Earthsea - A huge Minecraft City

For a few weeks now, I've been building a city in a newly generated world. There's two completed villages in it (One was built named Bay Town, the other was naturally generated named Trea Village). Now, I'm currently working on the biggest part to it: Earthsea! Earthsea is going to be the major city, based on the Studio Ghibli film Tales from Earthsea, with interior mixed with inspiration from modern day Tokyo chrome-apartments and the houses from Fable 2.

There are currently over 35 buildings there, and every single building and room has it's own unique furniture. Included in the building count is several shops, and guard post. The mods I'm using to make this city better and more real life is Ferullo's Gun Mod, Minecraft Comes Alive, and Rei's Minimap. I don't know when it will be finished, I just do it for fun. Being honest as well, I don't even know how map creation like this can be used to help others but oh well. Here's some images.

This is the current map of Earthsea. All the green, unused area of the grassland you see if going to be the future land for Earthsea! Also, all the roads (the regular ones) are brick, and 3 blocks wide. Some of the wider roads are 4 blocks wide, and when the roads reach a height, brick stairs are placed to help people navigate.

This is a good daytime view of the current Downtown Earthsea. You can see most of the current buildings, roads, and alley ways. (Even the alleys have their own personality!) And yes again; all these buildings and the future ones I make ALL have their own furniture, decorations, and unique feeling. There's only one empty building, which is a pretend 'for-sale' home.

Here we have a nice view of the little bridge (I like it a lot. My brother gave me the idea of the side railing made out of fence by it, so thank him for that [he doesn't even play Minecraft]) Anyways, in this picture you can see the major dock or port, whatever you want to call it. The port was actually the first thing I created! We can also see the bridge which I already described. That little black shelter with an orange top is one of the 'guard post.' The white building is a clinic, and the yellow one is just a home.

This was the first actual structure made in Earthsea before the roads or anything else! It was originally meant to be the ROYAL EARTHSEA CASTLE (For the royal knights, court, king, etc.) but then while I was building, it managed to turn itself into a temple! It's all even, and the room to it's right is the Royal Court room. Soon, it will have an underground prison. At night time, there is a glass area in the roof that is pretty to look at at night!

Maybe this thing has peaked your interest since you've seen it in almost all the pictures. This is the tallest building at this moment in Earthsea! I named it the 'Floating Tower' (because when I was adding the windows, it looked like it was floating). It is a deluxe apartment and housing tower. Each floor is decorated. There are two penthouses in it. The first is the small one. It's just a regular floor with extra space. The second is at the top! It has a huge area to walk around, neatly decorate, and then you can climb the latter up a level to it's Lapis Hottub, and the balcony to look out at the city! This tower reaches exactly 101 feet into the world.

And now; beauty. If this pic wasn't a bit blurry, you'd realize the amazing beauty of what its like to come up to see Earthsea over the horizon at night time! I've built the houses to have torches in the right place to make this city really shine at night time! It's a shame that the grass you see me stand on in this is going to be buildings and market tents in the future...

Anyways! That's all for now! Lemme know what you think of this, and maybe give me some suggestions? Like mods that could make it look better, or buildings etc. to create! Thanks!

Additional Notes

I still don't know to make this world downloaded completely or not (I most likely will) but if I do and you use it for a server or adventure map, make sure to credit me :) (It's just a future reference.)

Earthsea - A huge Minecraft City Screenshots


Earthsea - A huge Minecraft City
Earthsea - A huge Minecraft City

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