DeathSwap for 2 players

DeathSwap Is a Minecraft Minigame That Swaps 2 players Around You will Need to put These commands into The 3 command blocks (sorry for The Inconvenience)
tp @e[type=ArmorStand] (player 1's username here)
tp (Player 1's username here) (Player 2's name here)
tp (player 2's username here) @e[type=ArmorStand)
Then it will swap The 2 Players
Put the commands at the BACK Of the machine

If It does not Swap You then Tell me and I Will fix it!!
Remember to do this command! "/summon Armorstand ~ ~ ~

DeathSwap for 2 players Screenshots


DeathSwap for 2 players
DeathSwap for 2 players

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