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If you have ever got to know pugs, they are regarded as huge dogs but captivated in tiny bodies. Their love of running around, playing, having fun and their "courage" which won’t allow them to back down from a fight may surprise those who have never seen pugs, however tiny they are. Generally, they are "sweet" little cuties that would make your hearts melt.


Pugs are energetic and clever little cuties that can be a lot to handle. Because of their love for attention, you may find that they will usually pull off crazy stunts just to get their friends laugh. Also, they are excellent at reading human minds and recognizing expressions, which they can utilize for their advantage. These smart cuties will do whatever they can to their benefit and will even become the owner of the household if you allow them.

Physical Appearance

No words can describe these little dogs as accurately as adorable. Just watch them for a while, you can easily notice that there's no difference between them and the crazily adorable and silly cartoon animals on TV. Their tiny frame but muscular body along with the wrinkled face will either get you to be obsessed with them right away or dislike them. Not everybody loves Pugs appearance, but the fact that you’re reading this tells that you have probably already fallen in love with them.

History of the Breed

This breed has a rich history, rich in both ways you can understand the word. In the ancient times, it was known that pugs spent a great deal of time sitting on laps of the royal peple. Even now they are common amongst various celebrities. The breed's origin is in China, but throughout centuries these dogs have spread their genes all over the world.

Training Your Pug

Although this breed isn’t regarded as the cleaverest dog breed in the world, you just can’t help conceding that they are very cleaver. They can absorb in their mind a whole range of tricks provided that you have the proper training approach. 


As said before, Pugs are really smart dogs. However, that often times results in their fairly stubborness. If one day because of some reasons they don’t like something, you may find yourself ignored all day if they think they can get away with it. It's also easy for them to form habits, which can be either good or bad considering what they are doing. All in all, they are quite obedient, just a little bit obstinate sometimes. But don't worry, just do everything and act as their pack leader, you will see no trouble with their behavior.

Care and Health

All in all, Pugs are very healthy. It's proven from the fact they originated from an old and well established breed that’s been here for centuries. All you need to care for is their face. Due to their different head shape from most other dogs: their face is flat, so they do need some special attention there. Their wrinkles require to be wiped regularly to prevent potential infections.

Right for you?

To be honest, not everyone will choose Pugs as a pet. There's no way that a dog that would match everyone’s preference and needs. This is a tiny dog breed; therefore, they wouldn’t fit people that need a dog to go hiking with them. Their appearance is not for everybody and they also demand more care because of the unique face. I hope you do find it adorable and fun to have them as a friend, and especially have endless love for them, then you can find a way deal with all the responsibility regarding raising pugs.

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A group of Pugs is called a grumble which is adorable

Pugs are a very social breed which make them easy to dress up

In the 16th century, Price William of House orange was saved by his loyal pug. Pompey the Pug woke him up in the middle of the night, alerting him of assassins. After that, the Pug became the official breed of House Orange.


Famous Pug owners: Denise Richards, Ted Danson, and Jessica Alba.

Pugs were bred to sit on the laps of Chinese Emperors, which is probably why thet are not the most athletic breed.

If you are in the market for a pug, remember:

They are social,  

They are extroverts by nature,

They can live in apartments because they need minimal exercise,

They are a very low maintenance breed.

Therefore, Pugs are awesome.

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They've got this really short flat face and these great big bulgy eyes and all these wrinkles around their face they're very humorous. they look like little cartoons with their comical look and neck brace for a body hugs have wanted their way into one of the most popular dogs in the United States. These four-legged little weight lifters usually come in black dawn apricot phone and silver fun while their trademark smushed in face is awfully cute it to comes at a cost. Pugs are bracket cephalic dogs meaning dogs with short noses because of this flat face.

Pug Dog 101

They often have elongated pallets which means they have some breathing problems they tend to have trouble breathing in warmer weather and they can actually require surgery. However the upside to this smooshed in flat face is adorable face wrinkles

Yes Pugs were bred to have all this extra skin on the face folding into a wrinkle upon wrinkle what some may call ugly others call irresistible ea cute.

Centuries ago in China, these wrinkles were bred to create a pattern on their forehead a pattern that looks like the Chinese character for prints. The tail on the pug gives away its toy dog classification it whimsically curls up towards the back like a little quarks group the perfect tail is said to have two full curls unavoidable the eyes will pop right out at you bugs have these bulgy big round eyes

that you can't ignore one of the reasons pugs are so loved by so many different types of people is because they are just so easy to hang with. if you're the kind of person that's going to sit at home and watch TV and eat chips

Your dog is going to be the same way if you're outgoing and athletic and you love to be outdoors. Take your dog with you they learn to love that kind of lifestyle. Well pugs are easy companions you have to be careful of the weather it doesn't have to be melting heat out to make this little guy uncomfortable you have to be extra cautious about making sure that this dog doesn't overheat grooming the pug is fairly

Minimal however they do shed also airtight wrinkles lead 2 airtight infections lots of moisture gets in their bacterial growth so part of the regular grooming procedure is keeping the public space very very clean while pugs are pretty healthy pooches if you keep them bathed and clean the big thing to watch out for the eyes can pop out yep you heard that right called a proptosis it needs to be put in right away proptosis occurs when there is forward displacement of the eye

This can be caused by accidentally holding the neck too tight or by tugging on a choke collar too hard so be careful with your little pug training with bugs is a true walk in the park almost a perfect family dog hugs are one

of those rare dogs I think do well with almost any family unit so pugs are durable little dogs keep them cool and be sure not to squeeze too hard when petting they need careful cleaning of their face wrinkles train him early to follow commands and kids and adults will all find the pug a great friend

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