Golden Parrot - An Ancient Recorder

NOTE: For Forge! No Fabric version currently available, but if anyone wants to try porting it, go ahead. Just make sure to credit HauntedCorpse!

Are note block contraptions too big to fit in your base? Is your doorbell's Redstone circuit needlessly large? Do you wish you could blow a goat horn without actually needing to blow a goat horn?


The Golden Parrot

Found in the mysterious Jungle Pyramids, the Golden Parrot is a new item and mob inspired by the companion from Minecraft Dungeons. The Golden Parrot can be placed by using the item. When placed, its eyes will glow Blue, signifying "Idle" mode. When given an Iron or Gold Nugget, the Golden Parrot's eyes will turn Red, signifying that it has entered "Record" mode, and will begin recording any nearby sounds for 30 (Iron) or 60 (Gold) seconds. While recording, walking into the Parrot will move it to your shoulder. It can continue recording while you carry it around!

When it's done recording, it will "ding" and its eyes will turn an emerald green. You can then interact with the Parrot to cycle through its three modes: Fly, Play, and Sit. In Fly mode, it will have blue eyes and will follow the player like any normal parrot, playing normal parrot sounds, attempting to mount onto the player's shoulder. When set to Play mode, the Parrot's eyes will turn green and it sit still and begin dancing, playing a loop of the recorded audio. Walking into it will place it on your shoulder. Unlike normal parrots, it will not dismount when jumping or falling, but will instead dismount when the player right-clicks. Finally, Sit mode will make the Golden Parrot sit still with blue eyes. While sitting, the Parrot will not play audio unless it receives a Redstone signal from below (I've found that a Redstone Lamp works best for this!) When it receives a Redstone signal, it will loop its audio until the Redstone signal has been cut off.

Finally, the Parrot can be turned back into an item (saving any recorded audio) by punching it. Golden Parrots are non-stackable and non-craftable. If you want one, you'll need to find a Jungle Temple.

Note: The Golden Parrot will record your footsteps unless you're walking on Wool. Use Wool to insulate your footsteps to avoid getting them caught on the recording!

This mod was created by the amazingly talented HauntedCorpse as a commission for me! Go send them all the love and support you can! They're an incredible modder who brought my idea to life exactly as I envisioned it, and they deserve your business!

Golden Parrot - An Ancient Recorder Screenshots

Golden Parrot - An Ancient Recorder
Golden Parrot - An Ancient Recorder


Golden Parrot - An Ancient Recorder
Golden Parrot - An Ancient Recorder

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