Cool Rubies Mod!

Cool Rubies Mod!
This is (one of) my first actual mod ever
it is not finished but it took a while to make

Created using MCreator

This mod adds rubies and the (non-zombified) pigman mob that was planned to be added
into Minecraft
these pigmen can fight back with their bow shooting golden carrots at you

there is also a mob that can be found, called human

Humans are mobs that are based on
the original Steves that would spawn on pressing G
these Steves are weak and cannot fight back

Killing Steves or pigmen would give you a ruby

rubies can be used to craft multiple items
most importantly,
ruby tools

the ruby tools are pretty much iron tools but weaker
(Weaker than gold tools)

There are new villager trades for trading ruby tools to iron tools
(Ruby sword + 2 emeralds = iron sword)

there is a new disc called Alpha which is the song that plays in the credits

this also adds new crafting recipes to already existing items
like the spectral arrows (seen in images)

Cool Rubies Mod! Screenshots

Cool Rubies Mod!
Cool Rubies Mod!
Cool Rubies Mod!
Cool Rubies Mod!
Cool Rubies Mod!
Cool Rubies Mod!
Cool Rubies Mod!
Cool Rubies Mod!


Cool Rubies Mod!
Cool Rubies Mod!

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