dragonball mod

this is a dragon ball mod
you can play as a saiyan or a majin or a namician
enjoy it

Gameplay Functions

Expect this part of the mod to change frequently.

Keep in mind that some GUI buttons do not yet have functionality.

There is a new flight system. Toggle flight modes with "R" by default. Double tap space to enter these modes. press your Ki charge button, by default "C" to boost fly while in fast mode.

Open quest log with "L"

Open the help with "\"

Press "X" to lock on to a target.

Select an unlocked skill by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 while hovering over the skill. Cycle through equipped skills with the arrow keys. Equip transformations by pressing 5 over a transformation. Press "Z" to use selected skill.

Purple bar is your skill gauge, which determines how long you can stay transformed. Once this runs out you will start to lose Ki to maintain your transformation.

Hold "G" to transform.

With cheats enabled use /addExp (name) (amount) to give yourself Exp.

Ki clash with your friends by using beams, then MASH "B" to clash.

Hold "ALT" to block.

Snap vanish by attacking while holding block while the user is targeted.

dragonball mod Screenshots

dragonball mod
dragonball mod
dragonball mod
dragonball mod
dragonball mod
dragonball mod
dragonball mod
dragonball mod
dragonball mod


dragonball mod
dragonball mod

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