BetterMod v0.1.2 for Minecraft 1.4.6 by Jungle_Law


Welcome to my brand new ambitious project BetterMod.

Through these last weeks, I have spent alot of time developing and fine-tuning the Mod.

It is still pretty basic, as I am all new to Java & Modding.

Basically the goal of this Mod, is to add abit more realism and difficulty to Minecraft.


So lets get to the details!
  • Limestone, Copper, Tin, Silver, Amethyst, Sapphire & Ruby Ore all spawn naturally in your Minecraft World.
  • Limestone can be burnt into Chalk, which is used in the creation of Steel.
  • Copper & Tin Ingots can be combined into Bronze Scrap, which can be smelted into Bronze Ingots, and used to craft Tools & Armor. To mine Iron you must use a Bronze Pickaxe.
  • Silver is used to craft Tools & Armor as well. Silver requires an Iron, Steel or Diamond Pickaxe to be mined.
  • Steel Scrap is made with 2 Iron Scrap (place Iron Ingots in the Crafting Grid), Coal & Chalk. Smelt this into Ingots, to craft Steel Tools & Armor, which are stronger than Iron.
  • Battle Axes can be crafted using Bronze, Iron, Steel or Diamond. See Pictures for the Recipe.
  • You can craft Iron Chainweave, by placing 5 Iron Ingots in an X-shape in the Crafting Grid. This can be used to craft Chainmail Armor.
  • Gems currently have no purpose. They require an Iron (or better) Pickaxe, to be mined. They drop Experience Orbs, and can be crafted into Blocks.
  • Goblins & Trolls roam the Land.


1. Unzip.

2. Put all content into your minecraft.jar file.

3. Delete META-INF.

4. Run Minecraft & Enjoy

Download Mods

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