Infdev Minecraft Brick Pyramid Mod

In early development of Minecraft, Notch (a.k.a Markus Persson) added a new structure to Minecraft. It was a giant brick pyramid. He added it because of chunk testing purposes. It is by far the biggest structure in Minecraft however it was removed shortly after Notch was finished with the chunk testing. It is a rare, intresting and mysterious structure. because of how little time it spent in game. Well today i decided to add them back to Minecraft with help of the structure block and MCreator.

Note: Due to how small a chunk is. The pyramids might get cut off. This is a common bug for minecraft structures even if it is under the structure size limit. I cannot fix it. You just have to be lucky that chunks load fast enouth for it to fully spawn+ because that's the only way for it to fully spawn. Get lucky to render 6 chunks at once. Till this bug is fixed which i am doughtful about because it has been a bug for 6 years, I will fix the structure so it generates properly. All i can say is: God luck getting 6-10 chunks loaded in at once and be lucky with the chance of ti spawning.

Infdev Minecraft Brick Pyramid Mod Screenshots


Infdev Minecraft Brick Pyramid Mod
Infdev Minecraft Brick Pyramid Mod

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