wish that you could also i wish that there were like TMZ and hn so that

you can teach your pokemons moves because it really sucks when you're blastoise get fighting yeah i'm not going to get over the head so yeah we always be this day forward on and it's like oh my gosh you beat me to sort okay we gotta hurry up okay there we go we talk about you okay that was close alright so that is the next bike and about the down to level two so we still have to beat all three of them create help people in 1

i'll be back in a little bit i'm gonna i'm gonna wreck these guys I think four charges are the best moves our wing attack and Fire Blast so i do have fire blast which is cool but oh my gosh he almost beat me and we be to the doctor at the level one level one yet ok that's gonna make it easier we only have to be the one more time alright there we go we beat this gym with starters only so far so good so we

and we are going to put we're going to put our arcanine on this one so let's see if we have all of our gym still oh yeah we do ok moving on to the last one alright so at the third and final gym we still do have all four of our gyms I'm honestly surprised because I saw some suspicious characters over by the third Jim but i do have bad news this is actually a level 7 gym so we've got a kingler cking snorlax the fable

Machamp arcanine and second arcanine there's no way that I can be this with just my freaking starters and i also left all of my good poke you watch in the other gym so let's see what team we can make all right so this is our team it's actually not too bad so I think we might still be able to beat it but i think i'm going to put some epic battle music on this one because it's going to take a while so

BRB yeah yeah yeah yeah so that literally took like 30 minutes to take this Jim oh but we finally took

it out so we're gonna put a Pokeball on it and no i did not use just my starter pokemon on this one because I cannot beat seven pokemon with three pokemon we'll put our execute up there and now we can collect our bonus so the only gems we still have if it would load someone took one of our gyms well whatever we collected for gym so I guess that's good right whatever unfortunately I got a five cake so I have to walk in other five

kilometers until we have another chance of getting a tank kilometers so unfortunately we're not getting the 10-kilometer eight today but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to check out my other videos and until next time I'll see you guys later sup guys today I'm under the santa monica pier with the one the only John Cena

people call me happy anymore sorry yeah more morally i'm here with malt hey so yeah today we're gonna be catching pokemon on the Santa Monica Pier

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well i'm finally level 5 which means the time has come to choose a Pokemon go

team and after thinking long and hard I've decided I'm gonna go with my instincts please remember this is my decision and I believe by following my instincts I'm making the best choice for me my instincts a team Bella this video is sponsored by me know ups if you didn't know there's not one amino up specifically for pokemon go where you can communicate with pokemon girl fans

from all around the world you can share the replicon that you've caught so far talk about why our team is the best and why the other two teams suck i'm getting a meeting on the app kids i'm pretty much anything to do with pokemon go post a blog or a pole or even a gif its Pokemon go related you'll definitely find people to interact with you can find out on the play store by tapping in pokemon go amino click either the android or the Apple link in the

description if you want to follow me on the app is named like my polka mean account is the exact same as my youtube name I've had a good experience with the app so far i'm sure you will if your pokémon girlfriend as well now onto the video so yeah pokemon go what's there left to say that hasn't already been said it's the biggest game

of the year so far currently the most popular app by far is apparently more popular then and is being cold by just about every YouTube channel like ever seriously great is in the pokemon go video I dozen a couple poker videos advising about 80 congo videos molly is basically a Pokemon go channel now people who I bet didn't even play

the main series games are making Pokemon go videos so what kind of pokémon channel would this be if I didn't make at least one video on pokemon go so that's exactly what I'm gonna do so despite Congo's absurd popularity as we all know the game is far from perfect in fact in a lot of ways it's almost as if the game was released unfinished their server issues we can track pokemon properly or even features missing from the trailer that we will promise and in

a lot of cases the game feels kind of empty so because of this I've decided to make a list of five things that I would like to see added in pokemon go sometime in the near future now the game in the states in I could literally go on not about stuff that i want but i only wanted to keep this list of five so i'm not going to be talking about stuff that we already know that we're going to be getting like trading

and battling others unless it's something specific to that feature so here are five things that I'd like to see in pokemon go hope you enjoyed number one team exclusives tell me what's the difference between joining team Bella optimistic well apart from some color nothing literally nothing like the absolute biggest difference is the gyms i'll be on your side that says what's the most

complex reason why someone pick their pokemon go team oh I i chose my team because i'm looking to find wisdom in pokemon and have a common analysis of in every situation cough don't pick their team for some psychological bullshit they pick the team based on color or which legendary birthday like the most well at least that's what I did anyway although i'm sure there are people who

pick their team for some other reasons for example they want to be on the same team as their friends or they wanted to be on the most popular team what I feel would be great is if there were some sort of exclusive perk depending on what team you joined i'm not talking about getting the legendary bird depending on what team you join i'm talking about things you can only do depending on what team you're on

for example according to the team captains instinct focuses more on hatching eggs mystic focuses more on evolution and follow focus is more making a Pokemon stronger why not give each team some sort of ability for that for example team instinct and hatch x faster to mystic and evolved pokémon quicker and violet are able to make pokemon stronger or something along those lines

my point is adding something unique to each team I feel will spice up the game a lot more i will give people much better reason we're picking the pokemon go team other than I like the color blue or I like the fire chicken number two to be able to exchange unwanted pokemon items and eggs for better awards a good point that arises brought up in his Pokemon video is making a candy system where depending on your pecans evolution stage will depend on how much can be

there worth of course Atlantic can play around with this for example the role of the pokemon the mall can you can exchange for them something along those lines anything other than just one candy pokemon the fact that the CP three thousand-plus dragonite is worth the same amount of candy as a CP 10 PG just doesn't feel right also idea that needs to happen selecting multiple pokemon to transfer seriously

the fact that if i want to transfer all these Pokemon I have to do it one at a time which is our right ball ache well at the very least you can transfer Pokemon for something unlike items what happens quite frequently to me when playing is because I don't fight against James often my back always becomes full and end up having to Ben what seems like hundreds of potions and revives can't we exchange these with a link

yeah I know we can exchange them for candy but something else other than nothing will be nice finally let's talk about acts we can get rid of pokemon we can get rid of items but we can't get rid of X ok an antic here's the thing i don't give a flying fuck about any of the book one that i can get from r2k egg except maybe pics you I haven't got one yet

apart from that everything else is pretty much trash who the hell's gonna get excited when the 2k egg is hatching I would much rather have space for 5 in 10k explore other than having to waste spot for a2k egg so being able to exchange an item for something and then egg to Beyonce vak vaca discovered of X number three more pokemon variety right listen antic I don't want Jennifer to come around and all I can find a fuck be

diff and Starly now I understand that some pokemon are going to be more common than others but come on there are about 145 pokemon available right now and I'm limited to what seems like a handful and it's not just that the book when I always seem to find is the original bird the original rodent original box the fish that takes ages to evolve zubat and fuck drowsy like seriously what I live drowsy are

everywhere and trip by the most common pokemon in pokemon go right now I can pretty much predict what's going to be common when the future generations are available on top of that they're going to be the most common book when you find eggs as well so romantic please it's okay to make some popcorn rarer than others just please can you make the future generations of poke one have a bit more

variety like now I i don't think i want to see a drowsy ever again number for more music this suggestion is from my friend Kangas cloud and when I really think about it yeah it's something I definitely want I mean think about it are we really going to have the same battle music when fighting a legendary pokemon if we did it'd be pretty underwhelming in my opinion

yeah is there going to be new music added for trading new music for battling a friend why I think will be awesome is if new music was added for each generation of Pokemon the added say possibly a brand-new walk and battle theme of course some people might complain oh I don't like this new theme i want the old theme back

well they could easily have an option to change the music you're listening to Plus it'd be nice to have something else other than the same theme over and over again I mean yes this is a nice thing but imagine if the sun moon we had the same music playing for every route and the same battle music for every battle it will get all pretty quickly and the first thing I'm going to talk about what

I want to see in pokemon go is a master ball that isn't going to fail one of my fears about the master ball is throwing it and either missing and losing it forever or throwing it just before the pokemon tax and losing it for other like the same the enemy there's a good chance i'm only ever gonna have one of these if not extremely few i do not want to throw my master will just to have it be knocked away

like it was nothing the point of a master ball is that it will never fail on a wild Pokemon so I'd appreciate it if you kept it that way now I guess some people could make a case with throwing the masterball interview mr. Pokemon then is your fault but what if your finger accidentally slips all the pokemon so far away is extremely hard to hit obviously if I'm ever lucky enough to have a master ball

is wasting on a normal pokemon i'm going to save that thing for you to war and a ghetto actually wasn't too in the game yet hopefully the master wants throne catches the pokemon no matter what and hopefully we can easily lose it whether it be boring and missing the poke one or the pokemon attacking because that would just seemed really unfair and those are just five of the many things that i like to see in pokemon got some point obviously could go on but it didn't want

to make a list of stuff that's already been confirmed like legendary battles and trading and other things like actually allowing us to track the pokemon again which is apparently being worked on along with some other things I didn't talk about but anyway I still hope you enjoyed my first pokémon go video please like we did and subscribe for more pic on videos in the future and until next time thank you so much for


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Extreme of me hatching 10-kilometer eggs. Before we got started of course I'm gonna be opening up a lucky a group quick and drop some incense that way nothing will go to waste everything work I can't seem to turn this off again that sucks give you one quick SEC I'm going to turn it off again I'll be back in like a minute let me put up these letters first or second here and that will actually get into the hatching process now the last day or so has been very scary for

me because there's literally been so moments out there where I thought I was ending up hatching miac so I had to literally go to my inventory and check over here so i got one . 69.6 on the clock right now so that has been going on let me actually got into the chat real quick for you guys the way i can actually read what you guys are saying pcr can do that best just like this we go her life and I should have the chat on my ipad screen right here

ok so once again to be clear with you guys we got 400 meters that we need to walk or I could grab a bike or something like that and we can actually get our acts now what I'm hoping for is a chancy ammonite kabuto snorlax lepers and rotini those are the six pokemon i really want to end up getting so this is going to be pretty exciting let me quickly do my focus stops and then we're going to start to walk for our eggs which is gonna be pretty insane

okay there we go okay so we're gonna be getting my backpack and you know I'm actually going to take my bike instead that's a little bit faster that we can get some stuff done after we go back a little bit of Q&A if you guys got any questions anything like that I'll come in a basic ask them for you guys have just reached a month

that's the flame yeah policies that would be that with a girl i'm at the Learning spot again I got a couple of people out here which is pretty cool and uh I'm just going to go for a quick bike ride and then i'll be back whenever the axis the the the actual gonna hatch are you sick no I'm not sick man let me see if i could put my things here not

sure if this is gonna work properly no my sound is gone ok nice we fix it ok brought back hope give me a quick second here so you want pins are no I actually don't want pincer this would not be convenient at all that's the dragon I hear me nice supercell sweater thank you ok so once again if you just tuned in

did I DeMartino you actually moderate on my screen door Laura all that they're going ok so how can i increase the chances that example of Eric's obviously don't know i don't think there's that like chance on it like that to get them think it's only round and what i've seen so yeah good luck have fun Thank You Man okay so we're gonna do a quick little section where I'm gonna like go around a little bit or mobile you can see more actions i can actually

see you be a moderator right now go on I'm not sure if it actually works on mobile but I got to be a moderator in here so that is the thing I'm so excited I've been waiting for three weeks to get these acts hatched like literally three weeks oh my God we're getting close only 300 meters i'm going to make that around you see the little circle down there that's the way we're going

a man no access don't worry don't worry about it we're getting there we're getting there guys 51 in the chat if you're excited and I want to know from you guys in the chat what do you think i'm going to be getting I think that's an interesting question as well

ok not medical opinion think we'll be fine crossroads right now so going to be a little careful what it is that I'm doing a lot of places the chat right now all my days a little people here how many people do we go from here right now i'm curious about that okay ev-do ok so if i get 9 v's i'm going to give away my towns like that's not a joke right

asmo job not even a joke reductive introductory visto knacks three other people watching they record protocol yeah good only got an EV and of course or aerodactyl that'd be cool Aerodactyl i don't i don't mind is not like i need it i got that one so before

we see how far am . something again so what I think is going to happen is eventually they will all from at the same time which what usually happens so yeah literally just making a circle to go back to where we were before the lawrence spot in the bar not breast it will mean I lawfully acts we're almost there like 300 meters focused up

you're freaking car park back in there yet thank you guys just made my Rattata her data that's not even possible i think I'm works out Oh 9.9 guys were almost there 9.9 only 100 meters to go and then the actions the address the eggs will hatch finally all man is gonna be insane I've all mostly so stoked about these you guys got no I often wave with this

research a long time who you look at my comment each time Lewis your noticed don't worry about a man so you know what would be really funny if for some odd reason I would end up getting you know exclusive regionals out of these eggs whoo man how far we 9.9 . 39 . 93 that is 70 meters i know for a fact already past that so literally almost there i'll go back to the part in the axe Arnold

hatched yet what i will do is i will just walk until the hatch and then we're going to see what we're gonna get that's insane oh this is a big moment guys this is a big one after saving up for these for three weeks three weeks and if we got my TV's I'm gonna

I'm going to get my kind of way if I got my knees ok so we're not going to get that obviously if I do I'm screwed man gonna have to figure out something ok I'll close are we 949 . not going three saved neither ok guys 70 meters we're gonna walk that mmhmm yeah I'm delightful open

yeah we go okay guys I'm gonna walk take a quick walk your way back up the park right now so i made a little i went around the block I'm gonna see what we're going to be getting Evie I'm gonna make AV t-shirts I swear I promised gonna make easy shirts see if you got these focus stops right here that last one over there

nice we got least for this one I think we're out of reach now no we still together cool ok oh I thought that was my AG I thought for a second there that was my AG but it wasn't so we're still hanging strong in there guys almost a moment of truth less than five minutes i feel it i know some people are on the edge of their seats right now if I were sitting i'll be on my edge of my

seat but a clearly I'm not sitting ok Oh every single time i will be catching pokemon and my character moves a little bit for the anticipation is just so real that i think you know it's actually going to hatch which will be crazy now every acts do hatch like right now then i'm going to walk back to the place where the part where the benches are because I promised those guys is going to be there whenever they hatched

ok oh yes okay um how do we walk where like a halfway point oh my god this is crazy guys this is the moment of truth we need to walk back right now to the benches this is all my god whoo oh my god i am so I'm so scared and excited and all the guys oh I'm give me like a moment to walk back there oh my god this is gonna be the moment

my naxx 10 kilometers I'm gonna walk back there now and open up these bad boys I honestly don't know how long have taken oh my god i read you guys chat guys pipe come on TVs no I swear the first AG is going to get an EVP oh my god run i'm not gonna run devil run I'll surpassed and i'm getting i cannot run that fast

open open wait up wait up wait up um we're in arnhem is a forgery spot it's a place of gas i will actually make a separate video announcing that i'm going to do an event at this place what is an Ag you know you guys know that I got problems pronouncing this ok so we'll be there in a minute in a hot minute all math

ok you see the benches okay maybe just inside that's cool makeup haha ok let's take a seat oh ok we're all gathering together here to see what's going to be in these bags okay you guys ready it goes the first 10 11 all but not i thought it was good i thought it was good boot oh that sucks ok that's number one second one you press it so it doesn't his AG oh yes yes nice that means we can evolve this one

look at this we can finally make a protest entry number 139 in our pokedex that is insane okay that's one good one bad right now let's do the next one come on which is this one going to be 0 nice nice nice nice Lapras all it as frost breath and dragon bills that is insane

nice nice nice nice yo metal tiger on ya gotta believe it is Spencer the trade of all bhutto and your lapis are amazing busy boy John yeah easy boy just not just the beer right now if we got something good you got what i want i want to make it in time an you did it you did it nice alright guys next one yeah they're 6xs ok we go to you by now walk one nicki minaj nicki minaj don't

need are we don't need her you don't need her you press it ok let me press it it will definitely be a Navy of course it's gonna be a yell if it's gonna be easy oh yes oh my god niggas in Bogota X Y long i got this one under the 40 wow oh my God look at that

H pedo 305 that's crazy just one more we need all my night we need all my night come on we need all my knives and I 1001 I'd come on almond eyes o.o aerodactyl that's not bad that's we're getting nice diverse pokemon at least I don't have to give away a mark on because you know i got my TV's ok I literally said like if I got my knees I'm giving away my count

oh man who wants to press out press it that's his AG come on come on magic haha so much for the magic touch what's this book about here I know that name of course I know what I want to yell it right now yes you do it has to go before asking for it yeah guys in the shots you want

to hear it we're going to see people are already calling it people already yeah people are already calling our time alright three measures a fucker ok those school next up i don't know how many more we got right now but we we got like one or two more I think you please be good i'm gonna start my answer sucks do we got one more

yes and I didn't have my phone I tonight overnight just put your phone down and just watch it oh no serious 3 y.o this was pretty high though I think that's it nice Wow chance to finally I finally got my chance see and we're going to evolve this kabuto we're gonna involve this computer and get into kabutops it all man

this one right here have a computer right now I'm going to make my kabutops finally checked any RP off i don't care and I know before Caputo is just our man just spoken xpac attacks we've got three pincers aerodactyl kabuto chancy Eric after open forgot the rest Lapras jinx and i think that's it are there we go go boots finally that is insane

we'll need one more pokemon for the project to complete I need a I need to catch two overnights and I need to have chairs are ya i called me yesterday yeah like that and I don't know yeah I know that's insane tonight man guys take a look at this going to go to the pokédex car 140 seen 140 so I need chairs are right there which is just terrible the rest is pretty filled up uh I need to take a trip to Japan 483 which is

far-fetched we add we just need almond almond night to get into almost are and then we also need a wheelchair so that's literally the only two that we need so yeah wow those crazy guys I'm going to be sure to upload this to youtube so that way you guys got to see what exactly is going on i got into an Ivy check on the the lepers that we just got think it was this one

yeah frost breath and trackballs not about the fourth graders little bit better then at least I got candy now Lapras what is the IP 1657 HPS 161 but this is 2500 who so it can be it can be 80 that's what transfer but no its track we made it we made a deal 90-plus let's try reef I've yeah that's true . about that yeah you're saying i will only be that night daddy attacks are so good

okay I'll do it I'll do i'm doing i'm transferring this reference just like Johnny promise there's a bit but a free man all dang i'm hungry and an EV that's crazy freaking pincer man hit the dad can I cannot that don't ask me to do something so embarrassing like I'm not the type to that all man that was crazy it was honestly really crazy no don't transfer that's a little too late though it's a little too late

yeah yeah well people are saying we're cherish our is located i mean i can like chat teleport there and even if I did them niantic which is bad me why did you transfer the lepers because the IV of the lappers is not good enough you know he transferred the Lapras all my other channels but quickly see you guys I hate you for that no you know there's something you guys need to understand which it if you take

it from my perspective you know I only one pokemon with him IV of ninety percent or above not if you have no idea what I these are provider google it or they're different videos i'll make a video on that this week but if the IV which is the perfection rate of the boat was not good enough to see please not going to be higher it's not going to be high enough either so that's the thing like I don't want to

invest time and effort into a pokemon that i'm going to end up replacing little bit data because the other pokémon is better is better than the other so that's my whole perspective on the icy thing and then why I transferred the the leprous and the things you want to save about stores for the high people yeah like I'm literally I'm literally like a I'm literally short one starts now this dragon is kind of an exception is like

64 but my first pokemon x 3000 so for dragonite I literally make an exception but that's the only pokemon I'm really make an exception for and Snorlax at the same time as well for that you didn't even know about the RV yeah exactly so died had he spoken already so once again to break it down we got a Kabuto we got prints are we got chancy we got EV we got jinx we got this error ducktail we have another pincer and we have another pincer and whoever

put up so that's four pencils 33 pincers chancy this from my school's buto can use also them yeah yeah I had a candy I involved with 50 I've of 14 candy again so i actually had like I think like 30 know like 25,000 starters out of all these acts so that's pretty cool so the next goal for me look at the chance geography okay i guess i will do

that in fact a chance eiv don't know for sure to Genesis kind of joke of a pokemon like you will think the chance is really great but to be honest chance he isn't really that great but the idea of chancy is eighty-two percent so yeah but a chance he's not a pokemon that i'm going to end up like using in any way shape or form because even though chance he has a home a lot of health are it doesn't make it a good pokémon because the defense of chances really low and because of that chance is not really gonna be very valuable in the gym basically whatever I'm doing in Genesis like I'm trying to be on the top so that way like my pokémon gets taken on the last and that way I'll get more water whenever i'm claiming my pocket coins like right now but here you see at the top I got two gems in my possession right now I'm hoping for coins so yeah so that basically wraps up everything that we did next up my next goal is going to be to go to level 35 I still got 170,000 experience to go so i think i'll be able to do that before midnight it's like 530 right now so once again really happy for 140 pokemon which is kind of like the magic magic bar dad for from you know 142 of course perfect but 143 great and I just going to say that you know there's many cheaters and hackers or without their I didn't legitimately so I'm really proud of the accomplishments that i did so I'm just gonna say Oh actually we also did a very interesting here for another one matches well yeah okay guys we're gonna be wrapping things up here uh I'll be back again later tonight I think with another Pokemon go video I'm not sure about the all-wise tomorrow should be pretty interesting video in that video I'm going to be catching mr. mine Dragonite and muck so be sure to stay tuned for that anyway that be such as will say thank you guys so much for watching stay awesome i'll see you guys back again soon you want to say something one last time.

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You're spending your days meandering about outside searching for those incredibly elusive pokemon in pokemon go are you even sure your collection of rare pokemon is as complete as it can be well keep watching to ensure your search is all-encompassing because here are the 20 rarest pokemon in pokemon go a bag thing. Let's take a look at 20 rare and secret Pokemon so far: 

  • Mew , Mewtwo , Moltres , Zapdos , and Articuno
  • Ditto
  • Dragonite
  • Farfetch’d
  • Mr. Mime
  • Alakazam
  • Kangaskhan
  • Porygon
  • Lapras
  • Snorlax 
  • Tauros
  • Aerodactyl
  • Charizard
  • Blastoise
  • Venusaur
  • Magmar
  • Chansey
  • Hitmonlee
  • Hitmonchan
  • Gyarados

20. Gyarados

This water type sea dragon desk pokemon is just waiting around for you to catch

absolutely not they're slippery in the wild but use your incense bombs and liberally and you may find one to add to your pokédex it's the evolved beasts of the boring Magikarp but don't try evolving this mundane fish just yet because you're need 400 freaking candy to evolve it which means that you'll have to find at least a hundred of these boring helped us fish

19. Hitmonchan

Put up your dukes and square off against this fighting-type pokémon if you can find him whether or not you'll ever stumble across this quick stepping fighter may depend on your region but the overall consensus is that the fists of fury are not generally easy to find.

18. Hitmonlee

An alternative to tie road other final forms hitmonchan and hit on top it only is about as rare as it is strange looking if you happen across the no mouth writer be sure to act quick or else you might lose the chance to add it to your roster

17. Chancey

This adorable sweet looking ball of pink is not one you'll likely stumbleupon but if you do be sure to grab one to take advantage of its high stamina HP and of course dem curves.

16. magma

When you feel things starting to heat up chances are there's a mac mall around actually because this fiery pokemon is so rare you're probably just experiencing the effects of summer heat nevertheless it may be a good idea to keep an eye out for the flaming magma just in case luck is on your side.

15. Venusaur

This evolved form of Ivysaur and bulbs or looks like a fat bowl this frog like plant with teeth but it's a rare that bulbous frog-like club with teeth the path to Venus or should start with catching a Bulbasaur and some farming of evolution candies all 125 candies needed to evolve to the final form or you could just walk around dozens of parks but you're probably still not find one.

14. Blastoise

Like Venus or adding a blastoise to your pokedex could be a matter of starting off with the squirtle and evolving it with 125 evolution candy though the farming will take a bit of time it may wind up being quicker and easier than actually stumbling upon this rare water-type pokemon.

13. Charizard

Take a Charmander and add 125 evolution candies and what do you get if you said Charizard you'd be correct but there's no fun in just farming candy to evolve your pokemon right half the fun is scoping out areas to actually catch one but Charizard may prove to be a bit nightmarish to try and find.

12. Aerodactyl

like the extinct pterosaur this aerial pokemon is named after Aerodactyl is not something you'll likely find in the wild if you do know be sure to jump at the chance to snag one tho found mostly in open areas arrowed app tool has been apt in places as odd as a mexican kitchen and downtown disney.

11. Tauros

Unless you're doing your Pokemon hunting in north america chances are you aren't going to come across this bovine hidden in more desert-like places toro should fit well into any growing pokemon collection.

10. Snorlax

Often we find the rarest of something is the best of it the oversized sleepy snorlax is as rare as it is powerful bringing plenty to the field should you be able to actually find one want to hold a gym as your own a high-level snorlax is a pretty good bet.

9. Lapras

Laprez labeled as a mythical pokemon x pokemon go aficionados this water-type pokemon is mostly found in places of water like beaches and peers that doesn't mean you're guaranteed to find one of these sly feens as they're known for being incredibly rare as well as pretty powerful

8. Porygon

Porygon is about as odd looking as they come depicted as a sort of living origami piece if you do happen to come across this bizarre pokemon jump on the chance to grab it and it's proven to be quite the evasive creature to catch.

7. Kangaskhan

Pokemon go plays in Australia and New Zealand they find an abundance of kangaskhan glittering about what plays all over the world are going to be exploring for quite some time before they happen across this kangaroo pokemon if they ever happen - it's rumored that kangaskhan is available outside of australia and new zealand but still incredibly rare.

6. Alakazam

This psychic type pokemon with an amazing the starch is an amazing find in pokemon go that is if you can find him named as one of the strongest pokemon in the game Alakazam is also very rare with an average dps rating of 32.9 he's worth searching for and adding to your collection

5. Mr. Mime

You may not want to add this freaky clown like pokemon to your pokédex but the smiley face of mr. mine is so rare that to actually snag one would be a great feat unless you're in Europe or hatch him from an egg mr. mine is going to be pretty difficult to come across.

4. Farfetch’d 

There's a reason this flying Pokemon is named far-fetched. We're not sure what it is but we like to think it's because capturing it in pokemon go is a pretty far-fetched idea especially if you live outside of Asian regions oddly enough despite how rare far-fetched is it's also known as being pretty weak and useless.

3. Dragonite

Dragonite everyone - dragon of your own well catching a dragonite may be your best bet but even that's not going to be an easy task to accomplish you can certainly captured dragonite in the wild so it's going to be extremely hard to find otherwise you can start from scratch and capture a bunch of dratini to eventually evolved into a dragonite either way you have plenty of work ahead of you.

2. Ditto

Ditto is an extremely rare pokemon but thanks to the antics of one Pokemon go player not quite the rarest this shapeless blob like pokemon is one of seven hidden in the game's coding but youtuber frozen a quick apps Lloyd around with the games internals and forced an encounter with ditto. It wasn't meant to be at the game crashed when they tried to toss the potable.

1. Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno

You may be wondering why these five Pokemon were lumped into one group they are as rare as they come mostly because it's believed there yet to be released into the world currently existing only in the game's coding for possible future events furthermore only recently niantic CEO John Hanke has suggested that you could only acquire one of each of the legendary bird pokémon corresponding to the team urine for example plays into Mystic can get Articuno plays in team valla can get motors and players in team instinct can get zapped those if you happen to find yourself face to face with one of these legendary critters you could become the ultimate Pokemon master ever caught one of these rare pokemon or which one are you hoping to find the most share your story in the comments below thanks for watching and subscribe to be amazed.

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Hey whats up guys TheCampingRusher here welcome back to another video on pokemon go and yes on another I'm not another one but an updated version of the pokemon go hack that I've showed off in the last video now I know you know lots of people disagree with this some people do agree with that I've told you my opinion I like people like me I shouldn't really be using I you know i-i've been level 12 for the last three episodes i don't really use the hack too much i'm mostly showing it off for the videos but if you're someone like me you're even you know if you're living in a place city with lots of people then you shouldn't use the thing but if there's people in circumstances who aren't able to leave the house or if there's people who are living in rural areas and they don't have the opportunity that people do in like LA and all these places with tons of pokemon that oppose that this hack gives them that I mean that advantage to catch up to everyone else who has the advantage so there's my opinion you like it you dislike it totally up to you bet so here we go basically this is the one with a joystick we did in the last video and any tutorial or anything how to get this i don't do the tutorial but i'll link a tutorial down below i'm just showing off the features today so how it works i guess the changes that have been made but first of all just a quick review is in your settings you can get rid of the map just by doing that with the am at the top and what you're seeing here is you can show joystick you dis map just dismiss map on walk here I keep that like that fake location remember right here is the important one i'm not i'm trying to switch it off it's not working i have it on keep fake location on or not going to be able to walk places with the joystick because it's keeping your relocation now time to save location this one basically mean this one's important so this one of the cool updates before the update 45 minutes i think was the max but the new updated version you can click forever and what that means is if i decide to you know look on my my my no map for my map whatever and tap here say it's you know 10 hour walk away and I walk there when i reset my phone or whatever it will save my location there so you can actually travel places now and not reset back to your home if you turn your game off for like 45 minutes so that's a really cool new update to the Pokemon go half that allow you to do more other thing they've added now as well is another speed so I think before I don't know what it was foot like the maximum speed hasn't changed but there's now an in-between so there's walking running biking and driving so there's four rather than 3i think it's 24 I mean we can go outside we can say we're done with the settings for now we can go here and i can see so it's one two four and eight ok so 8 is the maximum speed and it's the same as it was before same speed but now there's an in-between again another cool part of the update i don't think we missed anything in settings by Willoughby reshare pokemon i think this is all we saw in the last video and all self-explanatory next thing here is the map now this one is a little weird to explain but i'll explain i may or may not be able to demonstrate it will try our best I'm actually what I should do is is tap to walk here if it lets me but I'm just gonna and you can see the eight times you go real real fast if you go too long just be careful it may get rid of it may you be making a soft man or a band and then also here's what i wanted to show so once you pass a pokemon on it went away there for a second but once i get near a pokemon are in some sort of distance you can actually click right on it's like say you know i'm walking pretty fast right now say i miss something that looks you know looks fairly cool looks like a pokemon i want to go back and get just like this one right here i tap that one on the right and it will take me right to it right there boom just like that i can go and he's walking around a lot now and then I can catch the pokemon in this is gonna be like look at this this is inception good i had to do that with 350 70 that's not too bad for uh for an old level 12 will say that right ok my pokemon throwing skills dude at all absolutely on part ok I'm embarrassing myself I'm embarrassing myself see this why don't think we got a great do I catch him or do I not catch him what are the odds

what are the odds i get 0 to 30 357 s9s em see I'm an ultimate new bet this game and I i played a bit at the start but I don't play much anymore so just like that and I don't think that's a new feature but that is one of the nice features that i didn't explain too well in in the last episode so same thing here if we if we I think if we walked away from this thing i'm not too sure it would allow once it goes off the screen i don't know if it will appear and you

can tap to it i don't think you can but next thing is the map you can see on my map here any Pokemon that I pass actually comes up on the map and I can tap them so it comes up so i'm not too sure if I didn't explain this well last time or if I did if it was just or if it's part of the new update but we didn't look at this last time so i thought this was one of the main reasons we're doing it so its Pokemon that coming it's a little weird because lots

of these pokemon I've walked by right I just I clicked have to walk so I've walked a bit further outside of the screen you're seeing now but once you pass them here on the on the map you're able to see how long they're going to stay there what type of pokemon is and how far away it is from you so it's super super cool and I don't know if I looked at last time now the problem man's I don't know

if it comes up with because here there's five pokemon on here i don't think i've walked by five pokemon so it's a little weird that way where you're able to see you're definitely able to see any of the pokemon you pass and see the stats on them like how many minutes til að spawn how far away they are what type of pokemon but my question is the thing I'm trying to figure out but i think it works like half of the time it's like obviously not all the time but for

certain areas that you're in there must be a radius where you're able to see even pokemon that you didn't go pass so it's a radar of type so if you you know the best way to do it is you walk guess like just click the places you can and you can go anywhere on the map right and use this this walk your button and your character will begin to come when there's a nice a bit

oh my god you don't think I'm ever caught any of these do i could go over there i just clicked on them so i should be walking straight to what is this thing right here is this the is this the legendary awhile dratini oh my god I've never called her teeny I don't know why I'm getting super hyper okay i'm sorry i'm sorry what do I do here what do I do back back back raspberry feed him yeah you take that ok i'm going to focus up to you i just went

from explaining mode to possibly catching my first routine all i gotta come on come on great ball i'm using a great ball dude no doubt give me a catcher give me a catch-22 no way no way don't run for me don't run for me alright ladies gentlemen this way no I don't want the great but I want the

raspberry eat another round very always around Barry every turn on this guy i know all those a terrible toss terrible toss please don't run away oh my God he's so tough he's so tough why all i got him that time I got him so this is like see without this I would have been able to catch this thing I would have been able to see all I got it I got it but woe a dratini man i always see people bagging or bragging about catching these things

there you go new pokemon con man so uh yeah I mean that's one of the ways to do it so it's very using the actual map is probably the best way to go about it and you just walk really far and you basically if you look around on the map area and you're able to track down any Pokemon you want to go after see how long its left see how far it is away see what type of pokemon is a Pokemon radar within the app it's super cool alright next thing that I probably the last

thing I didn't explain too well that I actually pretty pretty understand pretty well now so right here is an IV calculator and this is individual values i live probably wrong on that i'm not too sure but basically what it means is it's alright here i have it sorted right now based on IV so these are my pokemon sorted by their best IV and I think how to explain i mean correct me if I'm

wrong in the comments so my star you has the best chance of wetland best chance for if I evolved this star you it's going to be better than any other pokemon i think ratio wise because of its IV and I think this is because its attack defense and stamina so its actual values and it's um you know its actual points uh attack defense of stamina points are higher compared to CP or they're just hire engine oh I think it's

higher compared to CP would make sense and oh my god do 572 jinx I didn't know I had a CP level that high but yeah so individual values this really helps you tell which Pope and there's ones online right but this actually built into the hack it tells you which Pokemon are you should be evolving and you should be putting power-ups into that basically it shows potential i think is a good way to explain it and you can filter your Pokemon you know with combat power and

so you can see even though i got a 302 or let's just say 429 rapidash it only has a 57.8 percent IV so that might not be the one I want to evolve and power up i might want to wait for a future what I don't even know if you can involve a rapidash that might be i might be wrong there but basically higher percent is good those are the ones you want to evolve and power up last thing I mean I think we've looked at this is a you know this how you have your eggs with your locking feature that's the same still 8 times 2 times 4 times 1 times the speed this is tap to walk you can talk about on and off and then you can click the home button if you want your character to travel back to where you are ladies and gentlemen that is the updated pokemon go hack if you guys want to see more on this again you have your opinions whether you hate it or you like it.

I do enjoy learning about these things and learning about how different people are helping you know who are modifying the game but also helping out people who may not have the advantage that people in big cities have whether you like it or not if you live in a big city I would say you've got a little bit of an advantage just saying that but I you know at the same time you don't need this hack if you live in a little city to catch pokemon. I'm not saying that but other than that ladies gentlemen if you are interested in downloading this bitch actually did it for me so I've got my buddy Mitch did it for me so I've got no idea but i will leave a tutorial down below and yeah if you guys enjoyed touch that like button if you're new around here join the rushes by subscribing my channel i've got lots of other cool content and I'd love to have you on board other than that have a good day talk to you later good bye

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welcome to day two of our Germany postman go adventure and more we can be open but ok let me give myself to you when i went back to get your shoes must be kidding me these guys drop the attack we are about to go in eggs hatching train its journey around the park around a plan or tomorrow might be all right after the River Rhine there you go i was killing we like to thank you Lord always open these I just on the ground like pokemon and this this like kids train little like me that are a little more local park and fuck my God look at the train your lightweight not go to the egg-cam yeah so we follow the trigger Activia this train i'm gonna hatch guys ready for 2 kegs right after winter meters have enough for 700 meters and hatchets 10k a signature this is going to be ready pac not what i was gonna go to work life LOL cool this is the route we're gonna be taking a part of the Cubans for here as well so literally we're going to get back for sure right first things first today though I'm 200 XP off of level 26 let's let's pop any evolution you're in land o 26 for you Vic and seven me what you're looking for Oh lagging behind a spiritual level up that means the movies i found yesterday the potential to be even greater with 900,000 XP now love that sick I guys what we've got very 1111 ponyta revolution no now you put a higher GPA ponytail i do i always still putting money on the line a little bit unfair only something yeah 104 Morgana I got a black eye alright yeah down on a nice play game no power in Hokkaido but I need to start leave behind that would be who we're doing this my friends oh it's happening with your little ICP was hoping you're gonna get I don't win this money even hundred years ever for would like to draw about evolutionary enjoy making sure it was saying right now dude my memory ram behind you both sleep okay for you XP new pokedex 10 quotes always 104 off to whatever whatever guys the ultimate a caching.

Transportation has arrived this is going to hurt your of our eggs yo this is gonna be our little cabin right here that's going on in skilled in going way too big for this 643 personal training his pitch in but honestly this is gonna be the ultimate acting experience it's got some ten days on the way out definitely got 10k and one of those two cases help using the lucky train the boys are coming squeeze the latest I is like button news we're not made for this right Ramona just set off an acute victory in translation and off ready for caddies many fat boys to give almost stuff missing out by not keeping my car iraq now capture 1.2 active that's why don't people to know i'm not a storefront into ki-67 gradually what is not actually what is not bottled don't want you my number two number two I hey come on baby come on John and your child my god let's go six off your body but will hold another one day we're gonna be what's it gonna be come find one what's it gonna be watching train bring some love baby all right all right leg locks are fucking go to vote Morgan has been great big right it would we want when we want to t mean I for just behind an ordinary exactly what never had a doubt anyone Shannon.

I've never hide behind if you guys don't like I'm getting off the train i guess not i'll be happy getting off the train and go home ok there's so much pressure on it yeah colon cancer just thinking you know your neighbors jail nah I just know I just know that's the only taking a bigger half of the moment and it depends on if I don't like things are going down thank you this guy right it is lost them it's a wild orange capture volumen these guys are outfit located what is he there come on it look at that come from beautiful beautiful great technique captain we're missing our folks cause boys come on getting this always every five have nice looking at least give it an extra snake you connect a complete our first round trip here on the egg hatching train of amazing this and the luck does not finish there because we're going to do another lap we're going to have many that we need to and look what i just got more focused on what is that what is that you see at $TIME n fresh 10k egg my friend that is going to be incubated and hopefully I don't get a freaking pincer right buttock is strong on the egg caption mi6 for that actually one of my best best qualifications going out over 600 square to potentially so I'm not alter bored because the start pumping so hard captain yeah they just they love jumping out so fingers crossed this goes well wonder no don't know their unknown air on buddy chill out try go for curveball shall goes in telling me that I need to do cardcaptors will be complete ok ok ok ok enough of action with apple is it okay that I'm 2mon long around okay dog walk went back to picking up some you actually care about yourself and second floors tonight we don't want we don't know a good description and going anywhere your pops it on a great front sometimes he hits one headlight don't understand that wasn't a great throat one oh my gosh started pokemon ya level five hundred he's going to become more knowledgeable yeah thank you please going to get to know you could ask you how's that look great don't get that just outside the ring.

ok one gods took their you dare little bugger back on the spin behind nice ok nice ultra spinball throw to the old Gunnar that going to arise as checking on the candies of got water which involved in a way to isolate Lord candies that's forty percent of the way to the bastards you know what that's also the great camera audio track number of hardness against the teacher third round

I got the egg patent rain continues how many we will have at least 10 15 and I'll actively we got lots two brothers 10 k's also you will that go into 3 2 k's honesty like I've got a venusaur his box or height for the one trauma and i will do and what school you know I was gonna kick off freeway boys you ready for this morning interview what's it gonna be become all waiting at the waist my case yeah five came here to kick gonna say yeah you're ok now if I don't know what's going on here but eggs are hatching that important thing right now come on baby oh you're good to have a grandmother of the golden so 4980 simply to that ok now the ones being slow this magical that magic arts school a lot of walking without know and it's been so many magic cards they're already know really good don't be a dick CP 139 are almost 500 ok forex euro genes actually change the glad you raised me to be gone all the way back to that and actually covered in order to think about now 142 not even good ones and for was your last 11 13 of your cast yes yeah 170 I said you should go looking for you to ruin our Lord you are now it's time for whom we need like a lot more lately I think you fuck Mike wished it never had that I didn't know it

no i don't know how many what are those 80 y going down on that Pope still have your good the luck of the egg train is continuing to Lachlan look for you get something later cubone sport i was kidding in baby we catch this guy will be so proud to be able to get a power act white here in the park my mom was a single no no no you're not

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm gonna be mine let's get going thank God getting it all and then I'm stuck with like you even notice you're gone oh my God look what the egg train boarded baby oh look at that another one was this my what happened because catches everything is the losi

he needs a whole Police easy capture yes . already hold no no no he would be good for something hopeful one-hit-wonder with alia y'all right now that your mom come on come on one sure know what kind of deal with six da stargo c'mon look at them yeah come on come on yeah there we go that's more squared times today already that

brings up to 44 Happy's love that show off the rage of yesterday's EV episode this is the first time since there's only 2 87 but as always I'm always gonna be on the lookout for mad tv abortion this isn't a one but hopefully at some point germany trip we can find another 700 Evie hi guys how are you finding a train out on the street yeah I really do hours two hours going around and around after 43 in our trips now for our performance right but we decided we're

gonna have to leave it alone for the moment we gotta go back to do is we actually did some work stuff but that is definitely been the best way of hatching eggs ever lost or 10k on the go and almost ready to catch- it's about halfway to good it's good it's not closing 42 of 25 cave before being so far the ultimate make hacking and sewed leaving the train behind but the fun doesn't finish it

alright well the bad news is that Lofton pancake was it often was it was it wasn't you baby is a 580 even that I feel so bad for you man the good news is I've got 25 k eggs so both ways to get vulpix actually invite case but that b roll it comes out of the ground this as well i'm still looking for definitely not going too far from hatching eggs yo no we haven't been able go today

okay now I'm gonna learn and it's a good resource to it they're just remember actually I still have a hundred i forgot the way Robin I definitely another ball pic though I've only ever seen like I think he ever has to make this so rare ball pictures I need you guys had a great day hatching eggs on the train has been amazing waiting for Lachlan 10k the hatch and as I come right here to the computer in the middle

clone not like it was a 631 squirts you mad right now you know what's gonna happen it's gonna run on me and we're gonna be the best ground with raspberry eligibles you got very old friends welcome to know right now we're not so much more in school so I'm gonna go call cabinet I should've come get your great-great we're in trouble throwing no color for it could be good when a second roll your your banner that first go look at that

so now I think we're close to picking 47 can just 63 1 square to find the average do that not what I click the eye bruh disappeared doesn't have her in the lower as well you know what to do good i am going to actually bowled by cubone an Marowak enough hands from the spawner where the train walls we're gonna wait for law firms 10 eggs hatch cookies mr. mind while i was there mr. Miley and mr. might have been mad so we're going to do that guy's gonna be

awesome look who decided to show up and walked around a little bit it sounds I never do sports are going to grab myself a little Abra but look I've never in my life seen that many loads in one spot like done with that and we're heading in that direction as well alright guys been an amazing day of hatching eggs and we're gonna finish it

off with three more to ks the most were going to evolve by to bone into America you got your tent peg yeah one more coming as well yes i do is secret but we can't give it away guys so I'm going to focus on my you're not together tractor yeah i'm actually looking on imagine i'm not gonna happen more wine your mind yet yeah fire came in when you're right you're 63 and get a job

okay i don't like I'm ready for action and you act mad like to make sure you got you fam ok let me handle this new back did you wrap it right back there going it's that I hate don't want it to be good know now you hate that are already down to one final a little bit so on your quick wait hold on board ok applying us to assure that there's a good where I'm

going to do don't involve a cuban-american me a brand new evolution his wife i'm adding your magic carpet that much from admin for best American x 768 pretty good right now like the bar as my predictions predictions behind i'm honestly I'm like most elite thousand really not thousands of kids your basket big difference so fixing a thousand fifty walking singing I'm saying 1,000 253 again we're going to get this is my first time getting my right knee is good

boy we're gonna do you think they go home if anyone gets to bang on to get through down to dollars from me back to that all looking later . look at every moment trouble is home you've got these populations well Oh everything control I should show you see Terry go oh wow neglect so underwhelming multiplies the motor fire right now sir Graham oh oh it's going on locally i know well you

know what guys we will count up how many extra passions episode it is being mad hope you enjoyed me hangout Lawson and because we've got more German pogo adventures coming to stay tuned thanks very much for watching you guys next time we go

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alrighty what is going on guys that is locked in here and welcome back to a brand new pokemon go video today we're going to be going over the brand new pokemon guard tracking system that's right you guys remember yesterday they actually just had the latest update to pokemon go which added this new beta tracking system to a select few bunch of people have been popping up on the internet and i want to show you that because it looks really cool but funny enough to everyone else they did actually change the tracking system and how it works right now and it's gonna be quite interesting to show you guys hopefully later in this episode how you can find any other pokemon right now with the current tracking system the one that just shows extra blades of grass sorry sightings it's now been changed the sightings and you know they also added the ability to change your username that you good luck getting one it's not picked yet so few lucky people that did get access to this beta feature of tracking pokemon it is actually really freaking cool now as you can see those two sections right now which is called nearby and sightings so deciding so just like they are at the moment that's where you can you know find the blades of grass pokémon all that boring kind of stuff and then there's the nearby ones which is actually really awesome so each Pokemon has like a little picture car like a polka star next to it and that kind of indicates where that pokemon is right as you can see opens up the zubat in real time and it shows where it is on the map right now now I don't know this just works with combined polka stops at the moon because i had a lower down and pretty much saying look this at the Lord and you know you can see the infamous little three steps they're popping up over the pokey stop that goes over the King LA and it's on the other side that's not a lower pokemon but it is at the pokey stock now this beta tracking system I don't know how I feel about it because from what it looks like it only relies off of pokey stops and I still just think we should get some trying to traditional track of them were cruel players that you don't even have poopy stops and this is like the only real kind of footage we've seen so far of the

beta tracking system so of course i would also like to say that if anybody out there was a viewer actually has access to this beta system and wants me to try it out I would definitely like to have a go at it so if you do somehow it hit me up on my business email or Twitter and yeah I'll see i don't know i would love to do it for an episode try the new better tracking system would be

awesome and I definitely it's a step in the right direction with this whole you know actually able to hunt poke one you see them on the map this is where you go find your pokemon and honestly once the trackers fix the ad trading yet battles this game is going to go right back up hopefully the popularity that have when it first launched and i'm very excited and i honestly hope that once this gets launched all the third-party pokemon

vision websites whatever there's a couple hanging around right now I have no provision of course your turn this service off i hope they get shut down because this is how the game is going to be played and it's gonna be very exciting once and when it comes out but until then there is still a way that you can find pokemon in your nearby or sightings list I should be saying i'm gonna show you this cool little theory that out today let's get it

so although the new update pokemon guard didn't really change much apart from adding the blades of grass it did actually make it so that the sightings list updated more frequently so before in the past it would just stay in your nearby list it would really go away but now that's more accurate and will you know go in and out when you walk we can use it to try and like I guess i would say triangulate but like old assume you've got three angles we've got like

five that's five angles knocked out of tangling dr. angling after tangling ya 6 i'm gonna give a big shout-out to read it uses a Zac real for this awesome diagram an explanation of how you can use this method to try and find any Pokemon your sightings list and today we're going to be using a drone to try and give you a buzz idea of how it works and unfortunately this method doesn't exactly work too easy and suburban neighborhoods because you know you're

going through houses and whatnot but I should be awesome you guys to see and should be pretty fun to test this is a diagram of what we'll be testing in today's video you see a Pokemon you go oh sick that's awesome your position a so what do you do you walk down as far as you can in one direction to position B to try and find the edge of the circle when it disappears you put down to stop you turn back around and you go out the

other way to see and that's when i'll cut up again so you know like around whereabouts you are in the circle or where the edges are the circle then you go back down in between c and be defined d and then you're in the middle of the circle and at that point you got either either way did you find the Pope one or the other out of the circle and you should be able to find the pokemon so we're gonna test

it out here we go so we didn't exactly have markers but Taylor the other cameraman you know doesn't like to pick up after all the bottles so we have many many models for marking we're just gonna make sure that look like with littering and of course they got Elliot the drone yeah

elegos alright the place where out originally didn't have any Pokemon so we're going across this bridge right now and funny enough there's a store lacks broken the bridge hopefully there's some park on this side and now we're gonna show you guys how to box alright let's get this party started the drawing is up in the air and we're just

waiting for a fresh ballpark want to appear in our sightings and I've got the spirit right here it's just appeared out of nowhere so we're gonna try and hunt it down to start off we're gonna try find our . be going to run straight in that direction over there and see when our boy spirit will disappear and that will give us the point beyond the sighting sir let it soak more appear in your sightings if you are within 200 meters radius of them so you can use

that trying to pinpoint where about you r on the circle of it so let's keep going to round of the hatch so casual my really going to 10k on this too so it's a pigeon the magical spirit great ok so spirits disappeared so spirits just disappeared right here at this point so using that information we can tell that this is the edge of the radius sorry that we must be somewhere out in this direction this direction so we're

gonna go that way until he comes back in and then disappears yeah thats be yeah so it's actually a lake on the other side and that means we're not gonna be able to have it disappear and reappear so just a guesstimate and you've got you know a little bit of a radius to work with spoken up here between 5-10 minutes away from you anyway so we're going to

assume that we've just run a hundred meters this way that means at this point right here is . see . these all the way out there this is points if the middle of the stuff somewhere that means that spirit is it on this axis with the lure of their war it's back to hear that I'm right in between on this line sorry i'll start with don't get the bus no often today for you to spit there is this spirit and that we go this was the

right side to pick Stewart it's just writing here is exactly my taxes that we pretty much just along that and that's it it takes a little bit of guests checking and sometimes the purple mighty small boy gets room but it's like the effective only guessing exact way to find work 11 deciding so assuming we'd gone the other way that would have reached 2.18 BC spawn and we're going back the other way anyone on this

obviously this tactic isn't as good in suburban neighborhood when your houses and whatnot not exactly going straight line but it's places like a park and whatnot so what you have a lake it makes a little hotter as well we're just going to get them a 2400 meters in that's your axis across them back and you'll find the pokemon eventually oral these bus we got it cures don't

thankfully this year over here let us to like three other part wants our i will have to be so the best thing about this whole method is that you actually run around a lot and your eggs you know the hatch little parts so I've got two point seven days left on this 10k and then 4 K's on the other one we go ahead and check this in the incubator as well but i am always parachute about Demi led me to a goldmine folks

alright guys let's go to do for today's pokemon it go buddy unfortunate make too much progress what we did on those 10 KS just want to show you this whole tackle store and read it and a big thank you to the reddit user submitted the post down below if you guys want to read more into depth about it but hopefully soon we'll be able to test out this new better features that i showed earlier in the video and I once again like I said if anybody does have access to this on the

account please would be also get in contact with you and try it out myself but until then guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys tomorrow with an awesome Pokemon go video later guys

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are you guys welcome back to a brand new episode of the pokemon and Gary series blog whatever you want to call it today is a big day it's gonna be a long day this episode we'll probably spend across two days because in four hours my flight to Germany yes germany leaves from Brisbane Australia more than 24 hours it's going to be painful or gonna catch a mr. much for those who don't know I said a couple times the blogs and whatnot but i'm actually going to gamescom in Germany I think it's colored is how it's pronounced and looks like Colin's it to learn to all be going with GIS trailer for this awesome battlefield one of that which i don't think i can chat too much about you guys will see all that on the second channel and of course my social medias you haven't already itís yes go ahead for me Instagram Twitter lots of fun stuff going to happen in the next couple of days including I would be doing it some episodes with ali-a and fixed up we've been doing some like transfer challenges going out hunting down the elusive mr. mine need to get one need to get one in the UK Europe whatever Japanese europe europe mr. mom show off my Kangas gone because not all have one good times are ahead of us the only problem is i need to film a couple more videos I don't have any second channel videos while I'm gone

sighs a little bit of a problem but the packing scenario god bless mom has laid everything out for me because Gardner's what I would do without her they can have my brother start that's great yeah i'm gonna wake up my brother 2 30am it's currently just possibly like 1230 like two hours for you to wake him up and I still need a pack bunch of things before we leave but yeah we'll

see how we go hopefully find some things the airport we'll see maybe try catching on the airplane see if that works out this time react you guys excited for the journey triple the pokemon gold logs let me know like writing down below let's start this trip off something awesome and I haven't slept sir I'm dead but one important note is that on the way over there I have business class on the way back i have economy so on the way there it's

gonna be great and on the way back it's going to be hell it's like hell inhale and did not inform the way back already it's off to the airport already we're here at 3am flight leaves at five but we get to go in the the business checking lines this is gonna be interesting in that it's hot and pokes at the airport and what we're going to find here

Magic Mike Charlie lip ok this is with airports dead it's like 3am 320m but works very much sir going off at the airport no res but you know some folks don't learn down either or also guys have a look at this already boom 10k boys is a triple our setup i can get this going I could sit here and take benefit of what is pretty much a quad lower set up or you're chill at the business emirates lounge something

wow that is actually put one on the air filter the position i'm testing in your leg meta to see if about in hatch eggs fall taxing but gets crappy I'm gonna get should confront photographs hope my boy out here hash and eggs for right yeah saving

right on top of the world save the world I got like three hours and you know this setup is proper insane yellow tablet screen and TV mrs.

microphones yeah little goodie bag here don't understand shaving cream and motivation that's actually pretty lit get a free shaving kit

ridiculous catch just working and lunchtime this is incredible this

yeah desert looking very very fresh deadly wonderful ending centuries out there freeze I case this is pretty cool or into by right now in the emirate / just like

this we let me show you like this little private room and then you're all the way down there and they give you like sucks and I shades in case you just want to pass out in the business lounge know that it's not bad attempt that would you settle better thing is that there is actually perfect longer in dubai didn't actually think that have it but they do and we definitely some of these parking stops now on the way in I did actually managed to cat let me show you he was

right there managed to catch this bad boy over here and that means that we now have enough Candis if I just transferred because I'm gonna do I got a bit of a better ground somewhere that transfer look yes how's it going did hello I'm sitting just sitting here playing for going beyond the wall so thanks just sitting there plants and her come on guy and

what's your name buddy how about a bond nice to meet you i'm just i just got a ground-floor window but you are kinda think just checking out you know you're underneath put the lowdown always you always like that so I'm going to lower down that's so sick it's got this guy right here right level 744 i'm thinking of evolving just right here right now but I wasn't a way to get some candies we think i think i should

think I'll wait out the candy don't think it'll show for a bit but so yeah I'm going to show here for a bit ride out there we go i just a quick Google because I was like what continent this device upon its not Europe but it can't be aja that it is actually apparently agent so that means we might be able to find a far-fetched here we have to go up and down here we go ok so we've got an hour until I have to start boarding my flight so I'm gonna

run up and down to business class lounge try to get the incense to go off i'm gonna put all the lawyers down i'm getting getting the best doing this Lauren up this whole Airport one by one and we've got a growl fine if we catch this guy will be able to power for other one and hopefully even closer to this like ultra level arcanine can't really put in the work right here going to do two levels to bring it up to 19 41 I can we catch like two or three more or how

we won't start us all completely honest artist oh no not the bird we're looking for and we have a live 5k leg opening video live from the Emirates business lounge we're gonna get about 35 eggs can we get a part pinched I have all these i'll take that i doing it for nine tails in fact that mine actually going on 30 guineas yes ok we'll save that for later nothing yet

Please Please published imagine the seeds imagine the scenes come on oh that's nidoqueen right there's like three revolutions at you this episode of iron it bang-on a hundred again that is that's what that's amazing i could really ask for much better eggs at last one lucky lost imagine imagine the scenes come on we're gonna get an okay that's not too good first her incredible and we'll need them I've never so father with the Pope

wanted to buy it really cool that like partner have a lot of monkeys or geodude ponytails groundless so it's good pokemon that I don't see often look to monkey and we're back an hour later sold grinding at the dubai airport this is what rat these are all the recent catches we've got lately if you have a look just a bunch Geodude a bunch of the coupon you can only see

background machop's Yankees many times growls like even though we didn't pull over the Popish still just like crazy new pond not new but like purple networks you very often background that makes sense so I given by the thumbs up now that's just your math Wow water back vowels yeah I mean . disbelief

yeah I'm gonna be the first person to catch first one of sand sure you are going to be a very expensively got the century hell yeah let's look I believe this hi hi yeah

shower first-time shower unfortunately no GPS doesn't there's no GPS nopes that's my favorite part minibar how to remove

I guess the one thing I don't get this thing every year frightened kids x when Penn entity i doing I'm gonna be riding to in the middle of sky is the one another big fan wine but I'm gonna get like most expensive model whatever it is

Zach and it's free on Perry own that's no chief they want to try caveat first time like mad expensive don't think you're ready for this this is the equipment there's the actual bullet there was a binge with cycles body wash once you thanks for the shower that's right but that's

Oscar and a very expensive whiskey bunch of like random things like like some vital chocolate biscuits together and slippers they even myself I don't know

these ahead Bernardo amenities oh I think I found the amenities Vincent sniff box this is actually unbelief accomplished it. What do you guys think about my my thumb's the dinner preparations the fish x really really I'm excited they're interested. Ravioli what a day ladies and gentlemen the day is finally coming to a raft of just checked in well actually I didn't check in my boy ali-a checked into this room he's actually staying with his girlfriend for the whole weekend instead he's got the spare room here and i visited my room just about an hour ago and it wasn't too good at all the upload speed with 0.1 megabytes how many upload for gigs of footage with 0.1 megabytes it's not happening so instead of here this is the same place that big staying as well how we just recorded one little fun thing for Ali's channel and hopefully we'll be able to do some awesome things this weekend we got some good stuff plan with me Ali Vic the side mesh playing pokemon are pretty much and blogging it's gonna be a great great week and look at this so you'll see on Ali's channel but we didn't EVN evolution at the same time and I like to think I lucked out a little bit i have always one of the highest level v's and got him in 1827 officially my highest level park 1 by 12 levels general that's gonna do it for today's vlog hope you guys did going to enjoy the most of the catching was a dubai airport which was actually chronic carries I've got some good stuff lined

up for tomorrow's episode on arcanine need a queen Vulpix like you said nine tails like it's gonna be crazy hope you guys are excited an epic we go purple gloves you guys are let me know like when you down below and catch you guys tomorrow later guys

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