Overworld Map System

Overworld map System

Travel the world in your Siege Tank, then hop out on foot to explore such stunning locales as Sensor Tower City, Supply Depot District, and Tech Lab Land!

You begin the map on the overworld. You are controlling a miniature Siege Tank, which is your overworld vehicle, and you can see one building: a Tech Lab. This Tech Lab is a representation of a locale you can explore on foot, so approach it, and you'll get the choice to enter. If you hit yes you will "hop out of your tank" and appear on foot at the locale.

You are now on foot, looking at a boring landscape of Tech Labs. If you try to leave you will trigger another dialog box, asking if you want to go to the overworld map. Do this to you get back in your tank.

Now you should explore! Go West and find new places to check out. As you approach a new locale it will become visible to you; get closer and you can explore it on foot as well.

Feel free to use this however fits the license, as long as you give proper credit to my work and ALL the work of others' that you drew upon. If you have any ideas or criticisms please share!


  • Smooth camera transitions; camera locks on overworld, free roam on foot.
  • Dialog boxes to allow you to cancel transitions.
  • Discovery of new locations on overworld map.
  • Automatic selection/deselection and show/hide of appropriate units.
  • Fairly elegant and simple: you shouldn't have much trouble applying this to your own map ideas.
  • Minimap re-sizes and re-focuses depending on the locale you enter (new to v1.1).


  • Currently only supports one player. Implementation of multiplayer would depend on if you want people to have free roam on the overworld map, or if anyone leaves a locale EVERYONE goes to the overworld map, or make one player the Leader who is the only person capable of leaving locales and controlling the overworld map vehicle. If you make a multiplayer version please share it!


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Overworld Map System 1.1 R - 439 30/05/2010
Overworld Map System
Overworld Map System

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