Porsche Mission E: EXTERIOR & INTERIOR Design of Porsche Electric car

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Porsche recently unveiled their new concept of Electric car - The Mission E. Let's take a look at Interior and Exterior as well as the design story of this electric car.

Exterior Design

This vehicles is answer for the questions associated with the future of electric mobility – 2017 Porsche Mission E.

That concept car is fantastic challenge for us because it’s our first electric sports car.

Your commission to do a job in this case to develop the Porsche electric car with an electric drive system. Then you start producing sketches as a team and then the sketches are shown and presentations that are made in specific intervals.

After a sketch has been selected, a 1 – 3 scale models are produced. When you defining the basic concept for the vehicle used are held by setting a proportions and then you figure out how to actually build it.

We build a basic concept combined it with electric components from the battery, so in the end, we had a demonstration model that could be driven. It was very important to us here to create typical proportion of Porsche.

We were able to design an extremely low front end because there is no engine in the trunk. We also didn’t need any huge air intakes so we were able to design everything in the front and a very clean maner.

Almost a bit like the old  Porsche models in 1950 – 1960, we then mixed the whole thing with the wonderful shapes of the 919 creating this. Combination of a race car and a carefully designed vehicle was the best part of the job. Of course was how to attractively integrate an error occurred at 12 guidera around the front wheel to the front end design we choose. Which one can see as the classic round portion knows flanked by 2 intakes under the headlight towards the

First of all, the vehicle is clearly recognizable as a Porsche, but we, designers wanted to go a step further and see how their Porsche design language especially a Porsche electric design language might be developed further.

Our intention here was also be somewhat provocative with some Porsche Vehicle. But nevertheless just one look at his proportions and the general design is all it takes to see that the vehicle is clearly a Porsche. We also addressed a couple of strategic issues that are very important to us: The four point lights in the front were important to me. The irony of light was the main issue in the rear. For us the door concept is a typical sports car design. One without a frame for the first time. Convenient entry in the rear is ensured by rear hinged doors and the fact that there’s no people make sure a perfect access in the roof.

Interior Design

The vehicle is very important for Porsche as the new icon. One of our most well-known cars is the 911 of course. And this vehicle is carry into a new age. All the things that 911 has been famous for the decades. That’s why we came very special things for the interior is well.

We tried to focus on various aspects. One of these being the fact that we wanted to achieve an entirely new type of interaction with a vehicle. We utilize gesture and eyes recognition systems here to enter commands for the car. We tried to create a new type of holographic display. You can input commands on the front passenger side and right in the console. This in fact is already a standard feature in the 918 today.

Beside that, we did something new with the seats. We got lightweight seats that are bucket seats naturally and he’s fairly sporty design. Then there’s the craftsmanship of course. The quality of the materials used to the highest standards which is just what you’d expect from a Porsche.

Some information about Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E have electric range of 500 km. You can run as far as 500 km for one battery charge.

And you can charge 80% of the battery within 15 minutes. A moveable body segment on the front left wing in front of the driver's door gives access to the charging port for the innovative “Porsche Turbo Charging” system. Via the 800-volt port, the battery can be charged to approximately 80 per cent of its capacity in around 15 minutes – a record time for electric vehicles. As an alternative, the technology platform can be connected to a conventional 400-volt charging station, or it can be replenished at home in the garage via convenient inductive charging by simply parking over a coil embedded in the floor of the garage from which the energy is transferred without cables to a coil on the car's underbody.

Porsche Mission E: EXTERIOR & INTERIOR Design of Porsche Electric car
Porsche Mission E: EXTERIOR & INTERIOR Design of Porsche Electric car

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