Runes and Silver

Welcome to my first Mod! 

This is Runes and Silver, a subtle mod that adds a little more to vanilla minecraft. This mod is intended to give more of an rpg/fantasy feel. It features 7 new ores, from which new armors and items can be crafted. One of these ores is Silver, from which one can get Silver Essence, one of the main components to all the rest of mod. It also adds a new tree called the RuneWood tree. The wood from this tree is used in crafting the many new items added in including items like the RuneBowl, which adds a little magic to whatever contents it picks up. 

New Infused Armor replaces Old Rune Armor in strength but more expensive, old rune armor is now the strenth of Iron Armor to balance things out. Crafted with Infused Ingots same way as vanilla armor.

There are a few items that do not work quite yet, so bear with me as I sort them out. These include:
EarthTalisman - plants saplings on sides of blocks and saplings do not stay
WaterPickaxe - Will someday allow mining underwater with hinderance, but currently does not work
RuneArrows - could not get these to work in the game so currently not available
and I'm sure there is another item or two that I can't remember right now.

There will be more updates to this eventually!

If you would like the full write up to this mod including recipes, head over to my post on Minecraft Forums:

I've added Air Runes, which at the moment can only be used to craft the Air Staff. The Air Staff gives a jump boost with a varying strength depending on how long you hold down right-click. You'll notice that the ball on the staff lights up more at each stage as it charges. First jump boost actually happens before the first Stage.
      I've also added the Creeper Charge. It's basically C4, so you can place it on a wall, click it like a button, and run! Great for raiding! It's made using a Creeper Heart and a slime ball.

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would like to do a mod spotlight for me. I have one from BioXx, but that was from when the mod was in its first stage and I've added a bunch of stuff since then.

All work is my own (aside from mojang of course). Feel free to use this in your own modpack, and if you are posting it up somewhere just make sure to send me a link so I can enjoy it as well!

Thank you to BioXx for doing a mod spotlight!

This mod requires Forge!

I Finally have a CONFIG FILE now guys! Woot! No More ID conflict problems!
(As of 1.2.6a)

(May lose a couple items on existing save files due to ID changes)

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Runes and Silver
Runes and Silver
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