Mischief Builders Pack


This modpack has been designed for the builder in mind. There are a ton of options at hand with simple tools as well as creative options.  Ideally, it is best in creative but it can be used in survival as well. There are some quality of life items in there but mostly building tools or mods with nice options. From Astral Sorcery, Better Builder's Wands, Exchangers, Building Gadgets, Chisel & Bits, LittleTiles, and a ton more for block manipulation to Quark, Earthworks, Flat Colored Blocks, XTones, Chisel, Ceramics, Maiden's Marvelous Materials, and more for the looks you'll get a nice selection. Adding in FTB Utils for area claim to prevent mob damage and protect your work, to Torch Master to clear an area of mob spawns, to Satchels to store your color pallets in, there's plenty to choose from. A complete mod list will be below if you want to see the total package. I hope you enjoy!


This modpack was created to be used for the Mischief of Mice Winter Theme Build contest (Dec 2018) and you can see the results in a video HERE

Mischief of Mice YouTube page Twitch

Discord: Invite 




Arcane Archives (by AranaiRa)

Aroma1997Core (by Aroma1997)

Astikor [Horse Carts] (by MennoMax)

Astral Sorcery (by HellFirePvP)

ATLCraft Candles Mod (by AllTheLayers)

AutoRegLib (by Vazkii_)

Baubles (by Azanor13)

Bed Patch (by Mordenkainen3141)

Better Builder's Wands (by Portablejim)

BetterFps (by Guichaguri)

BiblioCraft (by JDSinclair)

Biomes O' Plenty (by GlitchfiendMods)

Blockcraftery (by EpicSquid319)

Blur (by tterrag1098)

Bookshelf (by DarkhaxDev)

Building Gadgets (by direwolf20)

Cathedral (by ferreusveritas)

Ceramics (by KnightMiner)

Chest Transporter (by CubeX2)

ChineseWorkshop (by cityofskytcd)

Chisel (by tterrag1098)

Chisels & Bits (by AlgorithmX2)

Clarity (by EpicSquid319)

CoFH Core (by TeamCoFH)

CoFH World (by TeamCoFH)

CoFH: Vanilla+ Satchels (by TeamCoFH)

ConnectedTexturesMod (by tterrag1098)

Controlling (by Jaredlll08)

Corail Tombstone (by Corail_31)

CreativeCore (by CreativeMD)

Dark Utilities (by DarkhaxDev)

Diet Hoppers (by RWTema)

Ding (by iChun)

Earthworks (by Alsnder)

Effortless Building (by Requios)

Ender Flowergirls (by RenEvo)

Exchangers (by Jacky1356400)

Extra Bit Manipulation (by MolecularPhylo)

Extra Utilities (by RWTema)

Farming for Blockheads (by BlayTheNinth)

Faster Ladder Climbing (by MadDachshund)

FastWorkbench (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Fence Jumper (by TheRealp455w0rd)

Flat Colored Blocks (by AlgorithmX2)

FTB Library (by FTB)

FTB Utilities (by FTB)

FTB Utilities: Backups (by LatvianModder)

Inventory Sorter (by cpw11)

Inventory Tweaks (by Kobata)

ItemZoom (by mezz)

JourneyMap (by techbrew)

Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)

LagGoggles (by Terminator_NL)

LemonLib (by lemonszz)

Little Opener (by Alleluid)

LittleTiles (by CreativeMD)

LLibrary (by iLexiconn)

Maiden's Marvelous Materials (by maideniles)

More Overlays (by FeldiM245)

Mouse Tweaks (by YaLTeR97)

Mystic World (by EpicSquid319)

MysticalLib (by EpicSquid319)

Nature's Compass (by ChaosTheDude)

No AI Spawn Eggs (by DarkhaxDev)

Ore Excavation (by Funwayguy)

Passable Leaves (by WhichOnesPink)

Patchouli (by Vazkii_)

Placebo (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Plants (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Platforms (by ShetiPhian)

ProjectE (by sinkillerj)

Quark (by Vazkii_)

Rainbow Oak Trees (by csb987)

Redstone Flux (by TeamCoFH)

Redstone Gauges and Switches (by wilechaote)

Refined Relocation 2 (by BlayTheNinth)

Roots (by EpicSquid319)

Rustic (by mangoose3039)

Shadowfacts' Forgelin (by shadowfactsmc)

ShetiPhianCore (by ShetiPhian)

SimpleZoom (by unrealdinnerbone)

Statues: Rechiseled (by lemonszz)

StepupFixer (by Aroma1997)

Super Sound Muffler (by EdgarAllen)

Surge (by DarkhaxDev)

SwingThroughGrass (by exidex)

TBone (by t145_irl)

The One Probe (by McJty)

Thermal Foundation (by TeamCoFH)

Third Person Camera Fix (by HialusFX)

Toast Control (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Torchmaster (by xalcon)

TrashSlot (by BlayTheNinth)

Traverse Legacy (1.12.2) (by ProfessorProspector)

Vaultopic - Early Inventory Management (by wolforce)

Waddles (by Girafi)

Wall-Jump! (by genandnic)

Whoosh (by imba_knugel)

Wings (by pau101)

WorldEdit (by sk89q)

Xtones (by TehNut)



Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Mischief Builder's Pack 1.2 R 1.12.2 19 16/08/2019
Mischief Builders Pack 1.14.4 Updating 1.14.4 Updating Updating
Mischief Builders Pack 1.12.1 Updating 1.12.1 Updating Updating
Mischief Builders Pack 1.12 Updating 1.12 Updating Updating
Mischief Builders Pack 1.11.2 Updating 1.11.2 Updating Updating
Mischief Builders Pack 1.11 Updating 1.11 Updating Updating
Mischief Builders Pack
Mischief Builders Pack
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