Mo' Tools and weapons mod 2.3


the crafting is weird, to craft lithium tools you will craft them like normal tools, except sticks are replaced with Blaze Rods,

To craft the Inferno Tools you would craft like any other tool, EXCEPTYou replace the bottom stick with a blaze rod, and the second stick with the correct Lithium Tool.

To craft an Inferno sword change the stick with a lithium sword

The Reason for this is both lithium and inferno tools are over powered making the really good tools (I actually Nerfed the Lithium tools because they were so over powered and too common that i made them less strong and more rare)

More tools and CUSTOM weapons will be added in the future all together this mod took me about 1hr - 1hr 30min.

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Q. It is not working
A. Install mod loader

Q.I installed mod loader and it still doesn't work
A. go into the .Zip file and drag the "Mo' Tools and weapons" folder into your mod folder

Q. I do not have a ''Mod'' Folder
A.Install Mod loader and run minecraft once, than check your ".Minecraft" folder, and the ''mod'' folder should be their

For any further questions be sure to comment and I will answer!


Added in IceStone tools

their is no icestone sword because it had a bug that i could not fix At the moment

If thir are any bugs, or it crashes please check the FAQ above this, and if that doesnt work leave the crash message ( what comes up in minecraft when it crashes) and I will fix it

sorry about any bugs i started this today and it is a work-in-progress mod

Version History:

0.5: Lithium tools added (no way to get the lithium Gem)

1.0:Lithium Ore added, Inferno tools added, inferno ore added

1.1: inferno tool bug fixed

2.0: more bugs fixed, Ice-Stone tools added

2.3: added in stone sword, fire aspect on Inferno Sword, only way to Inferno Gem is to spawn it in due to a major bug

Future Releases:

ice-stone ore

7 more tool/weapon sets

7 Mobs

Bugs fixed

better/harder crafting recopies for Lithium,Inferno, and Ice-Stone Tools

Add in different types of bows

Add different types of arrows

Download Mods

Mo' Tools and weapons mod 2.3
Mo' Tools and weapons mod 2.3
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