~ Australian Reptile Park ~ [Uses Mo'Creatures]


~ Australian Reptile Park ~ V.2


The Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1948 - by the late and great ERIC WORRELL, Australia's first naturalist - and is now regarded as one of the countries premier attractions. The Sanctuary is The only zoo in Australia committed to saving lives with a Venom-Milking Program in place for the past 50+ years, saving over 300 lives each year being the sole supplier of a variety of venom, which is used for all snake and funnel-web anti-venom in Australia.

This map is a 60% near exact replica of the Australian Reptile Park. This map is to be used with the mod Mo'Creatures as all the animals will be showcased in their exhibits within the park. The map is done by Sytha619 and only WorldEdit has been used to clear large areas of the map to easily manipulate the area to be used. The park will be available to anyone who would like to have it so there will be a download link up very soon for you guys. This map is not yet near completion, i am just going you guys some downloads of the map in which will have the latest updates on them so please do not come up with negative thoughts with it not being completed yet. Its hard work!

~ Park Map ~


~ Updates ~

  • Entrance and parking lot complete
  • Platypus exhibit complete
  • Spider world complete
  • Lost world of reptiles complete
  • Hard croc cafe complete
  • Reptile display pits complete

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Official Australian Reptile Park Texture Pack:


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(Please Note that this build is not yet complete)

~ Australian Reptile Park ~ [Uses Mo'Creatures] Screenshots

~ Australian Reptile Park ~ [Uses Mo'Creatures]
~ Australian Reptile Park ~ [Uses Mo'Creatures]
~ Australian Reptile Park ~ [Uses Mo'Creatures]


~ Australian Reptile Park ~ [Uses Mo'Creatures]
~ Australian Reptile Park ~ [Uses Mo'Creatures]
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