Welcome, Minecrafters, one and all, to Portalia, a wonderful mod that adds THREE NEW DIMENSIONS to the beautiful blocky game of Minecraft!

The first Dimension, the Redlands, is named for the redstone ore that generates under the dirt landscape.
It's inhabitants include the rare Purple Bunnies, which can be tamed with redbread, a food grown from RedWheat, the national crop of the Redlands. Pigs, Sheep, Cows and Zombies also live here.

The second Dimension, the Ice Caves, is large, cold, and shaped like the Nether. Inside of the Caves lives Creepers. Noooo...not those boring things that explode. I mean creepers that will shoot arrow when you get near to them, or shoot you away from them.
Spikes of Glowstone and Diamond will generate here, as well as Purple Ore ;)

The third Dimension, the Island of Quartz, is a beautiful big Island floating in the middle of...nothing.
This Dimension is reachable by the portal blocks in the roof of the Ice Caves, though it is advised to only go in creative mod, unless you have a few thousand building blocks at your dispose, as the Island generates at 0,0, and the portal normally spawns nowhere near the Island. (if the portal blocks take you to the OverWorld, don't worry! just hop through the Quartz portal and it will take you to the right Dimension) Skeletons spawn at night here.

Launch-Pads spawn in the Island of Quartz, and when you step on them, will give you resistance and launch you waaay into the air.
They can be crafted out of nine Purple Ingots.

The Meteor Fall wand can be used with the Launch-Pads, because when you are holding Meteor Fall, it is impossible for you to take ANY FALL DAMAGE! While you're falling, if you right-click, it will send you down toward earth really fast and make an explosion which will hurt any mob EXCEPT YOU.

There are also THREE NEW bows-- one that shoots Thirty Arrows at once, one that shoots tnt, and ONE that shoots fire-trailed arrows that NEVER MISS and cause an explosion when the arrows hit something.

The three bows are crafted normally, but instead of sticks, they have other ingredients. The Thirty-Shot Bow uses redstone, the Bow of Explosives uses Purple Ingots, and the Never-Miss Bow uses Gold Ingots!

Meteor Fall is crafted like this: Stick on the bottom middle and center, then purple ingots on the top middle, and on the left and right middle. Hope you understand!

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