Minecraft KitPvP



This plugin supports configurable kill-streaks, kits, and shops. The plugin has a (extremely basic) economy built in, but if a regular economy plugin is found (through Vault) it will be used instead. There is also support for PlaceholderAPI (see details below).

Semi-configurationable lang file is included - frequently used plugin messages can be changed, but some others (for example, messages from commands) cannot. Please let me know if you want to change certain messages, and I can make them configurable in future versions (for now, I'm just lazy. Sorry).


KitPvP controls the entire server -- there are no join or leave commands. If a player is online, they are considered to be in game.




After KitPVP is loaded, five configuration files will be created. A sixth (save-data.yml) will be created later.

Configuration details for all files are listed below:


A commented version of the default config.yml is listed below:

# When a player dies from a non-pvp cause (for example, falling off a cliff, or burning to death) you may want to count it as a kill. For example, a second player may have knocked the first off a cliff, or hit them into lava. This options is the amount of seconds a player is considered to be responsible for the death of another player. So if this value is at 10, and player one hits player two within ten seconds of player two's death, player one will be counted for the kill - even if not immediately responsible. 
damage-timeout: 10
# should free items (in shop) and kits have their price displayed in the shop if they are free?
# The standard format is:
# if cost is 0, and this option is enabled it will be written as "FREE"
# if cost is 0, and this option is disabled, the COST line will be omitted.
display-free-cost: true
# Can players have multiple kits at the same time? If disabled, players will lose any kit items on the selection of a new kit.
one-kit-at-a-time: true
# economy settings - ignore this if you are using a separate economy plugin.
# how much money new players start out with
   starter-balance: 50.0
# This is the location players are sent to after they die. If this option cannot be fetched, the plugin will self-disable.
  world: world
  x: 0
  y: 150
  z: 0
  pitch: 0
  yaw: 0
# Can players teleport to and from safe-zones? If enabled, players can teleport using /kitpvp tp [zone]
   allow-teleportation: true
# How long do players have to wait to teleport to a safe-zone?
# note -- if a player is already in a safe-zone, they are teleported immediately.
   teleport-delay: 10
# should fireworks spawn around a player while they are waiting to teleport?
   teleport-fireworks: true
# should players outside a safe-zone be killed when they log out?
   kill-on-logout-if-outside: true
# these are the safe-zones. They can be edited here manually, or from in game with commands.
       world: world
       x: -20
       y: 100
       z: -20
       world: world
       x: 20
       y: 200
       z: 20
       world: world
       x: 0
       y: 150
       z: 0
       pitch: 0
       yaw: 0<br /><br />


A commented version of the default killstreaks.yml is listed below:

# Some commands are plugin defined. They are listed below:
# pay <amount> - pay the user <amount> money. Note that you do not need to specify the player's username; it is inserted by the plugin.
# tell <message> - tell the user <message>. Again - you do not need to specify the player's username; it is inserted by the plugin.
# tell-lobby <message> - tell all users in the lobby <message>
# When using a command, you can specify a player's username with the <PLAYER> variable, and their current kill-streak with <KILLS>
# See below for examples.
# when a player has reached a kill-streak of 3..
# ..execute these commands
    - pay 30
# when the player reaches a kill-streak of 10, give them 100, and tell them "10 kill streak!"
    - pay 100
    - tell &c10 kill streak!
# This section is identical to the section above, with one change -- kill-streak commands are carried over until the next.
# In the example below, the player will receive 15 (and the lobby will be told the player's killstreak) when the player reaches a kill-streak of 3 AND 4.
# When the player reaches a kill-streak of 5, the commands from '3' will no longer be run; instead, they are replaced with the commands from '5'.
# Because there are no after-all kill-streaks defined after '5', the commands from '5' will be executed for every kill-streak above 5, as well.
    - tell-lobby &a<PLAYER> has reached a killstreak of &c<KILLS>!
    - pay 15
    - tell-lobby &c<PLAYER> has reached a killstreak of &4<KILLS>!
    - pay 25


The default lang.yml is listed below.

If your lang.yml file is missing a message found here, it will be supplied with the value listed here.

Some messages can be disabled (kill messages, for example) by not having the value in the lang.yml.

Some lines have variables available; the variables are not consistent - just because one line has a variable <PLAYER> does not mean the next line will.

If a line has a variable available, the default lang.yml file uses it. That is -- if the variable is not used by a line in the default lang.yml, it is not a valid variable for that line.


prefix: "&amp;a[&amp;fKitPVP&amp;a] "
cost: " &gt; Cost: &amp;e&lt;COST&gt;"
cannot-afford: "&amp;cYou cannot afford this."
full-inv: "&amp;cYour inventory is full!"
enter-safe-zone: "&amp;aEntering safe-zone &amp;b&lt;ZONE&gt;&amp;a."
leave-safe-zone: "&amp;bLeaving safe-zone &amp;a&lt;ZONE&gt;&amp;b."
shop-not-found: "&amp;cError: shop &lt;SHOP&gt; not found."
unknown-sub-cmd: "&amp;cError: unknown sub-command \"&lt;CMD&gt;\"."
select-kit: "&amp;aYou selected &amp;b&lt;KIT&gt;&amp;a!"
error-teleportation: "&amp;cTeleportation cancelled."
success-teleportation: "&amp;aTeleporting..."
teleport-notify: "&amp;aTeleporting in &amp;b&lt;TIME&gt; &amp;aseconds..."<br /># if this message is not found, the lobby will not receive a message when a player is killed by another player.
lobby-kill-message: "&amp;a&lt;DEAD&gt; &amp;bwas killed by &amp;a&lt;KILLER&gt;&amp;b!"<br /># if this lang message is not found, the killer will not receive a message when they kill a player.
killer-kill-message: "&amp;aYou killed &amp;b&lt;DEAD&gt;&amp;a."
coin-update: "&amp;6&lt;CHANGE&gt; &amp;fcoins. Total: &amp;6&lt;BALANCE&gt;&amp;f."



A commented version of the default killstreaks.yml is listed below:

# the name of the shop; used when players want to open the shop (/kitpvp shop gear)
# the name of the shop inventory.
  name: "&a&lGEAR-SHOP"
# the size of the shop inventory; if not a multiple of 9, it will be rounded.
# if multiple items are given the same slot, one will be overwritten. 
  size: 36
# must be an integer; represents the slot this item should take up in the shop.
      type: DIAMOND_SWORD
      cost: 45
      amount: 1
      name: "&aDIAMOND SWORD"
# note that enchantments are not loaded as a list (though attributes and lore are); a value must be supplied (indicating the enchantment level).
         SHARPNESS: 1
# attributes (better known as ItemFlags) are traits items can have. # the two generally useful ones are listed below (UNBREAKABLE is actually not an attribute, but the plugin loads it as if it were).
         - UNBREAKABLE
        - "&aHello"
        - "123 hi"
      type: DIAMOND_HELMET
      cost: 30
      amount: 1
      name: "&aDIAMOND HELMET"
  name: "&a&lEXTRAS-SHOP"
  size: 9
      type: GOLDEN_APPLE
      amount: 1
      cost: 20



The kit configuration file is very similar to the shops. If something is not explained here, check the shops.yml example (above) for more information.

  name: "&a&lDEFAULT"
  cost: 0
# The item used to display the kit in the kit selection inventory. In this case, an IRON_CHESTPLATE will be used; if the player clicks the chestplate, they will be given this kit.
# Multiple kits may have the same icon.
      type: IRON_HELMET
      name: "&aDefault Helmet"
      name: "&aDefault Chestplate"
      type: IRON_LEGGINGS
      name: "&aDefault Boots"
      type: IRON_BOOTS
      name: "&aDefault Boots"
      type: IRON_SWORD
      name: "&aIron Sword"
# The potion effects granted to a player when they select this kit.
  name: "&a&lRANDOM KIT"
  cost: 100
      name: "&aRandom Helmet"
      name: "&aRandom Chestplate"
      name: "&aRandom Leggings"
      name: "&aRandom Boots"
      type: IRON_SWORD
      name: "&aIron Sword"


If you are using the PlaceholderAPI, this plugin provides the following placeholders:

  • %KITPVP_KILLS% - the player's total kills.
  • %KITPVP_DEATHS% - the player's total deaths.
  • %KITPVP_KDR% - the player's kill/death ratio.
  • %KITPVP_KILLSTREAK% - the player's current kill-streak.
  • %KITPVP_COINS% - the player's current balance.

Admin Commands

For convenience, some admin commands have been added to allow for in-game configuration. Using "/kitpvp help" will give a list of commands - administrator commands will be listed for players who can use them - this section provides additional details for those administrator commands.

  • /kitpvp reload - the plugin configuration files will all be re-loaded. Make sure to check the console after making changes; if an error occurs while loading, you will have to check the console to see them.
  • /kitpvp save - save any plugin data. Save data includes any data found in save-data.yml, as well as safe-zones found in the config.yml.
  • /kitpvp createzone <name> - a zone named "name" will be created. The corner1, corner2, and teleport location values are all set to your current location.  Corner1 and corner2 create a box; any space inside that box is inside the safe-zone. This command must be executed from in-game.
  • /kitpvp zone <name> c1 - The safe-zone named "name" will have it's first corner set to your current location. This command must be executed from in game.
  • /kitpvp zone <name> c2 - The safe-zone named "name" will have it's second corner set to your current location. This command must be executed from in game.
  • /kitpvp zone <name> to - The safe-zone named "name" will have it's teleport location set to your current location. This command must be executed from in game.
  • /kitpvp pay [player] <amount> - give player amount money. If a player is not specified, the command sender will be used instead.
  • /kitpvp setbal [player] <amount> - set player's balance to amount. If a player is not specified, the command sender will be used instead.


Additional notes

As mentioned in the overview, this plugin comes with a extremely basic player economy. This economy does not hook into Vault - other plugins cannot access a player's balance. The basic economy is only enabled if Vault is not found, or if no economy plugin is hooked into Vault.

Any commands (or other features) involving the economy will still work as intended, even if an external economy is used (for example - even if the built-in economy is disabled, /kitpvp setbal will still work).


If you have any feature requests or bug reports, please let me know. Additionally, I occasionally take plugin requests - I usually browse the Bukkit plugin requests section.

Download Mods

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KitPVP.jar B 1.12 956 21/04/2018
Minecraft KitPvP
Minecraft KitPvP
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