(*Those Tough Pigmen*)

ThoseToughPigmen is a bukkit plugin that causes Zombie Pigmen, when naturally spawned, to have an  anger toward players. (angry like when you hit them) If you think that the nether could use a bit more of a challenge added to it, or would simply like to try out something a bit different, give this plugin a try!

Note: The effects only apply to newly-spawned pigmen.

What it does!
  • Causes pigmen to stay angry at players immediately after spawning (Configurable)
  • Makes pigmen only ocassionally spawn with swords (Configurable)
  • Makes pigmen walk slower or faster (Configurable)
There's pretty much nothing to setting up this plugin. Just drag and drop it into your server's "plugin" folder and restart the server or reload it with /rl or /reload. If you want to configure something, check the config.yml file in the folder, then you're good to go! 

To change in config
  • Value of -1 makes pigmen slower
  • Value of 0 keeps pigmen at normal speed
  • Value of 1 makes pigmen faster than normal (just below the player's walking speed)
  • Value of 2 makes pigmen slightly faster than the walking player - default and recommended
  • Value of 3 makes the pigmen scary-fast

Download Mods

(*Those Tough Pigmen*)
(*Those Tough Pigmen*)
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