Combat Pack Heropack

I don't really know how to do the descriptions, but here we go i guess.

The Combat Pack.

This Heropack for The Fisk's Superheroes Mod will be focused on bringing the famous Hand To Hand combat characters to the mod, like The Bat-Family, starting with Spoiler aka Stephanie Brown, Taskmaster, and more.

I already had the skin for Spoiler so i added her to this. She is also included in The Secret Heroes Heropack with the same skin. The only differences are the stats. I also work with ShueShue and _SecretIdentity_ on that, while this is my private project since this mod itself is amazing for PvP. So in the future, we might share a few other suits because of that, so that's that to clear up some stuff. Also sorry for bad promo pictures, they will improve over time XD.



- Daredevil - Benjamin Pointdexter - Bullseye

- Spoiler - Stephanie Brown

How To Install:

1. Make sure to have the latest Fiskheroes Mod and then download the Heropack

2. Press Windows + R

3. Type In: %appdata% and press Enter

4. Open Roaming and press on .minecraft

5. Open the fiskheroes folder and place the heropack in there and enjoy.

You may use this heropack in your modpack as long as you credit the original creator Oliver_Fitzovich and link back to the original post.

If you want to use this heropack in your server, please contact me for permission first. Using the heropack in a server without getting permission will be considered as stealing.

Do not use the heropack in your server without permission.
Do not re-upload, steal, copy or change anything in the heropack.

Yes i took this part straight from ShueShue's post cos i don't know to do all the fancy stuff lol

Combat Pack Heropack Screenshots

Combat Pack Heropack
Combat Pack Heropack


Combat Pack Heropack
Combat Pack Heropack

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