How Far Electric Vehicles Can Go?


A Pure EV electric range varies from about 60 to 240 miles. Depending on the price and branch of car.

There are differences between testing conditions and real-life condition, we can see that the actually range of electric car in the real life being about 25% less than the number manufacturer claims. Especially in the cold area, the actual range decrease significantly because part of energy of battery used to run the heater system. Thewipers,defroster and headlights can likewise exact a toll.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla model 3 has electric range of 215 miles - the best range of current electric cars

To compare, Gasoline vehicles go 350 – 400 miles among fill-ups in average and the car can re-fill within 5 minutes.

Compare range of electric cars and gasoline vehicles

Compare range of electric cars and gasoline vehicles

The Plugin-Hybrid – combination of gasoline and electric engine can make up 400 – 500 mile of range. With these cars, you can go for a long trip without worrying about the gasoline station.

The Tesla Motors company – the bright star in electric car sky – has great solution for the electric range and re-charging time of electric car. If they change the battery of car it can save time and make the recharging much more convenient. When your car’s battery run out of electricity, you can go to the nearby station and change the battery. The changing process takes you only 1 minute. So that your car can ready to go within a minute – it is 5 times faster than re-filling gasoline tank.

Tesla Model S electric car can swap battery in a short time

How Far Electric Vehicles Can Go?
How Far Electric Vehicles Can Go?
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