Penalty is a plugin which provides the abbility to set up simple or complex penalties and call them by one command.
Like: /punish Idiot55 mouthwash - which will mute the target and tell him to use the language of the civilized people.

New 2.5 release is now available!
Download: Release 2.5
recommended ➚Download: Beta 2.5.1
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These penalties are very customizable, and you can write anything you want into a penalty. First of all, a penalty can run commands with parameters for the target player. For example you can make one which mutes the target. Text messages also available to send to the caller or the target. But if you want to create a flexible and effective penalty your punishment must be greater as the player do the crime more and more times. This is also writeable by you! You can make intelligent parameters into the commands, like: /mute the target for 6 minutes * [the times he did the crime]. You can use the following parameters:

  • <target> - the original name of the target of the penalty
  • <targetnick> - the nickname of the target
  • <caller> - the guy who called the command
  • <level> - how many times the crime did by the target
  • <jail> - a random jail (planned)
  • <emptyjail> - a random empty jail (planned)

Now we know the constants in the crime situation. What about the intelligent ones? You can use expressions to calculate values inside the command. To use them write it between ' { ' and ' } ' signs. The expression will be calculated and replaced with its value.

Example for use: "run: /mute <target> { 5 + <level> * 5 }m"
Its result:

on level 1: target muted for 10 minutes
on level 2: target muted for 15 minutes
on level 3: target muted for 20 minutes

The penalties are in the penalties.yml file. The informations about the players stored in the players.yml file.

Examples and Articles


All the commands are browsable from the main 'penalty' command.

  • /penalty - main menu, list of commands
  • /penalties - list of penalties
  • /punish <player> <penalty> - punish
  • /penalty info <penalty> - informations
  • /penalty player <player> - guilty info
  • /penalty help - now working help
  • /penalty core - plugin core informations
  • /penalty set <player> <penalty> <level> - sets the level for a player
  • /penalty reload - reloads the database
  • /penalty save - saves all stored data into file
  • /p - universal short command
  • /penalty dev - developer info, contact


  • Penalty.* - All rights to Penalty plugin
  • Penalty.Use - Use functions aganist lawbreakers
  • Penalty.Op - All op permissions
  • Penalty.Base - Basic plugin access like version/dev info
  • Penalty.Set - can use the /penalty set command

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Penalty v2.5.1 Beta B CB 1.7.9-R0.2 143 14/01/2015
Penalty v2.2 Beta B CB 1.7.9-R0.1 235 07/06/2014
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