How to User the new Pokemon Tracer in Pokemon GO


alrighty what is going on guys that is locked in here and welcome back to a brand new pokemon go video today we're going to be going over the brand new pokemon guard tracking system that's right you guys remember yesterday they actually just had the latest update to pokemon go which added this new beta tracking system to a select few bunch of people have been popping up on the internet and i want to show you that because it looks really cool but funny enough to everyone else they did actually change the tracking system and how it works right now and it's gonna be quite interesting to show you guys hopefully later in this episode how you can find any other pokemon right now with the current tracking system the one that just shows extra blades of grass sorry sightings it's now been changed the sightings and you know they also added the ability to change your username that you good luck getting one it's not picked yet so few lucky people that did get access to this beta feature of tracking pokemon it is actually really freaking cool now as you can see those two sections right now which is called nearby and sightings so deciding so just like they are at the moment that's where you can you know find the blades of grass pokémon all that boring kind of stuff and then there's the nearby ones which is actually really awesome so each Pokemon has like a little picture car like a polka star next to it and that kind of indicates where that pokemon is right as you can see opens up the zubat in real time and it shows where it is on the map right now now I don't know this just works with combined polka stops at the moon because i had a lower down and pretty much saying look this at the Lord and you know you can see the infamous little three steps they're popping up over the pokey stop that goes over the King LA and it's on the other side that's not a lower pokemon but it is at the pokey stock now this beta tracking system I don't know how I feel about it because from what it looks like it only relies off of pokey stops and I still just think we should get some trying to traditional track of them were cruel players that you don't even have poopy stops and this is like the only real kind of footage we've seen so far of the

beta tracking system so of course i would also like to say that if anybody out there was a viewer actually has access to this beta system and wants me to try it out I would definitely like to have a go at it so if you do somehow it hit me up on my business email or Twitter and yeah I'll see i don't know i would love to do it for an episode try the new better tracking system would be

awesome and I definitely it's a step in the right direction with this whole you know actually able to hunt poke one you see them on the map this is where you go find your pokemon and honestly once the trackers fix the ad trading yet battles this game is going to go right back up hopefully the popularity that have when it first launched and i'm very excited and i honestly hope that once this gets launched all the third-party pokemon

vision websites whatever there's a couple hanging around right now I have no provision of course your turn this service off i hope they get shut down because this is how the game is going to be played and it's gonna be very exciting once and when it comes out but until then there is still a way that you can find pokemon in your nearby or sightings list I should be saying i'm gonna show you this cool little theory that out today let's get it

so although the new update pokemon guard didn't really change much apart from adding the blades of grass it did actually make it so that the sightings list updated more frequently so before in the past it would just stay in your nearby list it would really go away but now that's more accurate and will you know go in and out when you walk we can use it to try and like I guess i would say triangulate but like old assume you've got three angles we've got like

five that's five angles knocked out of tangling dr. angling after tangling ya 6 i'm gonna give a big shout-out to read it uses a Zac real for this awesome diagram an explanation of how you can use this method to try and find any Pokemon your sightings list and today we're going to be using a drone to try and give you a buzz idea of how it works and unfortunately this method doesn't exactly work too easy and suburban neighborhoods because you know you're

going through houses and whatnot but I should be awesome you guys to see and should be pretty fun to test this is a diagram of what we'll be testing in today's video you see a Pokemon you go oh sick that's awesome your position a so what do you do you walk down as far as you can in one direction to position B to try and find the edge of the circle when it disappears you put down to stop you turn back around and you go out the

other way to see and that's when i'll cut up again so you know like around whereabouts you are in the circle or where the edges are the circle then you go back down in between c and be defined d and then you're in the middle of the circle and at that point you got either either way did you find the Pope one or the other out of the circle and you should be able to find the pokemon so we're gonna test

it out here we go so we didn't exactly have markers but Taylor the other cameraman you know doesn't like to pick up after all the bottles so we have many many models for marking we're just gonna make sure that look like with littering and of course they got Elliot the drone yeah

elegos alright the place where out originally didn't have any Pokemon so we're going across this bridge right now and funny enough there's a store lacks broken the bridge hopefully there's some park on this side and now we're gonna show you guys how to box alright let's get this party started the drawing is up in the air and we're just

waiting for a fresh ballpark want to appear in our sightings and I've got the spirit right here it's just appeared out of nowhere so we're gonna try and hunt it down to start off we're gonna try find our . be going to run straight in that direction over there and see when our boy spirit will disappear and that will give us the point beyond the sighting sir let it soak more appear in your sightings if you are within 200 meters radius of them so you can use

that trying to pinpoint where about you r on the circle of it so let's keep going to round of the hatch so casual my really going to 10k on this too so it's a pigeon the magical spirit great ok so spirits disappeared so spirits just disappeared right here at this point so using that information we can tell that this is the edge of the radius sorry that we must be somewhere out in this direction this direction so we're

gonna go that way until he comes back in and then disappears yeah thats be yeah so it's actually a lake on the other side and that means we're not gonna be able to have it disappear and reappear so just a guesstimate and you've got you know a little bit of a radius to work with spoken up here between 5-10 minutes away from you anyway so we're going to

assume that we've just run a hundred meters this way that means at this point right here is . see . these all the way out there this is points if the middle of the stuff somewhere that means that spirit is it on this axis with the lure of their war it's back to hear that I'm right in between on this line sorry i'll start with don't get the bus no often today for you to spit there is this spirit and that we go this was the

right side to pick Stewart it's just writing here is exactly my taxes that we pretty much just along that and that's it it takes a little bit of guests checking and sometimes the purple mighty small boy gets room but it's like the effective only guessing exact way to find work 11 deciding so assuming we'd gone the other way that would have reached 2.18 BC spawn and we're going back the other way anyone on this

obviously this tactic isn't as good in suburban neighborhood when your houses and whatnot not exactly going straight line but it's places like a park and whatnot so what you have a lake it makes a little hotter as well we're just going to get them a 2400 meters in that's your axis across them back and you'll find the pokemon eventually oral these bus we got it cures don't

thankfully this year over here let us to like three other part wants our i will have to be so the best thing about this whole method is that you actually run around a lot and your eggs you know the hatch little parts so I've got two point seven days left on this 10k and then 4 K's on the other one we go ahead and check this in the incubator as well but i am always parachute about Demi led me to a goldmine folks

alright guys let's go to do for today's pokemon it go buddy unfortunate make too much progress what we did on those 10 KS just want to show you this whole tackle store and read it and a big thank you to the reddit user submitted the post down below if you guys want to read more into depth about it but hopefully soon we'll be able to test out this new better features that i showed earlier in the video and I once again like I said if anybody does have access to this on the

account please would be also get in contact with you and try it out myself but until then guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys tomorrow with an awesome Pokemon go video later guys

How to User the new Pokemon Tracer in Pokemon GO
How to User the new Pokemon Tracer in Pokemon GO
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