Hawg's Minimap

Hawg's Minimap . Most good  players use the minimap as a major tool in battle. This  is a minimap that the border has been reworked to a different color so you can see the coordinates better,also added a arrow to the key target icon,now you will see a noticeable arrow when teammates marks a target on the minimap,


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This minimap will work together with Any Hawgs Tatical MiniMap mods also .


Hawg's SPG & TD Combo

Complies with WOT Fair Play Policy

This Xvm Complies to all the Fair Play Policy Rules



HawgPedia 2.0


To see all of "Hawgs Mods" on his project page clink like below

Hawgs Project Pages




File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Minimap_Lab_6.2.2.1 R Update 7 24/08/2019
Minimap_Lab_6.1.0 R Update 33 04/08/2019
Minimap_Lab_5.1.3. R Update 16 27/07/2019
Minimap_Lab_5.1.0 R Update 124 28/04/2019
Minimap_Lab_.4 R Update +1 147 03/02/2019
Minimap_Lab_1 R Update 118 10/12/2018
Minimap_Lab_2 R Update 122 20/10/2018
Minimap_Lab_1 R Update 1.2.0 58 08/10/2018
Minimap_Lab_1 R Update 119 27/08/2018
Minimap_Lab_4 R Update 50 09/08/2018
Minimap_Lab_1 R Update 78 11/06/2018
Minimap_Lab_3 R Update 46 28/05/2018
Minimap_Lab_1 R Update 1.0.1 57 30/04/2018
Minimap_Lab_2 R Update 128 08/04/2018
"Minimap_Lab_1.0.0.2 R Update 101 28/03/2018
Minimap_Lab_ 1.0 R Update 1.0 67 23/03/2018
Minimap_Lab_3 R Update 152 17/02/2018
Minimap_Lab_1 R Update 9.22.0 28 03/02/2018
Minimap_Lab_13 R Update 112 13/01/2018
Minimap_Lab_18 R Update 648 18/12/2017
Minimap_Lab_16 R Update 112 16/12/2017
Hawg's Minimap Update Updating Update Updating Updating
Hawg's Minimap Update Updating Update Updating Updating
Hawg's Minimap Update Updating Update Updating Updating
Hawg's Minimap
Hawg's Minimap

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