4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]

UPDATE: New terrain.When I first heard of the Survival Games map made by Vareide, I wondered if I could make a 'mini' version of it to either be supported by a small server or if you don't have a lot of friends (like me). So I took my time and made a 4 player Version of survival games. Non of the original survival games map was copied. All of the traps and buildings are placed and made by me. It is not complete yet.
Things going to be added:
More traps
More Chest
More ruins
Glass barrier
More redstone

This was build at first for my personal server so you will spawn in a small building. You will now spawn in the centre. If you wish to improve anything just comment below. You will be in creative when you go into the map in SP.Remember to set your protections as well make sure you protect the spawn and the centre.
1.The host can spawn mobs after the 1st night has passed.
2.The host can tp a player out when trapped.
3.When a person dies, grant them creative. (optional)
4.Fill the centre chest every night
5.Light up the nether rack at the centre on the 1st night.

1.You may break unprotected blocks.
2.You can only place blocks you find in chest.
3.You may not attack the host.
4.You may not attack each other for the first 3 minutes of the game.

Thats all. This will get updated normally, so remeber to look out for updates.
Spawn now in the centre.
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4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued] Screenshots

4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]
4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]
4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]
4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]
4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]
4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]


4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]
4 Player Survival Games [Discontinued]
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