Wildlife Expanded: Skunks

Forge 1.19.3

This mod adds tamable skunks to the game!

About the skunk:
-sweet berry bush won't hurt it
-breedable with carrots
-tamable with sweet berries, if already tamed then it will only heal it
-can be tempted with sweet berries
-panics when attacked and sprays at the attacker
-child skunk will follow its parent
-follows owner after 20 blocks if tamed
-glowing eyes in the dark
-can be put on the shoulders
-scares mobs away when on the shoulder except undeads and the other tamed mobs of the player
-sprays on the attacker of the owner
-It will drop off from your shoulders when you go into water, die or if you shift + right click the ground
-it will lie down when clicking on it with a stick

10 variants for the skunk:
-hooded (forest)
-striped (forest)
-vanilla (forest)
-albino (snowy taiga)
-copper (craftable with 9 copper block and 1 heart of the sea, they don't spray, but they won't panic after getting attacked)
-endvoid (the end)
-nether (nether)
-nethersroom (warped and crimson forest)

-copper and endvoid can attack and wield tiered weapons like swords
-leather, iron, golden and diamond armor are available too for the skunks

Suggested by oakuskunk
Artist Tenchigon

Wildlife Expanded: Skunks Screenshots

Wildlife Expanded: Skunks
Wildlife Expanded: Skunks
Wildlife Expanded: Skunks
Wildlife Expanded: Skunks


Wildlife Expanded: Skunks
Wildlife Expanded: Skunks

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