Aegea - Darios

We've decided to switch over to a mega-thread on the MinecraftForums for the remaining releases! The downloads for this build and all of our others have moved there as well! The thread can be found here:

Towering high above the sea below, among waterfalls and swaying palm trees lies Darios, the city of wonder. Domed and detailed in only the finest blocks, and fingerprinted with different designs on each building, this city is perfect for the lover of luxury and fantasm. Stroll along the tiers and gaze up at the buildings kissing the sky as waterfalls roar around you. Each building has plenty of space for interiors, where the player can create a luxurious home of their own.

Texture Pack: Palceon (The Palceon Pack)
Lead Architects: vyryl, RyanM16, jmarcus0410
Contributing Builders: SpecterCody, wyvill, Gelly, Thimble_Tack, ZhangRen, rct3shadow, and Nordwolf
Region: Aegea

Day 3 of 62: We'll be releasing a new schematic or world file every day for the next 62 days, so stay tuned!

Terms of Use: Free for all uses until the end of time. So go wild!

WorldGuard and MCPatcher (connected textures) highly reccomended.

The Voxel Box Terms of Service, covering ownership: Terms_of_Service

Aegea - Darios Screenshots

Aegea - Darios
Aegea - Darios
Aegea - Darios
Aegea - Darios
Aegea - Darios
Aegea - Darios


Aegea - Darios
Aegea - Darios

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