LitePain ModPack

This is a 1.16.5 forge modpack that will aim to improove minecraft Mythical and Survival aspect

Mods Used In This ModPack:

AmbientSounds 5- by CreativeMD

Animal Tamer-by Cobbs_3

Yung's Better Caves-by YUNGNICKYOUNG

Yung's Better Dungeons-by YUNGNICKYOUNG

Yung's Better Mineshafts-by YUNGNICKYOUNG

Yung's Better Strongholds-by YUNGNICKYOUNG

Chunk Saving Fix-by SuperCoder79

Cold Sweat-by MikulDev

Dynamic Trees-by Ferreusveritas

Dynamic Trees+ -by supermassimo0310

Dynamic Trees-Quark-by supermassimo0310

Enhanced Celestials-by Corgi_Taco

Exotic Birds-by ThePavoReality

Healing Campfire-by Serilum

Ice and Fire:Dragons-by sbom_xela

Just Enough Items-by Mezz

Kobolds!-by Jusey1z

Lycanites mobs-by Lycanite

Mca Reborn-by jahx_senpoopie

Neat-by vazkii

No Tree Punching-by AlcatrazEscapee

Old Combat Mod-by The_Hangel

Optifine-by sp614x

Quark-by vazkii

Shutup Experimental Settings!-by Corgi_Taco

Sound Filters-by Tmtravlr

Nyf's Spiders-by theNyfaria

Tough As Nails-by TheAdubbz

Untamed Wilds-by raytrace82

Valhelsia Structures-by ValhelsiaTeam

Waystones-by BlayTheNinth

Xaero's Minimap-by xaero96

Api/core mods used:

Architectury API-by Shedaniel

AutoRegLib-by Vazkii

Citadel-by sbom_xela

Collective-by Serilum

CreativeCore-by CreativeMD

GeckoLib-by ThanosGecko

Library Ferret-by jtl_elisa

Patchouli-by Vazkii

Valhelsia Core-by ValhelsiaTeam


LitePain ModPack Screenshots


LitePain ModPack
LitePain ModPack

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