Wool Soldiers Addon

I present to you the Wool Soldiers Addon. This Addon gives you 17 tiny soldiers, 5 tiny cavalry and 2 tiny artillery. This Addon is inspired by the classic Clay Soldiers Mod.

These tiny soldiers will fight eachother! They can have a variety of different equipment and abilities, such as bows, swords, flintlock muskets and other medieval weaponry, armor and grenades, and even the ability to throw fireballs. They can also use artillery to shoot their opponent.

Current Wool Soldiers:

• Red
• Blue
• Black
• White
• Brown
• Cyan
• Gray
• Green
• Light Blue
• Lime
• Yellow
• Orange
• Magenta
• Pink
• Purple
• Light Gray
• Zombie

Wool Soldier Interactions:

• Stick - Gives the soldier a Stick
• String - Gives the soldier a Bow
• Iron Sword - Gives the soldier a Sword
• Arrow - Gives the soldier a Lance, deals alot of damage
• Gunpowder - Gives the soldier a Flintlock Musket, Has farther range and more damage than other handheld ranged weapons. (Forgive me Mojang)
• Coal - Soldier can throw grenades, these grenades take half the health of unarmored wool soldiers.
• Fireball - Soldier can throw fireballs, these fireballs burn the entities they hit and are unaccurate.

• Sugar - Soldier runs faster
• Paper - Turns the soldier into a Standard Bearer, Standard Bearers carry their color's flag around and cannot attack the enemy
• Red Mushroom - Transforms the soldier into a titan, titans have very high health and damage but are easy to kill using artillery

• Bowl - Gives the soldier a Shield
• Leather - Gives the soldier Leather Armor
• Iron Nugget - Gives the soldier Chainmail Armor
• Gold Ingot - Gives the soldier Golden Armor
• Iron Ingot - Gives the soldier Iron Armor
• Diamond - Gives the Soldier Diamond Armor
• Netherite Scrap - Gives the Soldier Netherite Armor

Don't forget cavalry! This Addon has 5 mounts that the wool soldiers can ride, 3 horses, a clay hog and a stone elephant! Upon spawning cavalry will team with one color once a soldier of that color rides them, once this is done the mount will attack enemy soldiers and enemy mounts! if their rider dies they will still attack enemy entities and will be only rideable by other soldiers of their team color.

Current Cavalry:

• Dirt Horse - Dirt Horse
• Cobblestone Horse - Better than the Dirt Horse
• Iron Horse - Better than the other two horses

• Clay Hog - Smaller and slower than the horses

• Stone Elephant - Biggest mount, slower than the horses and can carry 5 soldiers, very high health and damage

This Addon also has tiny artillery! The Clay Field Cannon and the Clay Siege Mortar. Unlike cavalry, the artillery can be used by other team colors once their operator dies! soldiers damaged by artillery will be slowed down.

Current Artillery:

• Clay Field Cannon - Works best on flat areas, can fire 3 types of charges such as Grapeshot, Canister shot and Roundshot. takes around 5 seconds to reload
• Clay Siege Mortar - Can strike enemies behind obstacles, doesn't have charges and works weirdly

Artillery Charges:

• Grapeshot - Sends a maximum of 10 projectiles to the enemy, emits smoke particles on hit and very lethal againts unarmored soldiers
• Canister Shot - Sends a maximum of 15 projectiles, emits critical particles on hit, has less damage than Grapeshot and lethal againts large formations
• Roundshot - Sends one big projectile to the enemy, can burst through entities and explode on a solid surface.

Clay Field Cannon Interactions:

• Iron Nugget - Switches charge to Canister Shot
• Iron Ingot - Switches charge to Grapeshot
• Coal - Switches charge to Roundshot

This Addon also has items! Well actually just one item along with entity spawn eggs.

Current Items:

• Disruptor - Kills all the entities of this Addon when used, has a 5 second cooldown

Item Recipes:

• Disruptor - Requires 1 Iron Ingot and 1 Redstone Torch, place the Redstone Torch above the Iron Ingot

• Wool Soldier - Requires 1 Soul Sand and 1 Wool of any color, place the Wool above the Soul Sand

• Clay Hog and Horses - Requires 1 Soul Sand and 4 items (Clay, Iron Ingot, Cobblestone, Dirt) place the Soul Sand in the middle and place 2 items beside both sides of the Soul Sand and place 1 item below the 2 items beside the Soul Sand
"B B"

• Stone Elephant - Requires 6 Cobblestone and 2 Soul Sand, place 6 Cobblestone in a vertical line on both sides of the crafting grid, then place 2 Soul Sand on the center middle slot and the upper middle slot
"B B"

This is the end of this page! Remember to turn on "Holiday Creator Features" when using the Addon and please report bugs in the comment section.

Wool Soldiers Addon Screenshots

Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon


Wool Soldiers Addon
Wool Soldiers Addon

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