a poorly done Castlevania mod

This sucks

I've put in nearly everything from (Super) Castlevania 4 at the moment, and the whips function like swords for now. It'd be GREAT if someone could somehow program whips in to this using MCreator, but for now this is it


* Leather, Chain and Vampire killing whips

* Various subweapons, most require hearts to use

* Candles that spawn randomly in the overworld as plants that contain hearts

* Wallmeat blocks

* Crafting recipes for (almost) every item in the mod, you can find them out yourself

* A Grand Cross item, which does 100 damage to one enemy

* The chance for hearts to sometimes come out of grass

* A tab dedicated to Castlevania items

* Wallmeat to put in Wallmeat blocks

* Whip upgrades, which can also come out of grass and be crafted, combine these with the basic whip for the upgrade

* Right clicking with the Grand Cross strikes yourself with lightning

What to add:

* Proper whips

* Candles being able to be placed on all blocks

* The knife subweapon, which can't be added until the next issue is fixed

* The cross to only go a short distance and return to you

* The holy water to not be lit on fire when thrown, and catch ground on fire

* Throwable Axes, which I could definitely obtain but are being excluded for the same reason as knives

* Various mob types

* Make the lightning strike from the Grand Cross not hurt you

* Mod screenshots

* Items/Weapons from later/all Castlevania games

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a poorly done Castlevania mod
a poorly done Castlevania mod
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